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  1. Let's bear in mind that Ana has been held up at gun point at least twice in the past year or so. The stress in her life must be horrendous so I will cut her some slack. I appreciate that your view point may be different.
  2. There are a few boxes of Special Kitty in Walmart in San Antonio this am, Tuesday 16th.
  3. I just got onto the website a few moments ago, using my Ipad, and was registered almost immediately. I'm glad I didn't try earlier!
  4. You can deposit the balance on your debit cards to your bank accounts but you will need to activate the card first.
  5. This has something to do with Covid vaccinations, the topic of this thread??
  6. Cafe Grano Cafe in Ajijic usually has some grinders in stock.
  7. Superlake has packages of small bars of Hershey's dark chocolate with almonds. I was there this morning. They are on the candy aisle, not by the checkouts.
  8. This is such sad news. Francisco was so kind and helpful. He will be greatly missed. Condolences to the family.
  9. The government clinics have the three strain shot. The private hospitals/clinics are waiting for the four strain version. Three is better than nothing I am sure.
  10. They were there last Tuesday when I went in. But you are right in that they sell out quickly and don't reappear for a year.
  11. According to an item in last week's Guad. Reporter, the remodeling of the plaza will remove the outside dining area of Plaza Jardin restaurant. I've always enjoyed eating in that spot, watching the world pass by. It will be a loss.
  12. I'm insured by AXA and checked with my agent when the pandemic started. He confirmed that I have coverage for COVID.
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