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  1. A common practice pre 2010 was to put tax value and not real value, there are ways to lessen or avoid capital gains.
  2. When you arrive on road to airport take first left when you can, go to end, then veer hard right, Fedex is at the end on the left
  3. If a person is sick or disabled and they need to renew and they have their old passport in their possession we can help them renew and they do not need to go to Guadalajara. Fedex is usually 100 pesos or a bit less to send to Guadalajara and around 140-160 pesos to the Chapala area. This is for each document so if you applied for passport and passport card then price is double.
  4. The consulate has basically 3 options to get you the new passport. 1) Have it send to you by Fedex to your local Mexican address. 2) Pick it up at Consulate. 3) Have them bring it to you when they do their monthly visit.
  5. Consulate accepts cash (pesos and US Dollars) and credit cards. Cash is king as I have seen a few people who had problems with credit cards and didnt have the cash and had to come back another day. Fedex only accepts pesos. You can go to the consulate Monday through Thursday 12-12.30pm with no appointment for renewals.
  6. Most 99 pesos a day, covered parking and they have your car washed for you when you arrive back.
  7. If there are injuries then they can lock you up pending blood tests arguing that you could be DUI, really it is the transitos and MP extorting money out of you to let you go and they know this so this is their cash cow, insurance company lawyer will not pay bribes. Best case is to get other party to dismiss case or both sign an agreement so then the MP and transito have no authority and cannot extort money.
  8. Long lines in Guadalajara for gas, a few blocks long. They say no shortage but with everyone filling up and not knowing what to believe it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy.
  9. Anything over 10,000 cash in a month and you may have problems, how do you pay your vendors? Pay them directly. Of course if your business if formal and registered and you pay taxes there is no limit and no problems
  10. There are actually State and Federal cedulas, the SEP federal search engine is hard to use as you need an exact name, there is another page that interfaces with them and you can have inexact data, i.e. just first and last name instead of needing to know first, middle and both last names, site is here, also you can narrow down by just searching people who studied in Jalisco if person is local, you can look up mine for practice by just entering in Spencer for name and Jailsco for state http://www.buholegal.com/consultasep/ The Jalisco state professions office used to have a great search engine, now it is a bit fickle with names so you should know complete name or else your general search may not get desired result or too many results https://serviciossgg.jalisco.gob.mx/profesiones/
  11. You used to be able to check online and see the photo they took
  12. Gas apps have not been reliable, as of 8pm only Ajijic by Barco and Canacinta had gas, all others out
  13. Not worth it, you will pay $2,000 to $3,000USD to nationalize. Car probably isnt worth it so if you give it away you save money.
  14. Im a member of Internations and it is a younger crowd and they have more events and less web board. Mexpat has people asking for advice and recommendations like this board and a mixer every now and then.
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