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    Originally from Washington state (Lake Chelan area), live here with my wife and 3 kids. I work in real estate as the Broker of Chapala Realtors located in Ajijic. I am a member of the Rotary Club of Ajijic. Fully bilingual. Lived in Guadalajara for 5 years. Arrived Lakeside in August 2008.

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  1. Hola! They have it all figured out. If you aren't allowed in you cannot close your account... 🤑
  2. Hola! To the original question from the OP: Do you feel house prices will come down or like in some area's of the US and Canada go though the roof? It is a complicated answer. First of all, I am the broker of a local real estate agency. In 2020, sales of residential properties, area wide, were down year over year compared to 2019 a total of 29%. However, prices have remained steady and in some cases rising. The average sales price in 2020 was $264,000 USD, about the same as 2019. Inventory was up around 10%. Clearly fewer potential buyers from the US and Canada flew down to look at houses for obvious reasons. The ones that did however, were very serious and arrived with money in hand ready to buy. Yes, the Tapatios and other Mexican nationals took over some of the market share as they were looking for refuge out of the major cities and also getting their money out of the banks as interest rates came down and due to overall mistrust in the federal government. The last 3-4 months have proven to be VERY busy and the near term outlook looks very strong and if the current demand persists, along with the potential of travel opening up later this year due to vaccines, people tired of waiting to travel, and the new group of 'location independent' professionals, I would expect that the demand will remain strong and prices will slowly rise. In our office, we've been blessed with record months in both December and this month, February and had a 24% increase in 2020 compared to 2019. Sales to Mexicans and foreigners already living in the area were drivers of our sales. We do not manage rentals so I do not have a pulse on the rental market but I understand from property managers that there has been less demand (less travelers) than normal.
  3. Most importantly, your insurance will not cover you if you drive with an expired license.... if closed in Chapala, go to Guad...
  4. Hola, Spiderweb does offer fiber internet in some areas. I have their fiber service in Santa Cruz de la Soledad. I do not know what their roll-out has been in Chapala proper. Decent service a little on the expensive side ($80 pesos per month per Mbps of download speed). In our case, I would pay triple as it is the ONLY option in Santa Cruz... Phone for spiderweb: 376-765-2213 FB https://www.facebook.com/spiderwebchapala/
  5. We have 2 happy / healthy teenagers here. They go to schools that are safe and have minimal drugs / alcohol / bullying (much much less than when I was in high school). They and their friends are fully bilingual and are just as apt to speak to each other in English as Spanish. They have fun. Some kids will adapt, some won't, just like anywhere.
  6. I have. He provides cleaning and gardening services for my downtown Ajijic office space. I'm very happy with his service, the staff he has provided, and the cost. And I do not have to carry any employee obligation. We had to work out some kinks in the beginning but for months I've only had to transfer him funds once a month...
  7. I also happily recommend Winston @ Lake Chapala Moving...
  8. Here is their FB page, there is a phone number there: https://www.facebook.com/CentroRegionalDeEstudiosMusicales/ My daughter is taking classes there and really enjoys it. -Thomas
  9. All my family and I are participating as are many of my work colleagues! We also became a sponsor... Should be great fun. -Thomas
  10. Hola! Bancomer does not currently allow non-residents to open accounts. You will have better luck at Multiva, Intercam, or Actinver. You will need a proof of address and your ID.
  11. He came in my office a couple of weeks ago to chat as he does ocasionally. He seemed fine. Mentioned he was going back to Canada soon but I didn't catch the timing on that. And more recently I saw him walking in Ajijic close to Gossips in the last week. If I see him again I'll try to get him in contact with his family...
  12. Hola from another Washingtonian... The Xtrails are great, I drive a 2003 currently and it is a very good car. I'll be in the market soon for a new car (Xtrail going to the 16 year old) and am seriously considering the Hyundai and Kia offerings because of their competitive prices, nice styling and superior warranties... Suerte!!! -Thomas
  13. Contact interior designer Cristina Peña. She is really great to work with and her fees are "earned back" in designer discounts. Her shop is on the carretera across from Roberto's restaurant and her email is: casabonita.ajijic@hotmail.com Suerte!
  14. Hola, I sent you a PM. I know someone whose spouse is currently in rehab for a major stroke. She did lots of due diligence sifting through the options available locally.
  15. Hola Crazy, I highly recommend Mercy Stirling de Dueñas for real estate in Guadalajara. She is an American expat and has been in the business for 30 years or so. Her husband Sergio is the broker and is a past-president of AMPI Mexico (similar to the National Association of Realtors in the US). Her email is mercytrilenium@gmail.com and her office number is: 33-3647-5854 Suerte!
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