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  1. #4 TV. There are 2 Mexican Satelite companies. (cable is not available in many areas) Sky and Dish (not the same as Dish USA) Many US programs, some with subtitles, some with dual audio Spanish English. Also movies on demand. HBO. Showtime as well. Packages from $10 to $45 per mo. Bring a Google Chromecast and you can send from cell, PC, or tablet many streaming options like Netflix, USTV now etc.
  2. We haven't had a lot of ATM skimming here, but when I use an ATM that is open 24 hours I always open bluetooth on my cell and search for connections. If you see " Free2Move " as an option the ATM is sending your information to someone. Big problem in tourist areas.
  3. Mexico will only recognize documents certified by a notario and with the proper seal.
  4. You can ask for a couple so you can have then done in advance. Funny story.... I used one all filled out when exiting at Laredo and the imigration officer couldn't believe I had one ready without him handing me a blank. Asked me in a very serious maner how I was able to obtain a blank form. Even looked close to see if it was a forgery. I watched as the other officer handed one to someone he held their passport. Seems they aren't aware that airlines hand them out like tissue paper.
  5. Second the bank by Telcel in Centro Laguna. My bank limit is $500US and that is over $9000MXP which some ATM's won't allow, and even though I am reimbursed the low 18MXP ATM fee is nice. When the bank is open there is an armed guard by the ATM. Plus lots of parking.
  6. Frederick is indeed a master baker and Isabel has a special touch as well. They have been expanding their offerings on a regular basis. Bought new tables & chairs, new refers and work tables. Hired help for the afternoons. Geat people from a small village in France.
  7. It is not so much the Peso falling as the dollar climbing. Check Peso Euro. Or Peso Pount. Then watch USD vs them k
  8. Mexican style contractors don't make a profit?
  9. California dealers used to have a temporary paper license to be afixed to the rear of the vehicle when a dealer sold it. Law was changed in mid 70's to only require a small (3x5) permit to be placed in the windshield. Times change back to paper plate again. Not a problem for dealerships.
  10. Yes the regulation is $50,000 in "total" . without a method for the Hacienda to be able to add all the banks etc. together how could they acurately report your total? A person could have $40,000 in 10 different banks. Each bank would have no way of knowing if you have other accounts. Posibly that is why the Mexican government is requiring the numbers? Same in USA & Canada. Try and open a bank account in those countries without a tax id in some form.
  11. Not phishing. It is a requirement of the Mexican federal government. Email addresed to me with my account number and correct legal name that is on my accounts wth Bancomer. If you fail to complete the form the bank is required by law to notify Sat. Both the USA and Canada have similar requirements for their citizens and non citizens holding signature over a bank account.
  12. The date of Google Earth pictures is displayed on the nottom when you zoom in. You can also select earlier dates.
  13. The email uncludes a link to a PDF copy of the reporting form to fill in and take to the bank. It asks for all countries you have citizenship and the tax reporting numbers.
  14. Southern ring road is nowhere near complete. Maybe the section from the GDL Chapala hwy to the connection near Zapotlanejo is about to open.
  15. Standard step down transformer. I'm no engineer. But I was under the impression 2 phase was 180 degrees out of phase. I found that installation of the solar system using microinverters was more or less plug & play. My 2.4 Kw cost me under $48,000, 2 days shopping and 2 mornings to make the mounts and install.
  16. Fidelity Visa debit card. Zero fees. No 1% Visa foreign fee. Reimburses ATM fees within one working day. Can check Visa's rate in the morning and it is good for the day.
  17. I remember the famous Chapala pescado blanco. It was so good but is now basically extinct from over fishing.
  18. A micro inverter for 120 volts works using MMPT and automatically adjusts to match the current voltage of the grid anywhere between 80 and 160 volts automatically, also 57-62.5 hertz automatically. A 230 volt adjusts for 180 to 260 volts. My meter shows my house voltage on a 240 circuit varies between 139 and 244 most days. The inverter adjusts automatically without need for any other regulator.
  19. If you want an expandable system micro inverters are the way to go. Also the wiring is easier and your long run is lower amperage and less current loss in either 120 or 240 volts. Can do it yourself easily. Save 50% over companies lakeside.
  20. Also you can stop by the Chapala airport on the weekend. The club members are very friendly. Ask around.
  21. I used 300 watt panels, with a 1200 watt micro inverters Much lower cost.
  22. What wattage and voltage were your old panels? Are you using a string inverter or 5 micro inverters? When you say "PV" what are you refering to? 4 to 6 hours seems like a long time. I installed my system by myself in 8 hours total 2 hours of which was making a hole in the roof for the conduit.
  23. Careful clicking on the pictures.. Macafee virus protection brings up a warning on the individual picture links Otherwise a good laugh
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