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  1. There is a restaurant that has duck that is purchased fresh from a farm here in Jalisco
  2. If you do not want to buy online at the idmexico.com website you can buy in Sanborns, 7eleven, Office Depot, Radioshack, Farmacia Ahorro and at the supervised toll booths.
  3. If you do not want to pay on line you can print the form and take to Bancomer
  4. There is no such thing in Mexico or for that matter in the USA There is a minimum daily wage. Don't worry. A maid or gardner in Chapal gets much more than the legal minimum. Possibly the highest paid maids in Mexico are in Chapala
  5. Not true. We had key man policies on all our top management. Authorized in employment contract.
  6. Check Merkalink.com which is Estafeta's srevice website for all options including holding a box for small purchases to be shipped in one package.
  7. Second Ron Young. If it is something he is not able to handle he knows where to refer you for honest work.
  8. I too receive packages at Handymail via Mexican postal service Redpak, FedEx and DHL. They send me an email and have never charged a single centavo.
  9. There are several licensed brokers in Laredo. They will give an email quote
  10. Really don't mean to be argumentative. Yes Handymail does get your letter to a U.S. Post Office.. But how?? They send your letter with other letters using FedEx to get those letters to a from here to a U.S. Post office. Therefore the FedEx rules do apply. Handymail has sent me more than one email regarding sending monetary instruments to the USA in the past few years. Perhaps you did not receive those emails.
  11. At las Aguilas on Lopez Mateos Sur it took 20 minutes or less both times I renewed. Front of the lines for age also.
  12. You can get a free address in Laredo, Tx from Merkalink . They handle forwarding with Estafeta and custom clearance as necessary. http://merkalink.com/index.asp
  13. I really hate the word RIPOFF. If the OP didn't like the price they certainly could have gone somewhere else to send a check to the USA. When you accept someones price and you get what you pay for it is not a RIPOFF. ....It is an agreement between two parties. ONLY IF you don't receive what you agree to then the word RIPOFF should be used. Handymail received a big fine a couple of years ago when Dryden was still the owner. A package went with over $10,000US. Now they follow the same procedure as everyone because they are sending the package via FedEX. If you use DHL or FedEx to
  14. You can also use Merkalink which is owned by Estafeta. I have used them for over 10 years. Even brought in a fireplace log set..no problem. Check their webpage in English or Spanish
  15. Last time I drove up to see the snow (on a weekend) it was like a parade. Solid line of vehicles. Many passenger cars in the line.. I have a 4WD but never used the 4x4 function. Every vehicle made it to the top with no problem. I did go on a sunny day,and there had been no precipitation for at least a week.
  16. The Pemex on the highway Chapala GDL at the libramiento will take a foteign CC but you need to go to the office to do the transaction
  17. Your money when paid at Oxxo, a bank, or direct to Mercadolibre goes into your Mercadopago account. When you make a purchase money is deducted from your Mercadopago account. If you pay in a bank or Oxxo the code you are given is a deposit to your account, not the merchants. The merchant does not receive the money until you receive your purchase.
  18. Segurogringo will insure eithe rUSplated or Mexican plated vehicles. I have used them for both.
  19. Estafeta has a service the name is Merkalink. They handle customs clearance and shipping. They give you a free address in Laredo and when your package arrives there, notify you by email. I have used them for 10 years to import every thing from auto parts to gas fireplace logs with no problem.
  20. The name is Las Minas. They are selling houses and lots. There are very deep pockets including an ex state politician. Indians never stopped work on the project. The casino project was 1km east.
  21. I have renewed 2 times on Lopez Mateos Sur at Las Ɓguilas under 20 minutes each time and no problem parking.
  22. Black Hat wants you to buy their app which also gathers information. Many free apps gather a boatload of info that they can sell to make money.
  23. Both Telmex and CFE will only accept a Mexican credit or debit card.
  24. Every consumer advice expert and story says never to use your ATM card for anything but banking transactions. Never in stores, never in restaurants etc. If an atm card is skimmed, scammed or otherwise compromised the money is taken from an account and can not be reversed easily or quickly. Use a credit card. The bank can reverse the charge and put it in contention until a decision is made. You are out nothing until an investigation is finished.
  25. I did it at migration in Chapala, was an easy process. If you say stolen you will need a police report. I said lost and all they did was interview me for 5 minutes and then they approved the replacement.
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