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  1. Thanks, it is changing daily, hey check this out what we were sent yesterday...
  2. BREAKING NEWS – IMMIGRATION UPDATES MAY 27, 2020 As we go to immigration almost daily in Chapala and Guadalajara, we try to make heads or tails out of the ever-changing policies. Daily we receive hundreds of calls, emails, whatsap, instant messages, PMs, etc. Everybody wants to know what to do, how to comply with the law, how to deal with expired documents and when they can or should travel. As we are talking about a global pandemic, we need to take into account many layers of government and policies. Someone in Mexico must factor in federal laws, state and local laws. For travel one then needs to do the same for their proposed destination as well as any place they may have a layover with flights and routes being changed and canceled daily. Here in Mexico, there have been many landmark dates that have come and gone, with pending landmark dates of June 1st for proposed reopening of certain places, June 15 when the federal courts extended their reopening, June 21 for US / Canadian border crossing restrictions and August 1 mentioned by the president. Each immigration office has handled the reissuance of tourist visas differently. As of today, the policy is they will only reissue for people over 60 who can show why they could not go home. This current program is only for people with expired visas and is set to end this Friday, May 29, 2020. Depending on the development of the issue, it could be reinstated again in a week or so. Immigration is not seeking out foreigners to deport them. The reissuance procedure may be a bit tedious, there were large lines at immigration in Guadalajara today and the process requires forms to be filled out, a hearing with an immigration officer and then a resolution must be issued and then the head officer prepares and signs the new tourist visa. Plan to spend 3-5 hours at immigration. Each time the program is offered the line gets longer. Immigration has been reissuing tourist visas for 180 days from date of issuance, not from the date that the old visa expired. Immigration is admonishing people to not be lollygagging in Mexico. Tourists should return home at the first available moment. In other news, today in the Diario Oficial de la Federacion or Mexico’s Federal Register, there was a decree to suspend all time deadlines for immigration for all temporary and permanent resident inside or outside of Mexico. https://www.dof.gob.mx/nota_detalle.php?codigo=5593885&fecha=27/05/2020 We have seen the application of this with clients whose documents expired and they did not have to pay a fine nor regularization fee due to a suspension of deadlines but without any cited authority. The suspension now has a sort of specific start date, June 1, although there has been some retroactive application. The end date may be subject to regional policies which may leave the door open to uncertainty for the average person who wants to have specific dates so they know when they may enter the country to renew or process their documents and not be turned away or told to come back later after making an international journey. The suspension of deadlines is from June 1, 2020 until the health authorities determine that there is no “epidemiological risk” relating to the gradual opening of activities relating to the Federal Public Administration. As with everything, we will see how this will be applied. Logically this should benefit people who have applied for visas at consulates outside Mexico who have a 180-day time limit to enter the country who have been unable to travel. Also, there are people who need to renew their temporary visas or those that left on travel letters and who have been unable to return within the 60-day time limit.
  3. Excellent work and great to see people sprucing up their properties to help raise the image of Chapala.
  4. I pay cash at the BBVA Smart ATMs and have no problems, the fewer people out there that have your credit card info the better
  5. You can save money, during these times as you are overpaying your people. Im not saying to not pay them but there are tricks that will save you big $$$
  6. Calling all foreigners with tourists visas and Temporary Import Permits! As of now there are no uniform rules for the reissuance of tourist visas across Mexico, each immigration office is handling things differently. The bigger issue is that many people have entered Mexico as tourist and have a vehicle with a temporary import permit. These permits have or will expire and there is no uniform rule for people to extend their permits (we have been able to give some people new ones or use their spouse to get a new one) throughout the country. Others report being able to extend in some parts of Mexico. During these times of crisis many people due to local, state and federal restrictions or just plain old good health practices cannot travel or return to their home countries. These people are in Mexico and still need to be able to go out and buy food, see their doctor, go to the bank and get medicine. These same people can be targets of unscrupulous traffic police and other police who will target them and pull them over to check their documents and their car permits. If a person has an expired car permit then they face having their car, their only method of transportation to buy food or medicine, taken from them leaving them stranded and violating their constitutional rights to health care and nutrition. I have presented a request to the Tax Ombudsman´s office (Procuraduria de la Defensa del Contribuyente) to request that the tax authorities (SAT and Aduana) make special provisions during these times so that people who are unable to travel can still drive to buy food and receive medical attention. We are asking for something official so that people may have a document to show. We are trying to get Aduana and SAT to be aware of the gravity of the situation so have been asked to compile as many complaints as possible to be able to force the issue with them. We can send you a form to sign and scan and send back so that your voices may be heard and measures may be taken nationwide to not have issues driving to get food and medicine. We will need the following information: Full name: Phone numbers (landline and cell phone): If you are retired or came as a visitor and why you came: Date you entered Mexico: Date your car permit expires: Copy of your passport How old you are: Any medical condition you have: Any past problems with police or transitos pulling you over for no reason: Please be patient with us, we have been receiving many, many calls, emails and messages. We are not charging for this service and doing it to benefit all foreigners all over Mexico. Information and documents can be emailed to prodecon at chapalalaw dot com
  7. They will use current exchange rates, they should not be using the minimum wage and instead use the UMA index which is much lower, we hope to see the application of the UMA index sometime in the near future.
  8. In Guadalajara program ended today until they announce it again. Stay tuned.
  9. Beware of fake tourist visa renewals, you can only get a new tourist visa at an immigration office after turning in paperwork (and waiting 2-4 hours). Many report "friends" getting them for a fee of thousands of pesos, don't risk it with fake documents. Current program ended today for re-issuance of tourist visas but we hope to see it return shortly. Here is a redacted image of the real deal we got for a client today.
  10. Nothing official yet but we expect them to extend the period for tourists to get another 180 days. It hasnt been easy, we have some other options and are working to get something in writing from aduana as far as cars go as transitos or police will not call aduana to check at a roadside stop.
  11. I have doubts about renewing TIPs as the tourist card expires therefore breaking continuity, I will be contacting Aduana in Mexico city to address this issue nationwide.
  12. The Mexican Government, through the National Immigration Institute, as part of their work attending the entry of Phase 3 as decreed by the Secretary of Health for the coronavirus or COVID-19 epidemic, is asking the foreign community living in our country for help...
  13. I expect them to extend the offer as new restrictions will keep people home another month as well as there are some other creative ideas we will use to help people
  14. Solar pays for itself in 3-4 years and rates rise every year, also does work with blackouts, we have worked and nobody has had power
  15. Better to have solar panels and then relax in the heat with A/C and plenty of power and no gasoline needed.
  16. This is my translation I did yesterday with audio for the new message Chapala Public Safety Message April 19, 2020 (4 beeps) Attention, we are in a national health emergency due to the Coronavirus, return to your homes 9 It is not time to be in the streets, if you do not have an urgent necessary activity, do not go out of your house 15 The use of face masks is required at all times, it is prohibited to use public transportation without a face mask 23 If you go to the Tianguis, Mercado or the store, go alone and with a face mask 29 If you are going to buy food, ask for it to go and use a face mask. 33 If you take your dog out for a walk use a face mask. 37 There will be penalties for those who violate these measures 40 Stay home to avoid infection, fines and death! 44
  17. Im translating the broadcast message (municipal government) and there is a provision for walking dogs, says wear a mask when walking your dog so that implies that walking dogs is allowed.
  18. Please read the following which clarifies terms and also the limits on what the government can do to enforce, while legally it may be difficult for the authorities to act, you would not want to place your fellow man at risk nor fight with the police who could jail or fine you first causing you grief and money only to be later exonerated.
  19. New Jalisco orders and requirements Sunday April 19, 2020 I am attaching the Official State Newspaper and as translation I have done to English of the requirements. All people over 60 shall stay home, there are fines they can apply ...
  20. FMM extension should not be a problem, we are trying to use another part of the law to get longer extensions and as this is new, are trying to make each case as strong as possible, over 60 helps more and any health issues can help and we will be talking with public clinic doctors as well for guidance, in the end we want to help people and limit their need to travel during these tough times.
  21. BREAKING NEWS – Tourist Card extensions Immigration has agreed to allow people whose tourist cards have expired during the period from January 20, 2020 to April 30, 2020 Preauthorization in Chapala and then interview in Guadalajara, we take you, then issuance of another 6 month tourist visa. Good news is that from start to finish 2-4 days to have your new document. You need to let your tourist card lapse and your car will be illegal. We also have another option… For those over 60 years old or with health issues we can extend your tourist card for up to 1 year and keep your car legal. Also you can then apply for a temporary visa within Mexico without the need to leave when the extension is due to expire.
  22. My office has been doing renewals, Joco easy, Chapala office not so easy.
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