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  1. bournemouth

    Dusty Chicken

    Pollos Don David is popularly known as Dusty Chicken.
  2. bournemouth

    Wooden rods?

    Plain wood. Just lucky I suspect.
  3. bournemouth

    Wooden rods?

    I've had wooded dowels in our slider tracks in Ajijic for 13 years now with no problems so far.
  4. bournemouth

    Walmart ATM

    Banamex and Bancomer but have not used them recently.
  5. bournemouth

    Do you know where to print a business card

    I think you mean Siker. Also referred to by Northernnewbie above.
  6. bournemouth

    Mystery phone number

    I use these two sites to check mystery numbers: https://www.listaspam.com/ http://www.quienhabla.mx/
  7. Pete - are you sure about banks being open yesterday? HSBC was closed.
  8. Inauguration Day is a Federal holiday so I am assuming (always risky) that it is a paid holiday for all.
  9. bournemouth

    Where to by 2019 Calader's

    Jose Duran is selling his calendars outside Super Lake these days.
  10. bournemouth

    Who is this?

    Is this Lisa Jorgensen again?
  11. bournemouth

    Female gynecologist Lakeside or Guad

    I have been very comfortable with Dra. Iliana who comes to Quality Care in Ajijic once a week from Guadalajara. She speaks excellent English. You can call 766-1870 to make an appointment.
  12. Cedros - Niarette is an error and it should be Nayarit - we think! There is no Niarette.
  13. bournemouth

    Fast mailing service needed

    Fedex has an office in the old casino location, just west of Plaza Bugambilias in Ajijic (where El Torito is located).
  14. bournemouth

    Reliable Taxi Drivers

    Francisco - father - 333 157 8060 Paco (Francisco) - son - 331 303 4298
  15. If you have time, go and look at the plaza tonight. It is lovely with Catrinas made by local schools, altars set up by local families and the Delegacion plus carpets made of colored wood chips and sponsored by local businesses. The kiosko is a particularly wonderful altar. Very special and not to be missed. A couple of altars are still being worked on so you can see the effort that goes in to making them.
  16. I just came from trying to use the HSBC ATM - for the first time for me personally it offered a dollar amount for my withdrawal, prompting me to either accept or decline. I recognized that it was not favorable to me and declined. I was then told my transaction could not be processed. The rate offered was somewhere in the 18.80 range. I went around the corner to CIBanco, to find a notice saying that the bank's cards are limited to 5000 pesos a day and other bank cards to 10,000 pesos a day, not per transaction, but per day. Maybe they are tired of loading money in the machine??? My exchange rate there was 19.32.
  17. bournemouth

    HSBC/CIbanco ATM's FYI

    I've been using the same card for the last two years at least at HSBC and this is the first time this note appeared. It's interesting when one considers that the website showing the dollar for the day in Mexico was showing HSBC as giving 19.70 at the time my non-transaction occurred. I was using the right hand machine as that one is the easiest to read. Next time, if there is a next time, I'll use the left hand one.
  18. bournemouth

    HSBC/CIbanco ATM's FYI

    That is what I expected to happen, Cedros, and I was somewhat amazed when the transaction ended with me declining the offered exchange rate. Jrod, they were not offering me pesos or dollars but asking me to agree to an unfavorable exchange rate for the pesos I was about to take out.
  19. bournemouth

    Mexican credit card

    Is anyone aware of a Mexican bank that will give a credit card to someone over 70 years of age?
  20. bournemouth

    Telcel phone plan

    Maybe your Canadian friends could text you so you can call them back. That is one solution to the long distance charges.
  21. bournemouth

    Golf Cart Rental

    Not for the moment - I remember him saying that he is undergoing intensive therapy/rehab and would not be renting golf carts until this is all over.
  22. bournemouth

    Looking for Philip Posner

    It would appear from his website that he is in PV - http://rabbiposner.com/default.htm
  23. bournemouth

    Cinnamon Rolls

    Samuel Gamez, the Williamsburg Pie man, told me last week that his items are being carried at It's Kinda Bazar.
  24. bournemouth

    Social Security issues

    Did you download the form or did SS send it to you by email? TIA.
  25. bournemouth

    HSBC bank in San Antonio

    Just returned home and it was closed at around 11.15 a.m. when I stopped to use the ATM. No explanation at all. There was movement inside that I could see.