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  1. My office will fax ballots for free while you wait and give you confirmation or give you free US stamps to be able to mail.
  2. Yes illegal for hospitals to do that and some retain documents, people will do illegal things unless challenged and with an overburdened and underfunded legal system with a 1% conviction rate for reported crimes many with low moral standards will take their chances.
  3. Ask them to pay and not collect from you nor make you sign any promissory notes if they are so sure about things. You have been warned
  4. No exemptions due to primary residence and you can raise your basis if you did improvements either using a factura or tax improvement appraisal. Selling as a national or resident avoids the nasty 25% withholding of the sales price. There is a calculator program that will calculate the estimated tax payment for residents who then are required to file a tax return.
  5. They withhold on the principal amount, not off of any earnings so it is possible to lose money
  6. Hikvision area easy, just connect monitor and use mouse to navigate through system
  7. They are respecting expired visas as there is a freeze in place but here they will only respect it if it happened after the first freeze was declared April 1, 2020, if before it could be difficult, depending on the circumstances, i.e. are you trying to use the expired out of country 55 day rule and when did the 55 days end, etc.
  8. What kind of system do you have? Some are easy to reset on your own
  9. While it is possible that way, many times it can take months or they lose your papers. The consulates used to have programs for returning vehicles outside Mexico but no current dates with the virus.
  10. My office can verify legal car documents but also you can call the dealer and with the VIN they can check service records and they do record mileage which helps you tell if the rolled back the odometer
  11. A permanent resident can drive their son´s car and the son can import their fathers car
  12. Only their family can ask, they can go to ministerio publico in Chapala but may be forced to go to the circus missing persons in Guadalajara
  13. They make it very tough, they try to dissuade reports. We have been run around twice and the last time had to threaten the head of missing persons with arrest if she would not accept the papers of the report. They have it so convoluted, there is kidnapping, abduction and 2 other forms and then if the victim is a woman they try to make you file with woman´s crimes. One needs to be tough and not accept their BS. They will say oh go to the other crimes agency (where there they send you off to on of the other agencies) or only the head person can take the report and they are not in right now, c
  14. Many times you can buy the parts at Autozone and Synthetic oil on sale at Costco. Plugs, oil filter, air filter, gas filter, synthetic oil and maybe fuel injector cleaner, then find someone to change it all out. Your car will be very happy and you can control price and quality of parts.
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