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  1. I was asking about cable t.v. reception. Which is entirely different from IPtv or streaming service.
  2. They changed corners but left a note on a pole at the first location, giving their new one. I know it is nearby but cannot be precise.
  3. A question for those using Ilox cable services. How is your reception? Both my neighbor and I have rather fuzzy reception, not something one would want to watch continuously.
  4. In between the photos, the price of 4000 pesos is quoted.
  5. I love Williamsburg, Samuel Gamez, cinnamon raisin bagels. The visiting son who lived on the east coast for many years, thinks they are really good too. And the fact that they are delivered to my front door doesn't hurt either.
  6. Wed. May 15th is the date for the Lake Chapala Garden Club. Sorry - you asked about June. That meeting has not yet been announced but is usually the third Wednesday of the month.
  7. I have used Handy Mail for over 13 years with no problems. FedEx and DHL have local offices which is useful when sending things out.
  8. Well done Bontepar. The driving backwards makes me chuckle as I remember the Jalisco driving code actually mandates how far one can drive in reverse - I bet the Federale exceeded the limit.
  9. Let me, as a non-techie - get this straight. In order for us to get everything possible from the new ILox service, we need to buy a lot more gear - so you are telling us that the service doesn't really work the way Ilox installs it. I think I'm a bit miffed! Further and very clear explanations would be appreciated Tom and Dave!
  10. This is not accurate. My favorite Quality Care doctor tells me they have been invited to use the San Antonio hospital but they have no connection with the hospital being built on the libramiento.
  11. Dennis - I don't think so - I have dealt with her three or four times, always in Spanish.
  12. Blessings be upon you Rick - it worked. There is menu - 1 for service to customers got me through to the young woman at the desk.
  13. Does anyone by chance have the phone number for the local office?
  14. Is this it? http://semanariolaguna.com/42991/?
  15. Officials don't have to explain why they won't accept something - they just won't and we have to work with their requirements.
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