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  1. Fidelity Visa debit card. Zero fees. No 1% Visa foreign fee. Reimburses ATM fees within one working day. Can check Visa's rate in the morning and it is good for the day.
  2. I remember the famous Chapala pescado blanco. It was so good but is now basically extinct from over fishing.
  3. A micro inverter for 120 volts works using MMPT and automatically adjusts to match the current voltage of the grid anywhere between 80 and 160 volts automatically, also 57-62.5 hertz automatically. A 230 volt adjusts for 180 to 260 volts. My meter shows my house voltage on a 240 circuit varies between 139 and 244 most days. The inverter adjusts automatically without need for any other regulator.
  4. If you want an expandable system micro inverters are the way to go. Also the wiring is easier and your long run is lower amperage and less current loss in either 120 or 240 volts. Can do it yourself easily. Save 50% over companies lakeside.
  5. Also you can stop by the Chapala airport on the weekend. The club members are very friendly. Ask around.
  6. I used 300 watt panels, with a 1200 watt micro inverters Much lower cost.
  7. What wattage and voltage were your old panels? Are you using a string inverter or 5 micro inverters? When you say "PV" what are you refering to? 4 to 6 hours seems like a long time. I installed my system by myself in 8 hours total 2 hours of which was making a hole in the roof for the conduit.
  8. Careful clicking on the pictures.. Macafee virus protection brings up a warning on the individual picture links Otherwise a good laugh
  9. Also the Honda CRV sold here may not be the same as a CRV sold in the USA. A factory may manufacture 3 or 4 variations of the exact same model depending on the country it is bound for. Mexico uses the European standard for both safety and emissions which is very different than the USA or Canada. That is why we have so many models here that are not available in the USA/Canada.
  10. FAA regulations in USA For registered airgraft (2 seats or more) 91.119 Minimum safe altitudes: General. Except when necessary for takeoff or landing, no person may operate an aircraft below the following altitudes: (a) Anywhere. An altitude allowing, if a power unit fails, an emergency landing without undue hazard to persons or property on the surface. (b) Over congested areas. Over any congested area of a city, town, or settlement, or over any open air assembly of persons, an altitude of 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle within a horizontal radius of 2,000 fee
  11. Interesting news. Do you know when the local police started handling the duties of Aduana and transito? It could save us all a lot of time.
  12. City hall would not probably have a copy of the federal air regulations, nor the ability to enforce those regulations. Buest guess 1500 feet over populated area unless in a landing pattern for an airport.
  13. As long as the plane is above the federal minimum height it is legal. The height varies for example landing pattern of airport.
  14. Maybe the phrase "when you shouldn't" is saying it's ok when you should? ie let someone pass...... Slow people who refuse simple courtesy are one of the causes of "road rage" possibly why someone attacked your car when you wouldn't let them pass... With total respect....Just a thought to ponder on...
  15. Have you driven that 2 lane cuota? The shoulder is 3/4 of a lane wide. Same on the libre to Leon. All the slow vehicles pull over for the 10-15 seconds necessary for someone to pass. I have been driving in Mexico for over 40 years. Yes the truck drivers in Jalisco seem to be less courtious than other areas. Most places they pull right and signal with left turn signas when it's safe to pass.
  16. It is very common in Mexico for cars and trucks to move to the right to allow others to pass. The libre between Lagos de Moreno and Leon has extra wide shoulders for just that purpose. Also on the 2 lane cuota from Lagos north the same.
  17. Just a few thoughts. You can insure any car real or non-existent legal or illegal. There is no inspection, only a vin# given to the agent. Only if and when you need to use the insurance will you know if it is valid or not. If Aduana was not involved in the nationalisation process the vehicle is not legal. Look for the federal hologram on the windshield. Also is there a pedimento? A factura? There are dishonest officials in DF Department of motor vehicles that issue plates to illegal cars. (my wife worked for Jalisco DMV) and it is common knowledge) Because you have a li
  18. We crossed June 23rd at Laredo #2 (#1 is closed except for foot traffic) Used the nothing to declare lanes. Suv loaded USA plates. Green light. Wave & smile.
  19. There are tourist police on the Chapala malecon all the time
  20. If you are in GDL Uber is quick & cheap
  21. I am able to use Fidelity and Etrade mobile apps from Mexico.
  22. Were your friends calling you from Canada, USA, or Mexico. Were they using a cell or landline? Are you on a monthly plan, or Amigo pre-paid?
  23. You can get unlimited calls & texts + 300mb internet & Whatsapp for 29 days with an Amigo plan. USA Canada Mexico. Cost $150mxp
  24. You can get copies of your curp online if you have a printer. Google curp for the web page. You need correct name & date of birth.
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