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  1. It hasn't the last times in Jalisco yet Check the statistical progression. My better solution is a massive advertising campaign. How to use a mask, how to social distance, how to wash your hands. Show people on ventilators, have family talk about their losses. On every TV station, on every radio station, in every newspaper, on billboards etc. The govt here has lots of money to advertise how great the legislature is, the need to register to vote, how wonderful CFE is, how wonderful the Guardia National is and on and on USE THAT MONEY to educate the population Any coun
  2. Exactly They didn't work in Jalisco and it wasn't because only "entitled " people ignored them.
  3. So true buying food can keep you healthy. The lockdowns didn't work the first three times so do it again!
  4. You have absolutely no idea of what I understand about the nature of the word pandemic. And I do get it. But as usual you need to attack someone who doesn't think like you do. I asked a poster to inform me of countries that are now living normally because of lockdowns.... as stated in their post. Answer is there aren't any....
  5. I still would like to know ....Name 5 societies that flattened or crushed the curve and are now living normally because of lockdowns. New Zealand (island nation) is far from living normally. Only citizens can enter the country. Those permitted must stay in a government run facility for 2 weeks. Mask wearing is requires for various activities. Australia is far from living normally. Borders still closed to non citizens. Mask wearing required for many activities. Limits on gatherings. Even travel in the country is restricted to certain areas. Taiwan (island nation) is far fr
  6. 5 to 6 hours before if they need antigen. Day or 2 before with flight reservation if you need PCR. If you can arrive 6 hours before a flight...take a PCR test and have time to get the results before check in it would be an earth shaking event as nowhere else in the world can a PCR test be completed in less than 5 or 6 hours.
  7. Only be careful The website is not certificated as secure
  8. A PCR test requires 5-6 hours in a laboratory with expensive equipment and specialized technicians, and are done in batches of multiple samples. (Doubtful it is done on site at the airport) An Antigen test displays results in 10-15 minutes with inexpensive equipment, requires about 10 minutes of training, no laboratory is needed, and are done one at a time.
  9. February 8 Monday updates Chapala active: unc. awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Jocotepec active: unc. awaiting results: -1 Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active: -1 awaiting results: -2 Deaths: unc. Jalisco hospitals lower occupation 2 weeks in a row If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  10. Güey is used most often verbally as a non derogative. When written it is usually used as a derogative. And sometimes is spelled wey. I see examples often in jokes
  11. Deck 3 has no roof.. Dec 2 is total shade. Deck 3 is piso 2 Deck 2 is piso 1 Ground floor is planta baja
  12. Not familiar with Samsung. I'm sure the manufacturer will tell you they are bad. I use HP and have been buying generics for years. For the money I have saved I could replace a lot of printers if one had failed because of the use of a generic. Printers are like razors They give you the razor and sell you the blades.
  13. New Zealand is often cited as "lockdowns work" When the studies come out there will be many factors ,including the fact they are an island nation that closed their borders, that enabled New Zealand to control covid. However it still is there and there are outbreaks. People are far from living normally As of today..... If you're from another country you can't enter New Zealand. In some cases you can apply for an exemption, eg. as an essential worker or for medical reasons. As people arrive into New Zealand, they'll go to either a: managed isolation facility
  14. Generics available on Mercadolibre https://listado.mercadolibre.com.mx/clx-3185_OrderId_PRICE
  15. Just would like to know ....Name 5 societies that flattened or crushed the curve and are now living normally because of lockdowns.
  16. All my relatives went crazy and had to have Ivermectin (Ivexterm). I must have received whatsapp messages from 6 or 7 people even my daughter in the USA. My sister wanted me to buy it in Chapala because in GDL all the farmacias were out of it. When I asked "Can you point me to a scientific study that shows it works?" she said that people in Africa who take it aren't getting covid so it must work and it won't hurt you. I sent her links from South Africa, the US FDA, the WHO, and Mexico all saying there is no scientific proof that it helps in any way. She asked me to buy it anyw
  17. Actually there is no order "The Jalisco State Human Rights Commission (CEDHJ) demanded that state authorities apply the precautionary measures issued so that older adults can access self-service, department and commercial stores. The Jalisco government has not posted any change to the regulations https://coronavirus.jalisco.gob.mx/no-bajemos-la-guardia/ Why not just wait until the 13th The current restrictions end February 12
  18. Thank you for posting the information. People can also have the Airport questionnaire filled in advance. https://afac.hostingerapp.com/?__cf_chl_jschl_tk__=7c0717b907b987a04900f02d4eae1151613727d7-1612814187-0-AdayBmqJX2h8xVUx3cf8qEDHsqSVCg1YisB4M6_cVBFB5t_CQeWfnaz90uOOg65N0ps0ZVJeo2GX3NXulWnEvQesad74snmS_VZr2D6ieZ7I8jZ1or_Wsk9fgVtOQpWiiXjIkiacIp9LfdMWlW4MUYlOZTDh4buW0xPUylFCUPrgalWWMjyrb8KQD_nMtNoME1wGetslxw9APU5h7NrRPz2aGkWDQysV5YyL3C4DDMPosJ4vmjvC0i-GdK-Rju4iN75OLFLUkYOuyAbWRmGlbNh_QVNTXiKFVLpEvByk0NTg5qnnsrze3cbZPnkElKLRVOJqW1pJDaSfYjUltr1fg421coCJCOLLzUKBVteoOh7I89tQjuC3PR-tQB
  19. The Mexico City office phone is 800 8010 773 or 553 686 5100 They opened for passports January 26. Nothing published about nationalization. Here is the list of all the states SRE offices. https://directorio.sre.gob.mx/index.php/delegaciones
  20. True. Last week was actually the second week of lower hospital occupancy in Jalisco. Hopefully we won't see a resurgence from Valentines day at the end of February. What is important is to note that the title of this thread is entirely wrong in regards to Jalisco and is a false narrative that helps no one.
  21. As I stated totopos are tortilla chips And I stated usually made in the restaurant, which in my over 50 years experience is true in most parts of Mexico Just like chilaquiles it is a good use for the leftover tortillas and costs nothing but time.
  22. totopos are tortilla chips usually made in the restaurant. Possibly you meant popotes which are straws. And actually there are refried beans that have been blended to a consistency that is very thin. I have eaten them many times at family gatherings. Just as you can find a guacamole sauce that is pourable which you probably have never had. There are many different ways to prepare foods in Mexico that you may not be aware of in your 4 years here.
  23. Since there are a gazillion different "smart watches" it probably would depend on the brand and what needs fixing to find a service that would work on your particular "smart watch", and have access to any parts needed.
  24. Sharon you are a newbie here. You are replying to a 9 month old thread.
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