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  1. I called one and they are coming by Friday.
  2. I cleaned out my closet, my baby boy is all grown up, have size 4-6 boys diapers if any good charity could put them to use, free. come by office and pick them up
  3. Im happy to help. It is the appointment but also a thorough review of documents to make sure they are in the right format. Some consulates are more "make sense" and some people have been denied from the flexible ones for trying to save a few dollars on printing documents. Some cases are slam dunk, others appear to be but are not and others are crazy and confusing. We had 2 different sets of clients who previously lived in Costa Rica and qualified but were denied, I put them through a mini hell as I requested certain documents that were not easy to get and now happily they have their visas. The devil is in the details.
  4. Sounds like a scam. Driving to 3 hospitals? Any medical profesional would know which ones to call and unfortunately many are taken advantage of for rush issues. Prepare ahead of time or be a victim. There are many affordable hospitals but more crooked doctors who prey on the elderly and foreigners.
  5. Both offices first mentioned are closed, best is Plaza Bonita Av. Mexico, you walk out same day, I can get appointments for new or renewals in 1-3 days
  6. Bearer "Al portador" $5,000 pesos, no limits on checks made out to you but they can dishonor them if they are more than 2 weeks old or even if part is ripped, mutilited, etc.
  7. Lorenza is an old pro and very capable, Ana Siller is also court approved and newer so her rates may be lower.
  8. I have a kayak I can rent, Im a block from the lake too.
  9. There are two sites, the one mentioned for the state cedula as well as the SEP federal cedula site here https://www.cedulaprofesional.sep.gob.mx/cedula/presidencia/indexAvanzada.action but their search engine is lacking and an easier one is at https://www.buholegal.com/consultasep/
  10. Go to the ferreteria, buy a crowbar and then go home and use it to pry your wallet open and spend $300US of your millions to buy a newer computer. Now that will be one less thing to troll about, I mean ask about on web forums.
  11. Buro is the credit bureau and probably making you pay to check your credit and do a background check on you to make sure income is real and you are not a deadbeat
  12. Lots and lots of scam artists. NEVER lend anyone money. Never, nope doesn´t matter if they have a great business idea, 99.9% of the people get scammed and never paid. You may be different and if not naive and you have some gift or ESP then day trading will still be more profitable.
  13. Hi, I had my AMIB certification. I doubt 99% of people working at banks have degrees (only 4% of people that start university finish), some have college but few actually have their aegree or cedula. Most banks do not enforce or require their employees to have AMIB certifications which is the Mexican Association of Financial Intermediaries (it was named that when I got my certification as Mortgage Consultant). Few people go to jail here in Mexico due to mistakes made by the authorities or due to laziness or corruption so when lots of money is at stake, nobody is your friend.
  14. Ate there Saturday night. Pizza wasnt what it used to be. Service is great, I wanted Johnny Walker whiskey and they were ready to run down the street and buy a bottle but it was pouring so I said pop is fine.
  15. In Chapala we have no problems getting travel letters so you can take care of business and not be stuck here
  16. Nobody here admits anything and the order of the day is lie, lie, lie. Too many people want to believe in high returns and low risk and that the people promoting these "investments" while having no professional licensing or training. These people also never put anything in writing. People don't want to feel racist or bad for not trusting someone from another culture so many are naive or feel guilty for asking legitimate questions. I have a lady who was scammed when buying a condo on the beach. Instead of hiring an attorney she brought a "friend" who then told her that for the trust she needed to list a Mexican under the beneficiary section. As he was the only one there that she had to list him (thereby making this "friend" the heir and not her family if the 82 year old spring chicken dropped dead soon). As if the lesson wasn't learned now she is selling the unit and another bank employee (one of these brokerage houses that we have in Ajijic) wanted to earn the commission on the trust so conspired with a notary to draw up a contract not in her interest, told her no problem when verbal and other agreements would be ok even if not included. Deposit was only $2,000 US for a $200,000USD property. Also in the end they said the buyer needed more time to check out the property and to sign the deed and he would pay later even though the lady was asked to sign over the deed and all rights to the property. This was at recommendation of a large Marge type of older lady new "attorney" who helps expats (probably only to lose life savings). Oh and even though she qualified for the capital gains exemption she had to pay $25,000US even though all other calculations were $15,000USD less if there was capital gains. (This is new expat scam where notaries quote high capital gains and then after closing lower them and pocket the money). To have a clear conscience I wrote a scathing email to the client "I highly advise against it as I feel you are being taken advantage of, at the minimum there should do a reserva de dominio and stiff penalties for non payment as that would put a lien on the property until you are paid and to guarantee you are paid. They dont need the original deeds, I dont have them, you do. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL I THINK THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF YOU AND YOU SHOULD NOT TRUST ANYBODY. THEY ARE DEVIATING FROM STANDARD PRACTICES AND THERE IS LITTLE REDRESS NOR JUSTICE HERE. REMEMBER IT IS VERY EASY TO LOSE YOUR MONEY OR HAVE THEM MAKE EXCUSES NOT TO PAY IN THE FUTURE AND THEN YOU HAVE SIGNED THE DEED AND GIVEN THEM POSSESSION. PLEASE RETHINK. DANGER WILL ROBINSON!" While not victim blaming so many people have so much pressure on them to to bad deals and few come from a place where you must always watch your back or that you have little to no recourse. Another local bank stalled my client's niece to get money from the account to pay hospital while alerting the worker put on the account who could take out money for emergencies who then looted 2,000,000 pesos from the account not even paying a peso of the bills. We filed criminal charges and the bad guy was represented by someone working in city hall during the last administration, the ministerio publico would see me and run out to the garden and hide in the bushes to avoid the issue. He was fat so couldnt hide that well. Sadly, YOU HAVE NO FRIENDS when money is involved.
  17. Here are 2 facts: 1) I met the head of Social Security for Mexico and asked about Medicare being able to be used in Mexico and he said no. 2) Met clients who had surgery done with a local doctor who promised Medicare would cover it. Coincidentally right after they said that Medicare wouldn't and the doctor then called Medicare right on the spot. Lucky for them the doctor didn't speak much English but they did speak to a Spanish speaking doctor at Medicare who explained that something changed. Lesson: Anybody offering something to be covered by Medicare will be scamming you or the government. Best to stick to less risky activities like smoking crack, getting involved with timeshares, nationalizing older cars, opening the door for strangers, etc.
  18. Get your dogs used to fireworks. You need to train them, between fiestas, special days, armed confrontations and car backfires, dogs will regularly hear loud bangs. Maybe try to train them like hunters do https://www.ducks.org/hunting/retriever-training/overcoming-a-fear-of-gunfire
  19. The part about only foreigners paying transfer tax. I do lots of probate cases and transfers and the only difference for foreigners is the SRE permit. There is no different tax treatment and the only time they try to apply different treatment is with a reduction of value for property tax maybe saving you under $40US. There are ways to pay tax and avoid a notary but your estate planning may be incomplete. If your home is worth little or you have no money or dont plan to sell then let your heirs clean up the mess, make them work for it.
  20. Your are getting bad advice, lo barato sale caro.
  21. It might be good for those with Ilox speed issues to mention their package. Someone with a 40mb package getting 10mb isnt as serious as someone with a 350mb package getting 10.
  22. I have few problems and send almost daily but have an account and do all the customs coding. The devil is in the details. I have had clients spend twice what I pay and then the package take twice as long. Issues only arise when UPS plane come a bit late and then there is only one delivery to lakeside daily so one more day delay. For Fedex / UPS if the plane arrives with package to Guadalajara before 9.30 am then usually it can clear customs by 11.30am (assumes declaration was done right and grandma didnt slip in cookies or other non document merchandise with your papers) and if customs cleared by 11.30 am then on truck for delivery lakeside. My office gets Fedex 1.30-2.15pm, UPS 2.45-345pm. I do hundreds of shipments a year and have only lost 1 document, some were lost for a week or two, disappeared during outbound customs search or incoming but then appeared in someone elses delivery or by regular mail. Fedex is quicker and they process Saturdays, UPS doesnt
  23. Protections here in Mexico are nowhere near the US. Here people that were selling potato chips the other week are now selling investments and banking products with no licensing required. They are berated and their jobs in danger if they don´t sell the products and if they do then earn good commissions while only reciting the official blurb and having little to no investment experience. Fraud and theft is very common and the banks will not give you records or video unless forced to and often take unreasonable positions. Only place in a Mexican institution what you can afford to lose as if you need to go after them it can be a very long and expensive process. Trust nobody with your money. In the US people can lose jobs and go to jail, or lose professional licenses so they have incentives to be honest. Be concerned about the return OF your money no the return ON it.
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