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  1. I have searched and not many results for insurance agents or brokers. I have no been super happy with the people I have dealt with, seem to be slow, things expire and not too on top. Any body have recommendations for Health Insurance / Auto Insurance / Homeowners Insurance?
  2. Intercasa

    Uber from GDL

    Not the case, just lazy driver who wants to extort more money. They know where ride is before they accept. Much fewer Uber cars in the Chapala area, yesterday tried for hours to get a ride from Chapala to GDL finally found one guy who accepted as he wanted to go back to Guad.
  3. Intercasa

    Flavored olive oils/vinegars

    There is bla bla and then there is this company that makes incredibly flavored oil and balsamic to the point you will be spoiled for life and never go back to even a regular balsamic. Supposedly City Market in Guadalajara carries their products. The raspberry balsamic is incredible. They have a tasting room and sell in San Miguel de Allende so if you know anyone going there have them bring you back many bottles https://oliofino.com/ They offer free shipping on orders over $2,000 so buy with a few friends and can arrive at your door Here are my favorite products in case you want to order online and want someone who has tasted them Oils ACEITE DE OLIVA CON AJO (Garlic infused olive oil) ACEITE DE OLIVA CON CHIPOTLE (Chipotle infused olive oil) ACEITE DE OLIVA CON LIMON AMARILLO (Lemon) Vinegars BALSAMICO OSCURO CON CEREZA NEGRA (Black cherry basalmic) BALSAMICO OSCURO CON FRAMBUESA (Raspberry basalmic) BALSAMICO OSCURO CON ESPRESSO (Espresso flavored basalmic)
  4. Intercasa

    work has begun

    The streets are in shameful disrepair and the old government couldnt have cared less, hope the new administration cleans things up and doesnt promote foolish pie in the sky Disneyland projects like the last administration to just have them half done and ugly all for the benefit of a few cronies
  5. Intercasa

    Should I use an attorney?

    My office helps people. Some people are penny pinchers, others do it your selfers, others would rather have things done right and not worry and deal with preparing forms and waiting in lines at the bank and at immigration for the one document that is essential for life in Mexico. Some do their own taxes, change the oil in their cars, mow their own lawns and wash their cars, others don't. It is like insurance, some feel they don't need it but are glad they have it when they need it. Immigration can be quirky and some cases need extra attention and sometimes you never know until you submit and then weeks pass and find out that they made a mistake or need something fixed. Other times we see issues and mistakes or things that need extra care or explaining to do it from the start as after 1,000s of visas and going up to 2 times daily to immigration in Chapala / Guadalajara we have learned quite a few things and see patterns as well as changes in policies which you do not want to be the first person prejudiced by.
  6. Well hey you can offer the service, hire a car, review documents, have the car wait an hour or two, translate, etc. If there is just one person we take a loss. God forbid we actually make money and not lose it. Yes hire a taxi or driver like the one that screwed up a clients papers at the SAT office, he paid taxi rates and got taxi brains. Then the mess had to be cleaned up.
  7. We charge 750 or 800 pesos per person plus license fees. I do it as a service for clients and try to charge what a taxi would charge to go to Guad and back.
  8. We take people in every few weeks, usually 1 -4 people, smaller groups and if we leave by 8.30 or so we are back by a bit after 12ish
  9. Intercasa

    Banks Closed

    Remember collection is difficult, courts are slow and corrupt so the risk is high so therefore the return should also be commensurate.
  10. Intercasa

    Apostille Documents

    My office apostilles documents from the US and England. We know most state policies about what documents are accepted and which are rejected. They can take 2 days to 3 weeks to apostille. We translate them as well.
  11. Intercasa

    Banks Closed

    Bankers day.
  12. Intercasa

    iPhone 5s Battery

    I have one I can sell you, message me to remind me, bought one and then my phone wouldnt go back together so I have spare
  13. Fiscalia press release details 5 arrested, 2 killed, 3 arrested were women and 1 arrested was leader of kidnapping group that operated in Chapala / Ajijic / Jocotepec. They have been involved in at least 8 other kidnappings. Their targets were businessmen. 2 people freed today, one male and one female captive who were held at a property in Jocotepec. Their ransom was being negotiated and the bad guys were held up at the Hotel Perico which authorities say had nothing to do with the crimes. Kidnappers were all Mexicans living in Jalisco. Here is video of press release ...
  14. One news source reports rescue of kidnapped foreigner https://noticel.mx/al-momento-reportan-ataque-a-policias-en-ajijic/
  15. 20+ State Police Trucks flew by my office, 5+ Chapala police trucks, 10 Army vehicles passed me other direction Chapala Haciendas, police checkpoint with trucks blocking carretera and guns drawn checking vehicles by Los Burritos near start of Ixtlahuacan. Looks like a hit on state prosecutor personnel but judging by the response there were probably a few local locos Narcos / Terrorists involved.