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  1. When I opened a Multiva account, the rep. told me she would have to come to see that the street address I gave was real - in spite of comprobantes. Nothing was said about photos but that doesn't mean photos were not taken in the street.
  2. If true, that is very sad but Pollo is not the owner of the liquor store is he?
  3. Does anyone know what has happened to the nice young woman who usually sells berries in front of Licores Paz? I miss her!
  4. The website says that ATM transactions at a non-SDFCU atm are fee free but that there may be a surcharge by the other bank: https://www.sdfcu.org/fees
  5. There was a problem with a cut cable last evening - my service was down but came back overnight. An email to the service address got a rapid reply.
  6. He was seen recently at the top of 5 de Febrero but has not been on my street for some time. He is getting attention somewhere as he remains in good condition.
  7. At&T now has a place on the street that runs down by Plaza Buganbilias, Juan Alvarez, in Ajijic. Just above Alex Pasta Bar. This is the replacement for the Plaza Laguna store I think.
  8. They are still in Bugambilias but in the parking area downstairs.
  9. I ported my number, just as John Shrall did. When you take the modem back to Telmex, remember to take the charger with it.
  10. The OP headed his post VUMI medical insurance and then never mentioned it again. Was he, by chance, asking about this insurance policy?
  11. Lexy - I have it if you have not yet found a copy.
  12. Another strong recommendation for Ana Gabriela Flores (Gaby) - she is truly wonderful. She was known around this house as Santa Gaby.
  13. Again - not in Chapala, but Isabel at the frame shop on Guadalupe Victoria in Ajijic has done that for me very well. The shop is on the lake side, immediately west of Javier Mina.
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