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  1. Probably thawed not fresh. Not a lot is fresh here unless it came from Manzanillo. Concerning the two markets in Ajijic, I wonder why the restaurants by from Las Playas? The way we determined who to buy from was to ask some of the restaurant owners. If it's frozen it's no big deal, but I won't cross the street to save 10pesos (80US cents) a kilo! I usually buy less than a kilo so I'd be saving what, 3 or 4 cents? BTW, I'd check the expiration date on those mussels.
  2. Next time you see him please ask him to come to the west end of Angel Flores (behind Roberto's) to #1 and #72. Believe it or not they're on opposite sides of the street. Las Salvias is a community but no gate.
  3. Las Playas (the title of this post) is on the Lake side of Carretera. IMHO he has the freshest and best selection of fish in the area. And, he now has a shop near SuperLake.
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