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  1. Wills are important as things do not automatically pass, well without substantial cost, we work with a few notaries and prices 2500 for dual column bilingual will, wills also are for representation for that drunk driver or butcher doctor that causes premature death, someone to file criminal charges and claim insurance proceeds. Planning is the key.
  2. How much should uneducated and unskilled workers be paid? Someone illiterate?
  3. They told me same thing, I was promised 20 out of 40+ getting 2, they have the nerve to keep advertising when their speeds stink. It is shameful
  4. I called one and they are coming by Friday.
  5. I cleaned out my closet, my baby boy is all grown up, have size 4-6 boys diapers if any good charity could put them to use, free. come by office and pick them up
  6. I used to have an easy out, depends if I can find and what size you need
  7. Im happy to help. It is the appointment but also a thorough review of documents to make sure they are in the right format. Some consulates are more "make sense" and some people have been denied from the flexible ones for trying to save a few dollars on printing documents. Some cases are slam dunk, others appear to be but are not and others are crazy and confusing. We had 2 different sets of clients who previously lived in Costa Rica and qualified but were denied, I put them through a mini hell as I requested certain documents that were not easy to get and now happily they have their visas. The devil is in the details.
  8. Sounds like a scam. Driving to 3 hospitals? Any medical profesional would know which ones to call and unfortunately many are taken advantage of for rush issues. Prepare ahead of time or be a victim. There are many affordable hospitals but more crooked doctors who prey on the elderly and foreigners.
  9. Both offices first mentioned are closed, best is Plaza Bonita Av. Mexico, you walk out same day, I can get appointments for new or renewals in 1-3 days
  10. Bearer "Al portador" $5,000 pesos, no limits on checks made out to you but they can dishonor them if they are more than 2 weeks old or even if part is ripped, mutilited, etc.
  11. Lorenza is an old pro and very capable, Ana Siller is also court approved and newer so her rates may be lower.
  12. I have a kayak I can rent, Im a block from the lake too.
  13. There are two sites, the one mentioned for the state cedula as well as the SEP federal cedula site here https://www.cedulaprofesional.sep.gob.mx/cedula/presidencia/indexAvanzada.action but their search engine is lacking and an easier one is at https://www.buholegal.com/consultasep/
  14. Go to the ferreteria, buy a crowbar and then go home and use it to pry your wallet open and spend $300US of your millions to buy a newer computer. Now that will be one less thing to troll about, I mean ask about on web forums.
  15. Buro is the credit bureau and probably making you pay to check your credit and do a background check on you to make sure income is real and you are not a deadbeat
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