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  1. Handy Mail has a new website which does not include a phone number, just their email address. Very strange.
  2. This might help: https://www.chapala.com/maps/chapala/chapala.html
  3. My neighbor and I prepaid, we are Ajijic Centro according to Ilox, and neither of us have heard from the company. I did check with the office last week and was told about 3 weeks. I did get the feeling that the young lady in the office was just telling me something that might keep me happy and make me go away!
  4. I have reached the point that I no longer answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. If someone really needs to be in touch, they will leave a message.
  5. Immature pelicans spend their first year here, migrating the following year.
  6. My neighbor and I both received an email from Telmex yesterday saying that very soon higher speed is coming. Has anyone received this email and later gotten higher speed?
  7. They were doing this last Thursday evening as I went to LLT. Motos loaded up on tow trucks.
  8. My neighbor and I just heard the first, for us, rainbird of the new season. Very early it seems.
  9. I do too, and I am still at about 5 down and.69 up. Never seem to get off those numbers although my neighbor gets 8 down.
  10. Slim's construction company, no? They were working on the box on the corner of the carretera and Marcos Castellanos this afternoon. They have worked on the box at the NW corner of 5 de Febrero and the carretera. Maybe the threat of some real competition has stirred Telmex to do something.
  11. But Ajijic is trying to have one - good for the village - praise is due and not put downs.
  12. I noticed their sign on the S.E. corner of Galeana and the carretera - there used to be a law office there.
  13. I pay 1200 pesos every 6 months to Ana Romero. The money appears in my Telcel account in short order and each month's factura, shows how much credit I still have.
  14. I understand it is next to Fedex, across Juan Alvarez from Plaza Bugambilias.
  15. If you mean Cadillac Furniture, they are on the carretera in Ajijic, at Juarez, mountain side of the street.
  16. I have a different number, from her card - - 376-766-1254/331-411-9100
  17. I don't believe there is a bank at the airport to pay.
  18. There seems to be sporadic world wide outages of Gmail, Facebook and others like Instagram. My Gmail has been down for a couple of hours now. Having said that, my gmail has just come back up.
  19. The project had ads in El Ojo del Lago last month offering special deals for the investor buyers of the first three villas. At least one of the photos used had the Architectural Digest logo on it, meaning the photos were being used and had no bearing on anything being built. For me there are some red flags flying.
  20. And the cats/kittens inside - are they being cared for during the huelga?
  21. This is not actually the answer you are looking for but I pay for my Telcel plan 6 months at a time, leaving money with Ana Romero H at the Telcel store next to Alex Pasta Bar. There have been no problems and you can see each month's factura on MiTelcel on your phone.
  22. As an aside, I received a call from Ilox this morning to say that the office in Ajijic will open next week - another baby step in the right direction.
  23. I think you can print the needed forms out from this location and you should find information on the form you need to use there also: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/renew-by-mail.html
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