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  1. Maybe seniors can get fake IDs to say they are 58, like in college you got a fake ID to buy alcohol, similar but now its for rubbing alcohol and meds and food
  2. Supermarkets are denying entry to people over 60. Looks like they need to try and get a fake ID saying they are 58. How they will eat will be hard. Why don't they just ban fat people from grocery stores? It is obvious they don't need food and aren't protected under the constitution. I will kick the hornets nest for you guys
  3. Markets may be open BUT there must be 3 meters between the front of each stand per state rules
  4. My office charges 800 pesos total if you email us VIN and plate numbers
  5. Machines take 500 pesos note, even if there is no change, instead of paying your exact amount put $500 pesos increments of credit towards your account, no change needed and less to pay next month and no change issues
  6. Panic Button Facts – January 15, 2021 Early rumors and news sources cites pending closures and restrictions for businesses and public life. News outlets published WITHOUT reading the actual published decree. The Official Decree publication can be found here for any of you that speak Spanish https://periodicooficial.jalisco.gob.mx/sites/periodicooficial.jalisco.gob.mx/files/01-15-21-bis.pdf I will summarize here the salient points of which have been misrepresented today or were changed from earlier reports so everybody knows what the law requires of them. This applies to th
  7. I disagree, there still are COVID exemptions, there is a federal freeze on expiration dates still in effect, this ONLY applies to temporary and permanent residents as well as consular visas which were requested and approved within Mexico for a person outside Mexico, as of last week I had clients enter late and not have to use the 55 day because the federal suspension was still honored. We have also invoked it so hat clients would not be fined if they notified immigration about a change of address / marital status after the 90 day period.
  8. Intercam will accept the checks but hold them for like 6 months. ORoarke accepted a clients check today.
  9. I spoke to Multiva for a client today and the issue many have is that Multiva will cash the checks within 60 days of issuance but many have just received checks dated July 31 or September 4.
  10. Clients are getting checks with check and status dates July 31 up to September 4, 2020. Mailed from Kansas City.
  11. I have two offices, one in Guadalajara for my Chapala clients and one in Chapala for my Guadalajara clients. Beat that!
  12. My office will fax ballots for free while you wait and give you confirmation or give you free US stamps to be able to mail.
  13. Yes illegal for hospitals to do that and some retain documents, people will do illegal things unless challenged and with an overburdened and underfunded legal system with a 1% conviction rate for reported crimes many with low moral standards will take their chances.
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