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  1. There seems to be sporadic world wide outages of Gmail, Facebook and others like Instagram. My Gmail has been down for a couple of hours now. Having said that, my gmail has just come back up.
  2. The project had ads in El Ojo del Lago last month offering special deals for the investor buyers of the first three villas. At least one of the photos used had the Architectural Digest logo on it, meaning the photos were being used and had no bearing on anything being built. For me there are some red flags flying.
  3. And the cats/kittens inside - are they being cared for during the huelga?
  4. This is not actually the answer you are looking for but I pay for my Telcel plan 6 months at a time, leaving money with Ana Romero H at the Telcel store next to Alex Pasta Bar. There have been no problems and you can see each month's factura on MiTelcel on your phone.
  5. As an aside, I received a call from Ilox this morning to say that the office in Ajijic will open next week - another baby step in the right direction.
  6. I think you can print the needed forms out from this location and you should find information on the form you need to use there also: https://travel.state.gov/content/travel/en/passports/apply-renew-passport/renew-by-mail.html
  7. Ana Maria Romero H, 376 766 1254/331 411 9100
  8. Based on the writer's 4 weeks in the area - it must have seemed a lifetime to him.
  9. Pulled into the Ajijic Pemex on the carretera at 4.05 - one car in front of me - no problem filling up.
  10. Samuel Gamez, Williamsburg Pies, delivered me cinnamon Raisin bagels this morning - yum!
  11. But by 11.45 a huge line had spring up so perhaps gas is arriving.
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