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  1. If you work online for a US company and your payments are from the USA you will pay US taxes. If you are paid from Mexico you will pay Mexico taxes plus file US taxes with a credit for foreign earnings and if your last residence was California you need to deal with them as well.
  2. Colegio del Aire The Mexican Air force Academy in Zapopan.
  3. Yes Mexico has an Air Force. No it's not space force HQ.
  4. Good guess, but No....... although it does have something to do with the air force
  5. 2 hours. Time for a hint: school
  6. You can not register it in the US unless you go through a lengthly importation process and it must meet US safety & emission standards (doubtful it does). Check with your Mexican insurance company. Most have US liability coverage included. If not add it. You can buy short term ( under 30 days) US liability coverage from at least one provider in Texas but it would not make sense as the Mexican policy would be far cheaper. The only question is the North Carolina resident requirements. As long as her DL is Mexico should be no problem. If stopped she is "just visiting"
  7. I have never experienced a wrong charge in 12 years with Merkalink.
  8. Not Monterrey Not a power plant
  9. You can use Estafeta's service https://www.merkalink.com/simulador.aspx In the past it has been $0-$50US 0% above $50US 16% The amount includes any sales tax and postage.
  10. JULY 17th Friday updates Chapala active 0 unchanged Jocotepec active 2 unchanged Ixtlahuacán active 2 unchanged Dengue info The Secretaría de Salud Jalisco reports for the season Jocotepec has acumulated 167 cases of Dengue Chapala stands at 6 cases. Unlike Covid-19, this contagious disease is not transmitted from human to human, but with a mosquito bite causing the infection For any symptoms -such as fever, headache, body and joints, pain behind the eyes and / or the appearance of a rash-, it is recommended to go to the doctor so that the case is analyzed by the Ministry of Health.
  11. Veracruz is correct Hotel no It is a lighthouse and a Navy office building with a small museum El Faro de Venustiano Carranza The statue in front is Venustiano Carranza himself
  12. INE is voter ID Mexico. As a foreigner they should accept your passport or Residente card. Much easier to pay with a card. If you choose to pay at a Bank or Oxxo the seller receives no notification until the payment is made,. Until then the item is still for sale..... If it is sold before you make the payment your money will go to your Mercadopago account until you buy something or apply for it to be returned. If for any reason you need to return the purchase or there is a problem Mercadopago will refund to the card used to make the payment.
  13. Catarina de San Juan in Puebla home of real Talavera? She was an Asian slave.
  14. Extremely rare. But all delivery companies can have problems. Nothing to do with who sold it. I have been selling and buying on Mercadolibre for 9 years. Unless you order a product in the ML warehouse (they are marked Full) or a product that shows it isn't shipped by Mercadoenvios (not common) the shipment will be from the individual vendor and will be with DHL, FedEx, or Estafeta. Amazon uses the same companies as from my experience. 2 weeks ago I ordered some masks from the ML warehouse on a Saturday at 2pm and received them Sunday at 4pm in Ajijic. Sunday night I had a sale at about 8pm. DHL picked up the package in Ajijic Monday afternoon. Buyer received it in Aguascalientes Tuesday afternoon.
  15. Correct. I remember collecting the beans in the hills up by the jail in 1967. It was one of the three towns that were the predecessors to the Pueblos Magicos.
  16. No guesses so a hint: Jumping beans
  17. JULY 16th Thursday updates Chapala active unchanged Jocotepec active unchanged Ixtlahuacán -1 active
  18. Even for sellers getting through all the help screens is annoying. I have found that I use a help for something else until I get to a screen that allows a call back email or online chat.Then I enter my problem even if it is not related to the subject. Try going to your last purchase and using help from there. Or possibly you could use a different credit or debit card.
  19. When AMLO came into office most of the branch managers were replaced. My friends used an atty in Chapala in 2019. You could check again if you still haven't done it yet.
  20. Then I guess my friends who live in Chapala who got their citizenship using Colima in 2019 were just lucky?
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