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  1. There were a lot of flights by a small plane over the weekend but nowhere near as noisy as the helicopter was.
  2. Dichos - the entrance fee does not cover the cost of setting up and running the show. There is a charge for the location, rental of tents, tables and chairs, advertising and so on. The artists do not pay for their booth space, but they do donate two items to the Feria, one of which goes to the raffle, and one of which is sold in the Artists Supporting the Feria booth, the proceeds from that booth go to the operating funds of the show. The artists are housed and fed by local residents. You cannot put on a show of this size without money - how much fund raising would you be prepared to head up in order to have free admission??
  3. No, that is not correct. Dra. Carla has an office behind the Rose Bowl Mall in San Antonio, the street address is Eden #42.
  4. I just received a note from Tech Support at Ilox - only national numbers can be ported, not foreign numbers. They apparently do have the ability to provide a US number but you would have no control over what number you would be assigned.
  5. Does ILOX support NOB numbers? The possibility of ILOX offering such a number was mentioned in very early days but, to my knowledge, nothing ever came of the idea. If I could port my Vonage number over, I would be delighted BUT -----
  6. According to the Guadalajara Reporter, the hours of operation will be 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. 1200 pesos for a 15 minute ride.
  7. In my personal experience HSBC is now adding a 5.5% surcharge - I have stopped using these ATM's. I do also know that this bank's charges can vary. Perhaps the above poster is not being charged the surcharge. CIBanco, near the movie house in Plaza Laguna, is currently the cheapest ATM around but because of that, often out of money.
  8. Charlie was a special soul and will be mourned by many. Condolences to Ann.
  9. Dra. Berenice at Pet Place, on the libramiento, behind Pemex, open until 5 p.m. I think. Just go over with the kitty now. Good luck with the oldster.
  10. I'm using Firefox and there is nothing in your second post I'm afraid Harry.
  11. betoweld at yahoo.com, cell: 333 170 7410 Usually answers emails.
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