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  1. Says you can't accept messages O- can only accept O- I have all the requirements from the different blood clinics and a list of donors. At which one does he need the donation, how much and by when? The Blooders have also moved into Guad and can be of help. https://blooders.org/bloodraising
  2. Ross is back at Anastasia and is allowed visitors. His daughter is here and making further arrangements.
  3. I dropped in Maskaras to wish him the best for 2018. The receptionist told me that he could not have no visitors until his daughter arrives tomorrow. She did say he was doing better. I'll pass on the info if they contact us - I know those photos means a lot to him. I think I have a 2T thumbdrive.
  4. Yes, he's back and forth between Anastasia and Maskaras. Apparently some of his family is coming down. Ross has moved so many times, I was hoping to gather info for them so they may find his treasured notes/books/photo albums, etc. I know this was a big aggravation to him when he couldn't find something he deemed important at that moment. I was hoping to find old archived emails from him which were copied to 70+ friends - again so the family would know and we could notify them as to ho
  5. What about Ross the Candyman?

  6. Sorry - I was logged out and didn't see this. Mine is the older version - we don't use it and could loan it to you until you get your new one. Had not considered selling it.
  7. Which Fire is it - we have an early version that we are not using?
  8. Thx I had been chasing down some names of his close friends - glad someone was able to reach his family and happier about news of his improvement. Thx
  9. Russell went through the operation on April 27. There were bad complications and he is still in ICU. Does anyone have contact info for his next of kin?
  10. I have a new one - it's a year old but can still be activated.
  11. We are working with LCS plus the local red cross, doctors, clinics and the Guadalajara hospitals.
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