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  1. Does anyone know if Shaw a new receiver series out? A friend seems to think there is an 830 model. News to me but would like to know. Thanks. Also, I have four receivers on my account and all of them have a 16 digit serial number starting with a "3". Has anyone seen a serial number starting with a "0"? Thanks again. :-). 

  2. Hola, We are thinking of a return visit to Oaxaca City and the surrounding areas. Does anyone know what things are like after the tragic events a couple of months ago. Specifically, was there much damage in the city proper? The pyramids? Are the cultural/artistic tours still operating? Generally is it worth a visit or should we wait?  ?

  3. Delighted to be back but devastated to learn that my source for the best butter lakeside has decamped to the wilds west of Ajijic. Marlowe how could you? 

    So, please tell me someone knows where I can get the good stuff. Looking for real NOB creamery butter. Help! 

  4. Hola 

    just wanted to say thanks to everyone who contributes all the (usually ??) useful info on this board. We flew in on Tuesday and, thanks to the tips and advice received, were able to navigate the immigration gauntlet successfully. I did have to have the officer redo my visa to reflect our RP application status. Would not have known to do so without the available info so, thanks again. 


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  5. 4 hours ago, gringal said:

    The last time four of us lunched there, the owner wasn't around.  We ordered shrimp since we'd heard good things about it.  We waited, waited and waited while we could see the employees just standing around having conversation.  When our food finally arrived, it was cold. Enough.  There's plenty places to get good shrimp, hot off the burner. We won't be back.

    Used to love Lety's shrimp and bacon ? Then we discovered Lake Taco! No comparison. That said we have not been to Lety's for some time and might have to give it a go one more time.

  6. 1 hour ago, hensley said:

    In the Guadalajara reporter it mentions Wells Fargo, so I sent them an email today and this is the response that I received from them:

    Ms. Hensley, I realize your time is important, so I thank you for taking
    the time to email us today regarding your Wells Fargo Custom Management
    Checking account ending in XXXX. I can see how this would give you a
    cause for concern and I would be alarmed as well.

    I see in your email that you are concerned that since you do not live in
    the United States your accounts with Wells Fargo will close. I would
    like to apologize for the misunderstanding. Accounts may be closed by
    the customer via phone, email, written request, or in person at a
    banking location.

    Boy that is really informative and reassuring is it not? 

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