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  1. bournemouth

    Fiber Optic Cable in San Antonio? PRONTO???

    I signed up and paid in advance.
  2. bournemouth

    Fiber Optic Cable in San Antonio? PRONTO???

    As an aside, I received a call from Ilox this morning to say that the office in Ajijic will open next week - another baby step in the right direction.
  3. bournemouth

    passport renewal forms at LCS

    I think you can print the needed forms out from this location and you should find information on the form you need to use there also: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/renew-by-mail.html
  4. bournemouth

    Telcel near Alex Pasta

    Ana Maria Romero H, 376 766 1254/331 411 9100
  5. bournemouth

    Latest population boom going bust?

    Based on the writer's 4 weeks in the area - it must have seemed a lifetime to him.
  6. The monthly deposit figures are pesos.
  7. bournemouth

    Gas Availability

    Pulled into the Ajijic Pemex on the carretera at 4.05 - one car in front of me - no problem filling up.
  8. bournemouth

    Fresh Rosemary

    Or have your friends pick you up a pot of rosemary at a nursery which you can grow during your visit.
  9. bournemouth

    Real Bagels

    Samuel Gamez, Williamsburg Pies, delivered me cinnamon Raisin bagels this morning - yum!
  10. bournemouth

    Has Pancho's AJIJIC Reopened?

    Closed today too.
  11. bournemouth

    Gas in riberas today

    But by 11.45 a huge line had spring up so perhaps gas is arriving.
  12. bournemouth

    Pale Restaurant

    Using a search almost always produces results: https://www.facebook.com/paleajijic/
  13. bournemouth

    Gas pipeline to open

    https://www.informador.mx/jalisco/Alfaro-anuncia-que-el-sabado-reabriran-ducto-Salamanca-Guadalajara-20190117-0070.html I understand AMLO is to be in Guadalajara this weekend so this opening, if it happens, is really no surprise.
  14. bournemouth

    Getting a Mexican Driver's License

    Contact Luzma Grande, Ajijic Concierge - 333 452 1670. Nobody better, in my book, at taking you for the test and getting you through.
  15. bournemouth

    Social Security Contact Information

    I understand that calls are answered by a call center in Monterrey. There is no local contact.
  16. bournemouth

    Monday: Gas

    The two stations I just passed, the libramiento BP and the Ajijic village Pemex, both have lineups and are not open, but the lineups are much smaller than yesterday at the same time.
  17. There is a huge lineup for the Libramiento station and another one for the Ajijic village Pemex. I could see no evidence of gas being pumped as I passed the latter.
  18. bournemouth

    Ilox again

    Teams were stringing lines along the lake side of the carretera in the middle of Ajijic yesterday - it gives one hope!
  19. bournemouth

    TelMex out last night

    Being sick of service that constantly goes out is not whining - it is legitimate complaining. Find some empathy.
  20. bournemouth

    passport renewal

    For the OP - the exchange rate for Consulate fees on Wednesday has just been posted under the Immigration forum.
  21. bournemouth

    passport renewal

    RV - the bank now issuing checks for use at the Consulate is Banamex in Chapala. I understand there is a cost of $200 pesos for the service. The exchange rate to be use for this check will be posted on these forums later today I think.
  22. bournemouth


    We just filled up with verde in West Ajijic, small lines but no problems.
  23. I think you get one if your address is outside the US. We have a Laredo address and have never received one.
  24. bournemouth

    Vehicle emission center

    Sorry, no.