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  1. What kind of system do you have? Some are easy to reset on your own
  2. While it is possible that way, many times it can take months or they lose your papers. The consulates used to have programs for returning vehicles outside Mexico but no current dates with the virus.
  3. My office can verify legal car documents but also you can call the dealer and with the VIN they can check service records and they do record mileage which helps you tell if the rolled back the odometer
  4. A permanent resident can drive their son´s car and the son can import their fathers car
  5. Only their family can ask, they can go to ministerio publico in Chapala but may be forced to go to the circus missing persons in Guadalajara
  6. They make it very tough, they try to dissuade reports. We have been run around twice and the last time had to threaten the head of missing persons with arrest if she would not accept the papers of the report. They have it so convoluted, there is kidnapping, abduction and 2 other forms and then if the victim is a woman they try to make you file with woman´s crimes. One needs to be tough and not accept their BS. They will say oh go to the other crimes agency (where there they send you off to on of the other agencies) or only the head person can take the report and they are not in right now, come back tomorrow, then the next day they are not there and refuse to accept any papers. Their web site is wrong and so incompetent. Interested party? Hey, I cannot find myself, they kidnapped me, can you please investigate?
  7. Many times you can buy the parts at Autozone and Synthetic oil on sale at Costco. Plugs, oil filter, air filter, gas filter, synthetic oil and maybe fuel injector cleaner, then find someone to change it all out. Your car will be very happy and you can control price and quality of parts.
  8. There are documents and procedures probably runs $2,000 pesos, have not done any during this pandemic so not sure if times are longer.
  9. We have helped people in the past to get the Federal Health permission to import controlled medicines, at times they require for all as they dont check which ones need permission or not
  10. Here is the US Consulate list https://photos.state.gov/libraries/guadalajara/38026/rayasgm/GDL Doctors.pdf it is a bit dated
  11. Immigration in Guadalajara told us that they are all out of appointments so no more FMM reissues.
  12. Actually the Labor Secretary did mention banning beards, jewelry and neckties but then changed that.
  13. Deposit to bank account sounds like scam, any payments should be made directly at an office with official receipt
  14. My office will do it, 150 pesos email us info and then we will let you know when to pick it all up when done and paid
  15. They are strict on proof of residence
  16. Renewal costs for those over 60 are 300-350 pesos but then again feel free to give the government money
  17. We took people to immigration in Guadalajara today and the program to reisssue tourist visas is back again for the month of June. Your visa must be expired to apply
  18. We charge 800 pesos plus license cost which runs 300-350 pesos if you are over 60, we include an N95 mask and gloves and gel and take temperature for all people.
  19. I doubt any cop would take a receipt. Beware of people selling fake driver licenses, unless you personally go into Guadalajara (or Chapala office when they open again) and turn in papers, your license is a fake. We are taking people in for renewals every 2-3 days, leave my office 9am, back a bit after noon and all done and legal
  20. In a sparsely populated town in 1974, ten years after a nuclear war has devastated the US, the townspeople have discovered a supply of canned food. However, they are waiting for Mr. Goldsmith, the town's leader, to return with a message from the mysterious and unseen "old man in the cave" who will tell them whether the food is contaminated with radiation. Some of the townsfolk want to take their chances and eat the food, but they refrain from doing so after seeing the disastrous harvest yielded when they failed to take the old man's advice about which farming areas were contaminated. When Mr. Goldsmith returns, he informs them that the old man has declared the food is contaminated and that it should be destroyed. Shortly thereafter, a group of soldiers led by Major French enter the town and clash with Goldsmith as they try to establish their authority. The soldiers may or may not be representatives of the US government; Goldsmith claims that wandering packs of self-styled military men have previously intruded on the town and tried to establish authority—all unsuccessfully. French, meanwhile, reveals that there are maybe 500 people left alive between Buffalo, New York and Atlanta, Georgia, and also talks of small, isolated primitive societies on the shores of Lake Erie and in "what used to be" Chicago. He claims his job is to organize the region so that society can be re-built. However, Goldsmith believes that French and his men simply want to strip the town of its food. A clash of wills ensues and, frustrated by Goldsmith's quiet and steadfast refusal to bend, French tries to dispel the townspeople's strange beliefs about the seemingly infallible old man in the cave and take control of the area. French tempts the townspeople with some of the food Goldsmith claimed was contaminated and many throw caution to the wind and partake. Everyone except Goldsmith eventually consumes the food and drink and Goldsmith falls into disfavor among the townspeople. After being bullied and threatened with his life, Goldsmith finally opens the cave door and it is ultimately revealed that in reality, the townsfolk have been using information from a computer the whole time. French rallies the townspeople into a frothing frenzy into destroying the machine, after which French leads the people into celebrating their new found freedom from this "tyranny". However, as Mr. Goldsmith had insisted, the "old man" was correct; without an authority figure to tell them which foods are safe, the entire human population of the town (including French and the soldiers) die—except for the lone survivor, Mr. Goldsmith, who somberly walks out of the now dead town
  21. We take people into Guadalajara for new and renewals
  22. Im gooin oot and aboot, eh to Tim Hortons for a double double
  23. Telmex is in Chapala centro to the stoplight, I have it and great speeds. To give you an idea I will post a pic from speed test from my cell phone
  24. There are different options for different people depending on their situation, some may want to drive to get a solution they cannot get locally. Im glad we share information and have solutions so that if I cannot do something I can at least let people know who else may be able to help them
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