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  1. Basically any competent atty should be able to handle this.
  2. You should seek legal advice from an attorney. Your first $ loss will be your cheapest $ loss
  3. You will need to pay for a service. Or you can get them free without a VPN on USTVNOW.com
  4. JULY 23 Thursday updates Chapala active: +1=3 active Deaths: +1 Jocotepec active: unchanged =4 active Ixtlahuacán active: -1 =3 active
  5. Your first statement is obvious. If the employer has unrealistic ideas of the job then no one will take the offer and the employer will have to adjust his numbers, or negotiate. When you take your car to a mechanic he gives you an estimate. You decide if it is worth it. Just like you give the maid an offer and they decide if it is worth it. When does a mechanic say I don't know how many labor hours it will take and my charge is x per hour until I am done I can't give you an estimate so when your car is done I'll tell you how much you owe me.
  6. Previously said enforce date would be August
  7. This among so many other illogical proposals and decisions are the reasons there have been so many public demonstrations against AMLO. Anyone know how his son & family living in the huge house with security guards in Texas with no job pays his bills? Not on dad's legal salary.
  8. Pricing is on the websites. It depends on the size and weight of what you are shipping.
  9. The way to find one is approach one working for a Mexican family. Or ask a Mexican family if they have recommendations.
  10. Better yet try talking to them. I have found the elders to be very nice.
  11. My Mexican family all hires gardeners and maids by the job. Never by the hour. Here is what I expect..This is what I am willing to pay... Possible negotiation on pay, but not on the work expected.
  12. JULY 22 Wednesday updates Chapala active: unchanged =2 active Jocotepec active: +2 = 4 active Ixtlahuacán active: unchanged = 4 active
  13. As to why you chose to have your package delivered to a Guadalajara DHL office I don't know. They can't offer the DHL office in Ajijic because it is temporarily closed. You should to have it delivered to your home address on file. OK Option 1 Simplest Go to my purchase page (mis compras) and cancel the purchase ( cancelar compra). Then you can re-buy using your home address. Option 2 is to send a message to the vendor and say you need to change the delivery address. He has the ability to create a new mailing label with the address change you send him if he hasn't dispached the package. Do not do it by phone. Do it by message.
  14. I second Ron Young 376-765-6387 Also depending on vehicle he will tell you if a replacement or factory original is the better option.
  15. Both my wife and I had to show ours as well. The clerk at the Recaudadora asked if we had one so she could give the discount.
  16. Mostlylost


    I have never seen anything but pulque casero (homemade) ....... There are a couple of brands available canned but where to buy?? And it doesn't taste the same. As to pajarete the danger is very different because of the unpasteurized milk. nutritional values of 1 liter of pulque 200 calories 11 g. of carbs 4 g protein 2 mg Vitamin B1 2 mg Vitamin B2 57 mg Vitamin C 100 mg Calcium 80 mg Phosphorus 7 mg Iron Benefits It can repair gut mucus Treats kidney issues Rich in probiotic bacteria which is good for your gut and entire digestive system Can be used to treat lack of appetite Has enzymes that activate the metabolism Contains melatonin, which can be used to treat people suffering from insomnia
  17. If you have residente temporal or permanente just present the card and B&W copy of front and back on same page. And the other requirements (CURP org & copy, proof of residence copy & original, proof of payment copy & original) Possibly they will accept that in place of the passport. Keep your passport to the side. If asked present it and a copy in B&W of the face page,and keep your fingers crossed. If there is a problem explain you can't renew because of the pandemia but you think it is important that your license is current.
  18. The only problems in CVN with water were related to pump failures and the inability of SIMAPA to make timely repairs. About 2 years ago there also was a pipe repair needed (damage caused by a contractor) that affected 5 houses. Because of location of the pipe it took a few days. CVN took control of the pump maintenance and installed a new pump and repaired the old pump so if there is a pump failure it can be exchanged in a couple of hours. Also unlike SIMAPA CVN has been doing an annual cleaning of the pump so failure is less likely. Houses in CVN are required to have Aljibes. A few of the very old houses have very small aljibes good for 1-2 days of use. The majority of the newer houses have large aljibes (as much as 20,000 liters) that will last for weeks if needed.
  19. The federal govt. has announced that the INE offices will open on August 3rd. Possibly the office for the no antecedentes reports will open on that date as well.
  20. I have been told that there is a statue to honor gardeners somewhere in Mexico. It's a man wearing a sombrero, and holding a hose.
  21. I have used this service that is owned by Estafeta many times for more than 10 years. Never had a problem. They give you a free address in Laredo and when they receive a package for you process it and ship with tracking. http://www.merkalink.com/
  22. Soriana used to have one near the west entrance.
  23. Black vultures defiantly do have white wingtips But not white chests. The OP was asking about the same birds I see daily from my terrace. They are Black Vultures as I stated in my response
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