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  1. It was the Independence Day flame being escorted to Jocotepec. Dale Palfrey has the story on it in this week's Guadalajara Reporter.
  2. jguerin: where did that happen? I have never had Quality Care not provide a factura when requested.
  3. My cards arrive safely at my HandyMail address. In 14 years, only one failed to arrive and there was no usage of the missing card.
  4. Ferret - didn't the recent dialing changes do away with the 1 in front of cell numbers?
  5. Schrader1 had a note up about such an item and it was here earlier in the morning but has gone now. No hallucinations!
  6. A friend just returned home along the carretera in Ajijic and reports groups of young people on either side of the carretera on Colon were throwing things at each other. The police were on their way. Any one else see this? The friend thought the car she was traveling in was going to be hit by flying objects.
  7. No - not right. Blue Moon is with the furniture factory just west of El Barco on the lateral in Ajijic. For another landmark, it is west of Pancho's little store, which is west of the Ajijic Pemex.
  8. Cadillac Furniture on the carretera in Ajijic, just west of Juarez, mountain side, makes Murphy beds.
  9. HandiArtistic redid a Lazyboy recliner for us a couple of years ago. We were very happy with the result. Sadly I can't remember the cost.
  10. Elena's, owner Jose Morales, 331 877 6313, manager Roberto Morales, 331 877 6314 (from their card).
  11. Is there actually a dam up in the hills behind Riberas?
  12. I find it very hard to have any success withdrawing money from these ATM's, using NOB cards. The lobby rep. says the problem is with their internet connection. Does anyone have a feel for whether a particular time of the day is best? TIA.
  13. Is that name not a Purepecha name? Nothing Spanish at all??
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