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  1. bournemouth

    Transitos in La Canacinta?

    I'm pretty sure El Gordo has to share his take and that explains a lot.
  2. bournemouth

    Telephone Connections

    Zeb - that seems to be a big problem at the moment. I know it is a pain to call the 800 number but do it - Telmex swears there is not a general problem but we've have experienced it personally and I hear from people all across lakeside who are suffering from constant cutoffs. The 800 number should be on the front of your modem. Ask for someone who can speak to you in English and you will be transferred. We all need to call them - constantly!
  3. bournemouth

    Emissions place in Chapala

    About 2.30 p.m. worked for me and others - try then.
  4. bournemouth


    Got the same message.
  5. bournemouth

    Would this work in Ajijic?

    One huge difference is the paving of the streets and sidewalks in the video - they are level and actually walkable in safety without having to watch every step one takes. Additionally the city depicted had the luxury of being able in put in underground parking spaces. This area has neither the funds nor the locations for such places. Having said all that, more pedestrian only areas would be nice.
  6. bournemouth

    game on mobile

  7. Yes, I'm overdue for an emissions check! I read a report last week that someone went to the place on Zaragosa and they were closed, saying they have no certificates. Has anybody been this week and found the place open and managed to get a check done? TIA.
  8. Not for 16th September. Banks and schools were open as usual today - it was not a holiday.
  9. bournemouth

    Are banks open tomorrow?

    Brian and Moreliana are quite right. Banks are open, school is in - a usual Monday.
  10. bournemouth

    Are banks open tomorrow?

    Is tomorrow a holiday in lieu of today?
  11. bournemouth

    Canelo Triple G

    But you didn 't get OTA reception when you lived in Ajijic - so why waste time and effort posting the idea in the first place.
  12. bournemouth

    Handy Mail - have box, looking to share costs

    Handy Mail does not allow sharing, or has this changed recently?
  13. Wonderful news Sunny - thanks for letting us know and for what you are doing to help.
  14. Sending a second p.m. with contact information for the father of the injured boy.