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  1. My office can apostille documents, we can do documents from Jalisco, the US and England.
  2. We can help if need be to get password assigned to print certificate sheet with QR and bar codes as many places only accept those
  3. New 2021 Regularization Program (Get legal if you overstayed your tourist visa) Immigration has been offering sporadic programs so that people who have overstayed their tourist visas can become legal. Many of these programs have been limited and come and gone. There is now an effort to offer the program nationwide. Details are still emerging as there is no official publication or law so each office has leeway to make some of their own rules about qualifying. Currently it is available in Jalisco so we can do it in Chapala and Guadalajara and we will nail down the guidelines in the next few days. It appears that the first requirement is for people to have an expired visa which was issued in 2019 or earlier. More to come as we verify it.
  4. Beware of legal frauds and fake attorneys. Only attorneys who have their degree and license (cedula) are able to call themselves attorneys (Abogado or Licenciado en Derecho) and represent you. There is a Federal Cedula and a Jalisco state one, an attorney needs to have both, one young guy is spamming Facebook pages calling himself an attorney and is not, not even sure if he speaks English, a guy gets out of jail in Canada for murder and opens a law office in Ajijic, you can´t make this stuff up but you can run their name in the federal system here https://cedulaprofesionalsep-gob.mx/ and Jalisco state system here https://serviciossgg.jalisco.gob.mx/pro.../wbfConsultas.aspx If they do not show up and they are offering services here in Jalisco or calling themselves Abogado or licenciado then they are frauds
  5. Traffic is worse, more businesses, more cars, projects like the bike path where some bike lanes are wider than traffic lanes and no bus stops, elimination of parking spaces, a culture of blocking the road or not caring. Get up early or plan to walk everywhere or just be frustrated and if you are old or sick live close to a hospital or call a bike ambulance as no real ambulance will be able to come fast
  6. There are 2 Mercado Libre Codes, well I use the Bancomer smart ATMs, first is the convenio or client (Mercado Libre) number 0641375 then there is the specific transaction identifier which is only good for that transaction. To see your Mercado Pago balance log in
  7. I use cash on Mercado Libre to avoid credit card issues. You can choose when you make payment to use your Mercado Pago balance or just pay cash and even then you can pay extra and build credit if you are a frequent purchaser. For example, if I buy a keyboard for $320 pesos I can use my Mercado credit of say $200 and then just deposit $120, or I can pay at the Bancomer ATM and deposit $500 pesos and then will have $180 credit from this purchase which will be added to my Mercado Pago account so the next purchase I will have $380 pesos credit.
  8. If you present a utility bill or bank statement you need all pages as the further pages have the digital signature / bar / QR codes which makes a "copy" an original then validating the black and white copy as a digital original
  9. We send people to the Casas de Bolsa in Ajijic and they are more flexible
  10. There are 3 different kinds, some good only in Chapala, others statewide.
  11. Here is what we charge, includes us and government, we get a bit over 100 pesos, less than 200 Car refrendo Jalisco $800.00 January, $820.00 February and March, $850 after + fines if any Moto refrendo Jalisco $400.00 January, $420.00 February and March, $450 after + fines if any
  12. A well respected laboratory has had someone clone their name and site to offer Pfizer vaccines and try to collect money from people so beware, FAKE and SCAMMERS
  13. I think prices will fall. More people putting off retirement, rising crime, businesses closing, restrictions on international travel, the dollar getting weaker, the charm of the pueblo being destroyed with tearing down the hills for developments, poorly thought out bike path, infrastructure at capacity. Air BnB will get killed more when they hit the hosts for taxes, the 10% withholding is just that, a withholding and then they can wait and see if the host files taxes and if not then send demand letters for the income tax up to 35% on the rent and then the IVA sales tax of 16% as it was a furnished rental, then they could tip off the state for the hospitality tax of 3% then if too much time has passed penalties and interest.
  14. Per the 2021 Tax Regulations published in the DOF (Diario Oficial de la Federación), SAT (Mexican tax authority), as a protective measure to prevent fraud and identity theft will be deactivating the passwords of millions of taxpayers who are under the Regimen de Incorporacion Fiscal system (simplified system for small businesses). This can affect your right to file you tax returns, issue facturas and be able to print tax certificates and get information. They claim it is only under three circumstances, 1st, where there is little activity (what does this mean and who decides?), 2nd, where no facturas have been issued, and 3rd where people have failed to file tax returns. I have had my clients receive an email from SAT mentioning this and they have filed their returns so this may be an issue for everybody or many may fall into it. What do you need to do? You can get an appointment and go to the SAT offices but there are no appointments (when we last checked). You can use their SAT ID program but the new system makes people upload their documents in an odd way, then they must video record you saying a phrase in Spanish, then sign your name perfectly exactly as you signed your ID in a 2 inch by 3 inch box using your mouse, here is where most people are rejected. The last and only real option is to do it online on their site and hope their site is up and working or we can take care of it for you.
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