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  1. Don't forget the list of materials needed for the year that the teachers hand out before summer vacation. In my experience buying supplies for our help, you can spend 1500 pesos upwards on those lists.
  2. The nightjar that is found in this area is the Buff Collared Nightjar. I haven't yet heard one this spring but expect them to start calling any time now.
  3. I was slightly feverish the first evening but that was all.
  4. They kept the copy of my registration, curp and permanente card. All other copies were handed back to me.
  5. We were told in Chapala today to not drink today only and not take aspirin today only.
  6. I just returned from Chapala with a comprobante de vacunacion. It has space for the second shot, as AndyPanda says, and will be evidence of vaccination for travel etc. when completed.
  7. A friend and I had the same experience. We were in and out in just over three hours total. It's important to keep a tight hold on the comprobante document that was given to everyone. It contains all the information on the shot given and is necessary for the second shot. This paper will be your evidence of having been vaccinated for travel and other purposes. Chapala did a great job today. They will be vaccinating in Ajijic on Monday we were told.
  8. I did return to the site after my registration and was able to print out the receipt.
  9. well, forget that. I'll wait this go around out. Physically I can't handle that kind of time frame.
  10. I tested with three different sites and the results were the same for all. I have retested since my original post and nothing changes.
  11. I wrote to them, nicely, and was told in their reply that my service is functioning perfectly. Not the first time I have received such a reply!
  12. My download, according to Speedtest, has dropped from around 65 to around 30 - I'm pay for up to 100 - but my upload remains at its usual around 10. I have to say that my phone service seems to have improved but there was nowhere left for it to go but up!
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