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  1. Hud please qoute your source for not being able to drive foreign plated vehicle in USA. Importing it is very different than using it for vacation.
  2. You can probably find it on ebay from a Chinese seller. Usual time to MX is 4 to 6 weeks.
  3. Hud please quote your sources. When did US imigration obtain the right to enforce state laws? What do you mean by "US citizens can not own a Mexican plated car in the US" Are saying for permanent use, or are trying to say it is illegal for a US citizen to drive a foreign plated vehicle that is titled in their name?
  4. Just a note. Sales of air cooled VW's (all models) ended for 2 reasons. Cost of emissions equipment and more importantly declining sales. They were not "banned".
  5. The Libriamento was finished in 80's. Study what... a "T" intersection with a stop light? Very common all over the world. The problem is poor or no driver training, and poor or no maintenance. I would venture to say 20% of the Mexican drivers that live lakeside have no drivers license, or insurance, and as to vehicle maintenance............ only when it breaks down and then the repair is at that location.
  6. You can check online wait times http://www.bordertraffic.com/Texas/Laredo-Nuevo-Laredo.aspx
  7. OMG Please no topes. They won't stop a truck with no brakes. They won't make a stupid driver smarter. They really are good at damaging vehicles but not much else. Here there is no thought or reason to their placement. Half the time they last a few months and are never replaced. And topes before a stop light??? Then why have a stop light?? We are all sorry for people hurt but topes would not have prevented the accident. If you have no brakes you can't stop for a tope.
  8. My Neither my wife or have to notify Telcel when we travel to USA. Great coverage in USA & Mexico She has $199 plan. I have amigo and they charge my ccard $150 a month.
  9. Dog discussion. Pets don't belong in restaurants. I have seen dogs urinating on outdoor chairs and more. Restaurant owners here are by cultural norms don't want to offend so they put up with it as they do with a street vendor selling food in their restaurant. Pet owners please....if you need your animal with you to eat ....eat at home. I have a dog. My dog can stay by himself for a couple of hours. Another note...Just yesterday I saw a restaurant patron petting a street dog in a restaurant then eating their sandwich. What they didn't know was minutes before that dog was rolling in the street in another dogs defication.
  10. For sure a black quote. X sedans are taxi size.
  11. You can pay CFE, Telmex, and atelcel bills on lune from the comfort of your easy chair. We do live in the 21st century after all. I remember in the 50's my parents having to drive some where to pay bills. Glad those days are gone.
  12. Never had a problem with Bancomer. Granted me a CCard with high limit. Meses sin intereses offers frequently are sent. Also offers for cash loans that are pre approved. 800 number help is great and short wait. Also 2 branches lakeside. The question best bank is like asking best pizza everyone thinks their favorite is best.
  13. Yes you need a code to print. Rarely will anyone ask for a proof of RFC. Thay can verify it online. Your RFC. consists of the first 2 letters of your last name' the first letter of your mothers maiden name, the first letter of your first name, last digits of birth year digits for month and day of birth, and a 3 letter digit ending they assign
  14. Why not open an online account with CFE? They email you the bill (also send the physical bill) and you can pay online. They email verification of payment.
  15. If you are planning on living lakeside Bancomer has preferred client status for foreigners and English help in the branch and on an 800 number. You can have any number of people you want on an account.
  16. I paid under $150 from airport to Ajijic. At this moment the estimate for an Uber X from airport to Ajijic Tango is $172 - $228. An Uber Black which is a luxury car is $443-$581. I personally am fine with a Uber X which is 99% of the time bigger, nicer, and cleaner than a taxi.
  17. If anyone could forecast at even more than 60% the rise and fall of currencies in the world, they coud be a billionaire in a couple of weeks on the Forex with a very small investment.
  18. Did you check on line to see if you already have one? If you have a CURP it is possible. The link to check is easy http://www.rfc-sat.com.mx/consulta-rfc-homoclave
  19. Periferico work not finished. 2 lanes each way between Ciudad Justicia and Vallarta
  20. Jalisco no. SLP yes unless they have changed the law. "Sure take my Florida DL but I need a receipt so I can get home." They have no receipt. Catch 22. Has always worked for me. Inc Federales
  21. If stopped by police in USA I present my Jalisco DL. In Mexico my Florida DL. Makes it more or less imposible to give you a ticket.
  22. There used to be a paper from migracion for volunteers at non profit orgs.
  23. Better. My wife was employed as a senior manager in Transito and vehicle registrations for 20 years in Jalisco. My statement remains correct. You can get illegal plates in the USA and Canada as well. That does not make a vehicle legal.
  24. First Preference: Priority Workers, including aliens with extraordinary abilities, outstanding professors and researchers, and certain multinational executives and managers Second Preference: Members of professions holding an advanced degree or persons of exceptional ability (including individuals seeking a National Interest Waiver) Third Preference: Skilled Workers, professionals and other qualified workers Fourth Preference: Certain special immigrants including those in religious vocations Fifth Preference: Employment creation immigrants (investors or entrepreneurs) Basically unless you are a rocket scientist or corporate officer you are not going to get a green card by employment for years. There are a limited number available. 99% of workers receive a K1 Visa which they have to re-new and get in line for an employment green card.
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