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  1. New people are arriving all the time. This is an amazingly easy place to make friends. Keep active and open yourselves to new friends and acquaintences - it will help
  2. Better to read the current post from the local Consulate rep, posted under Customs & Immigration:
  3. I have been told, but have not confirmed, that Dr. Moya is the owner of the new cardiology clinic on the carretera in Ajijic, where the car wash used to be.
  4. Once or twice a week at least, he is in front of Super Lake with his calendars.
  5. The article is dated 2017 - it would seem that perhaps not much has happened in the meantime?
  6. Another recommendation for Hector Valenzuela.
  7. Great news - enjoy your time with Mango. She is a lucky kitty.
  8. A new location has just opened in Chapala, on Calle Apaculco I think. Dra. Carla Cueva is the attending doctor and Rebecca Holt is the owner. She has had an ad in the Reporter the last two weekends.
  9. Sent you a p.m. Unable to reach you at the number given.
  10. That just takes you to a concierge service.
  11. Nice to see your name again Jennifer - I hope the new site goes well.
  12. There were a lot of flights by a small plane over the weekend but nowhere near as noisy as the helicopter was.
  13. Dichos - the entrance fee does not cover the cost of setting up and running the show. There is a charge for the location, rental of tents, tables and chairs, advertising and so on. The artists do not pay for their booth space, but they do donate two items to the Feria, one of which goes to the raffle, and one of which is sold in the Artists Supporting the Feria booth, the proceeds from that booth go to the operating funds of the show. The artists are housed and fed by local residents. You cannot put on a show of this size without money - how much fund raising would you be prepared to head up in order to have free admission??
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