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  1. We have seen a few, no way online to differentiate CANJE so you are paisano or tourist 180 day.
  2. Hi, sorry just saw this thread, for fastest service come in or call office, best to carry a print out of this file I have made in case you are stopped, https://www.dropbox.com/s/etfj1dwoml02od8/SAT Aduana Manual Junio 2018 extranjeros.pdf?dl=0
  3. Say goodbye to the Temporary Importation Permits or Permiso de Importación Temporal de Vehículos that you used to know, now, as of January 1, 2020 the permits are digital and there are no more window stickers, also no originals, just a digital copy for those who request the permits via the internet. The good news is that if you save the digital copy in your email, there is no risk of losing the permission as used to be the case. *** People crossing by land are still being given the old style permits. *** People crossing by land but who get their Temporary Importation Permits or Permiso de Importación Temporal de Vehículos online MUST still stop at the border to register their entry into Mexico, failure to do so will make them have to return to the border to check in and turn in their FMM form. Police officers will have a cell phone application to be able to scan the new permits and verify them. Hopefully the police and transitos know about the new permits and will not insist on seeing the old ones pegged to the windshield.
  4. Also turn off A/C before you change/disconnect battery or alternator
  5. Lack of infrastructure here locally and few relative paying clients. I have same 100mps fibr optic in Guadalajara at home and office but here in Chapala I struggle with mediocrity and 15mps is fast.
  6. Im happy to help, we help many register their cars and pay the annual fees, right now things have gotten tougher with proof of residence
  7. I bought a fridge with ice maker and have the water fed from bottled water with pump. Works great. You can get creative and have water bottles to the side or in a cabinet next to unit and just drill a hole to feed water tubing On sale like next weekend should be around $15,000 pesos https://www.bestbuy.com.mx/p/samsung-refrigerador-french-door-22-pies-cubicos-rf221nctasg-em-negro/1000207908
  8. I have faced some down right scary war zone stuff here. I was at the wrong place at the right time. I have a purpose and am a fighter. None of the bad stuff was aimed at me. Fleeing will only be if no other options available. Fleeing does not help things and if we all work together we can turn things around. We can be the key to changes as most of us do not have extensive family and friends profiting off the misery nor who could be targets and we come from a culture of reporting crimes and not allowing ourselves to be intimidated. Paradise doesnt exist anymore, I have lived in 2, this was supposed to be the third but it aint over yet!
  9. There is a new savage crew who was murdering alot of people, so much for keeping bad ones out, in the end its all business
  10. I want the streets to be fixed. Is it too much to ask for maintaining parking, I don't have to walk but there are many older and disabled people who probably don't want to walk a few extra blocks and if they don't then that will hurt local businesses. I am attaching response to my transparency request where the municipality has zero information about the project, no plans, no sketches, no feasibility studies, no environmental impact or other reports. 2 people came by, a council member and someone from the state of Jalisco and told me they were thinking of tearing things up and putting bike lanes on both sides and no necessarily matching the style of the malecon
  11. So one week they said they may add a bike lane. Next week they started digging up the main street (Hidalgo). When asked nobody has any information, no feasibility studies nor even an idea of what will be done and where. No environmental impact study nor any traffic studies as there already is little parking in the area. A rushed and poorly planned project. There is a wide malecon for bike riders but they maybe put lanes on both sides of the street. The Ajijic bike lanes have been a total disaster. Transit cops asking people to move their cars for the construction and when asked specifics they said they know nothing. Why the rush and secrecy for an ill planned and detrimental project?
  12. I had a friend do my system around $3,000US, 6 panels, 12 year warranty 20 year life. 1/2 the cost of other quotes, included installation and everything. Getting quotes is like asking for prices on stints from doctors, nobody want to give out prices. 350W 72 cell system, generate an average of 558 kwp per 2 month billing cycle
  13. Yes there is used vehicle sales tax and a table of values for all cars to avoid people declaring lowball price paid, tax runs 2-7% Valor de Valor hasta cuota fija % a aplicar 0.01 61,500.00 - 2.00% 61,500.01 127,500.00 1,230.00 4.50% 127,500.01 174,800.00 4,200.00 6.90% 174.800.01 222,200.00 7,463.70 7.00% 222,200.01 En adelante 10,781.70 7.10%
  14. Hello all, Im doing some remodeling projects and am trying to find some tradesmen but either their numbers dont work, they dont call back or what to charge an arm and a leg or more, 1) Need a plumber to change a water pressure system tank, had a tank that was failing and guy said that a bigger tank would fit in the space, I told him it wouldn´t, I got home and I was right, it didn´t fit but he had already connected it all in a place that was out in the open in the way of things. Need to take out large tank to put 20 gallon tank in the space made for and then also clean the aljibe and tinaco. 2) Electrician as I have 3 meters which have no rhyme nor reason with specific connections or phases for the building and now have solar panels so need everything running to the 220 meter to leave the others with no connection to home and then have them removed and then get bidirectional meter for solar. I got one quote to change the wires around for over $8,000 pesos which I though was excessive. 3) Iron worker to fix a sagging fence and make some protective grates to cover the skylights on the roof for security.
  15. I heard a transformer blow at 9am, since then power has been brownout levels, 90-100v instead of the usual 110-130 in Chapala, some reported no power in Las Redes, not sure where there is and isnt power, clouds and rain made solar panels of little help
  16. Wills are important as things do not automatically pass, well without substantial cost, we work with a few notaries and prices 2500 for dual column bilingual will, wills also are for representation for that drunk driver or butcher doctor that causes premature death, someone to file criminal charges and claim insurance proceeds. Planning is the key.
  17. How much should uneducated and unskilled workers be paid? Someone illiterate?
  18. They told me same thing, I was promised 20 out of 40+ getting 2, they have the nerve to keep advertising when their speeds stink. It is shameful
  19. I called one and they are coming by Friday.
  20. I cleaned out my closet, my baby boy is all grown up, have size 4-6 boys diapers if any good charity could put them to use, free. come by office and pick them up
  21. Im happy to help. It is the appointment but also a thorough review of documents to make sure they are in the right format. Some consulates are more "make sense" and some people have been denied from the flexible ones for trying to save a few dollars on printing documents. Some cases are slam dunk, others appear to be but are not and others are crazy and confusing. We had 2 different sets of clients who previously lived in Costa Rica and qualified but were denied, I put them through a mini hell as I requested certain documents that were not easy to get and now happily they have their visas. The devil is in the details.
  22. Sounds like a scam. Driving to 3 hospitals? Any medical profesional would know which ones to call and unfortunately many are taken advantage of for rush issues. Prepare ahead of time or be a victim. There are many affordable hospitals but more crooked doctors who prey on the elderly and foreigners.
  23. Both offices first mentioned are closed, best is Plaza Bonita Av. Mexico, you walk out same day, I can get appointments for new or renewals in 1-3 days
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