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  1. 14 minutes ago, kmetzger said:

    The dates on my license are - Exp. 08/08/2019 and Ven. 08/08/2023

    I was just wondering if US car rental agent might ask me what the "Exp" and "Ven" stand for if she thought my license might be expired. What should I tell her?

    Doubtful they will ask. I have never have been asked when renting. It is pretty obvious the license is valid from 8/8/2019 to 8/8/2023

  2. 7 minutes ago, lucer said:

     How does one obtain one?

    If you want to obtain an Jalisco drivers license you will need to have the the following:

    Residente temporal or permanente  original and black & white copy, CURP 2 printed copies, Proof of residence in the last 90 days ( phone bill, electric bill, predial). original and black & white copy. `  Know your blood type. 

    You will need to take a written test, and possibly a driving test.

    You  will need to make an appointment'



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