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  1. Dr Bernice Pet Place are they opened today. Saturday?
  2. Does anyone know if Dr Bernice. Pet Place is opened on Saturday's
  3. Would like a English speaking housekeeper/maid. Any recommendations. Please pm name and phone number of the recommended person. Thanks.
  4. I answered your PM to me, but please let me know if there's anything more you'd like to know about my maid. You can email me if you'd like: Thetis01@gmail.com. We can arrange an interview if you'd like. She lives in Ajijic and takes a bus to my place in Mirasol.


  5.  I might have a wonderful maid for you. Can you tell me what you need?

  6. Good opportunity for the right,honest, hardworking person..pm me for further details.. thanks
  7. Yes or no... Please let me know if you would be interested in playing Pickleball . Teams, leagues, tournaments, etc... If you need more info. USAPA.com please respond.. Before I invest. Do you think it can be supported in Ajijic? Thanks for you response.
  8. can you send a picture if still availableto gabgary@yahoo.com also is this new used how old and what is your best offer. what did you pay for it and is embers mark meaning costco or sams?? thanks in advance

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