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  1. Sharon you are a newbie here. You are replying to a 9 month old thread.
  2. There is no official announcement from the Jalisco government. In any case the prohibition ends in 4 days.
  3. One man's yuck is another man's gusto.
  4. Mostlylost


    Fogon de Charlotte is open
  5. Or they use it for flavor. Bud light the number one selling beer in the western hemisphere now has Bud Light Lime. There are a few others around the world
  6. Have you filled in all the required fields?
  7. Having worked and lived in communities of mixed race most of my life I have come to the conclusion that the vast number of people who accuse others of being racist are actually themselves racist. They define individuals based on their unchangeable characteristics (race, religion, gender, national origin, etc) while accusing others who are different then them of doing so because they are different. Most remind me of children who when they do not have a valid response call others names
  8. The percentage of patients in state public hospitals decreased in the last two weeks The governor reported yesterday (February 7) that the general occupancy of beds went from 58.5% to 50.9 percent. There are currently 1,545 hospitalized for coronavirus in the public sector and last week there were 1,774. The percentage in the Intensive Care Units (ICU), where the most seriously ill patients are cared for, fell from 73.7 to 67.7 percent. The state report on hospital occupancy does not include 125 people treated in private hospitals.
  9. February 7 Sunday updates Chapala active: +1 awaiting results: +4 Deaths: +1 Jocotepec active: unc. awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active: +1 awaiting results: -4 Deaths: +1 Hospitals still have lower occupation If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  10. If you go to the airport for your test 3 days before your flight with your reservation you will have it on the day of your flight. .
  11. Across the street from the Chula VIsta entrance and golf course Also the PCR test is available at the airport for $1450
  12. Their phone number is 376 765 4016 if you want to call and ask
  13. Second La Casa del Molcajete. Always consistent food. Large servings with reasonable prices + free margaritas or white wine all you can drink.
  14. It isn't the browser you are using It is the exact moment you click on Confirmar CURP. At that moment if the connection to RENAPO overloaded it won't go through using either Chrome or Edge. PS for those of you who have updated Edge it is now using the open source Chrome programming as the operating system.
  15. February 6 Saturday updates Chapala active: unc. awaiting results: +1 Deaths: +1 Jocotepec active: +2 awaiting results: -2 Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active: -1 awaiting results: +1 Deaths: +1 Hospitals have lower occupation again today If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  16. Do you have reason to think that the FBU in Guadalajara would not have the correct information? GOOD NEWS as posted earlier if you haven't received it when you file your 2020 tax return there is a section to claim either or both the first $1200 and the second $600. Other GREAT NEWS for those who had a spouse that was not a permanent US resident filing jointly and both were denied the $1200 payment last year the latest legislation corrected that and you both will be eligible for the $1200 and the $600 payments. You can claim them on your 2020 tax return.
  17. The last 2 numbers on your CURP are the homoclave. There are different homoclaves on official identification types like your RFC. They are probably computer generated. Designed so if someone has the same information as you in their name etc . it will eliminate duplicates
  18. Both work fine I registered 2 at almost the same time one using edge (which is now Chrome based) and Chrome.
  19. Yes that is the first screen. Enter your CURP then then I am not a robot and follow instructions. If the website is not saturated you will see your information displayed if it is correct follow the instructions .If not displayed re-enter the website and try again
  20. Don't expect anything to happen soon. There will be no vaccine available until the 15th of February. Where? will be explained when you are called or emailed. SInce they asked both Municipio and postal code possibly it will be like influenza vaccine at your nearest clinic. Ie; Chapala, San Antonio, Ajijic, etc. Until then sit back, relax, and enjoy your favorite adult beverage.
  21. What you need to do is take a copy of each CURP, and your Resident card to the Registro Civil on the plaza in Jocotepec and ask if they can correct the problem.
  22. February 5 Friday updates Chapala active: unc. awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Jocotepec active: unc. awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active: -1 awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  23. Actually it is Que tenga un buen día. If you want to be grammatically correct. Only 50 years with Spanish, My English is worse. But I don't really care about my grammar when someone tries but fails miserably in an attempt to insult me. So hopefully they won't bother with my posts.
  24. Contact an attorney for legal advice.
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