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  1. Yes it can be done, we need to get permission from the Mexican FDA and have that permission copy included in shipment and original handy for when it arrives, best to send by a courier service that sends to Guadalajara directly and not Mexico City that way we can help.
  2. Solar is getting cheap and 6 580w panels can run most homes and you have a break even point after 3-5 years for most people and also the benefit of no brown outs and being able to generously use the heat and A/C those very cold and hot days
  3. My office can do them same day / next day. I am an official court translator authorized by Jalisco State Courts, Mexico Federal Courts, US Consulate
  4. We can help make appointment and review documents, renewals 300 pesos not too much
  5. Supposed to be 9am but with COVID 10, call them as they will know more than someone here
  6. Ive used https://www.worldnomads.com/
  7. I break more people out of hospitals than jail. Hospitals cannot hold people hostage and it is a game we need to play to get people out but some abuse foreigners and others have been stiffed by foreigners. An easy way to avoid hassles is to get international travel health insurance. I buy it for the US if I go for a week, it is cheap like $40US and avoids problems.
  8. Get a foot long masonry bit and look into cat6 or cat7 too
  9. Used Movistar years back and it worked as it is part of a Spanish telecom company
  10. Air quality was good last year and this year more than normal due to many things being shut down but now with much opening up it will be back to business as usual
  11. Ask, office in Chapala in the plaza does not do certification if apostille or legalization is required. FGR formerly PGR does do federal in Guadalajara but only if there is a consulate request.
  12. People fake deeds and forge documents, they trick notaries and other notaries do not catch the mistakes, notaries who make mistakes never own up to it and you are forced to sue the people involved and need evidence.
  13. Keep all receipts, more likely to need them if someone tries to steal your property than exempt capital gains.
  14. Or you can get an account online and then download statements and keep on cloud, computer or email
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