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  1. Most Mexicans with any money have lost big in currency devaluations. The one thing that wasn't affected was real estate. One reason many well off Mexican's own multiple houses, and rent them. In the last devaluation house prices doubled in pesos while remaining the same in dollars. Rents rose 25% or more in the next two years in both dollars and pesos. Right now a lot of Mexicans are investing in houses and sending money abroad because they are worried about the current financial policies under AMLO. Owning a house makes sense if you plan on living here for any length of time.
  2. They are allowed to enter the USA for a Medical appointment.Why not make an appointment in the USA with a specialist, get a return email form the DR's office? Then cancel the appointment? That's what Mexicans are doing...
  3. Wonder who is paying the domain fees ...
  4. Are you calling 800 123-2222? or using https://telmex.com/web/hogar/ ?? I just ordered a new installation with no problem.
  5. An albañil has masonry skills and is basically any worker that builds houses. What you need is an experienced Pintor or painter. There are many ways to cure salitre (which is basically natural salts) leaching from cement or mortar because the sand used in Mexico is unwashed and has natural salts. Cemex has a new waterproof cement that can be used if someone removes the old cement down to the brick.
  6. You can enter Mexico as a Residente Permanente by land or air with no problems.
  7. August 13 Thursday updates Chapala active: +1 awaiting results: +2 Deaths: +1 Jocotepec active: unchanged awaiting results: +1 Ixtlahuacán active: unchanged awaiting results: -1 If you have comments please do so by PM
  8. So what do you pay for 2 years of unlimited calls Mexico, USA, Canada,. Unlimited texts.,Unlimited social media & Whatsapp, and what amount of internet per month?
  9. August 12 Wednesday updates Chapala active:unchanged awaiting results: +4 Jocotepec active: -1 awaiting results: +1 Ixtlahuacán active: unchanged awaiting results: -1 If you have comments please do so by PM
  10. The conversion rate is not determined by the bank unless you accept the bank's rate if asked. The conversion rate is determined by the company that processes the transaction for your Visa or Mastercard. Look on your card and there might be a name of the networks your card uses. The ATM will have a network that matches (sometimes posted on the ATM) At the top of the "pyramid" are national networks Plus (Visa) and Cirrus (MasterCard). At the next level there are networks such as NYCE, Jeanie, Star (East and West), Mac, Quest, Pulse and others. The ATM you use has no way of changing the network's rate unless they offer an option to use the dynamic rate and you accept it. You could go to Banorte, HSBC, Bancomer, CI Banco or anywhere and it is the same rate on the same day. You can get a very good estimate before you go at the Visa or Mastercard websites https://www.mastercard.us/en-us/personal/get-support/convert-currency.html https://usa.visa.com/support/consumer/travel-support/exchange-rate-calculator.html/
  11. Medicine, and medical devices require an import permit. If Aduana opens the package they will not take the time to research the ingredients (listed in English). They will deny entry. It does not matter how it is shipped (FedEx, DHL, USPS International etc) So it is a gamble. 8 or 9 out of 10 packages might clear customs inspection. If you order be ready to lose your money. Far better to take the ingredient list to a pharmacy here and see if they have something similar.
  12. If you click accept you are choosing the bank's own rate. If you click do not accept you will get the exchange rate of your card processor which will be better. Several of the different banks here are adding this option to their ATMs in the hopes of making a profit on the exchange.
  13. August 11 Tuesday updates Chapala active:unchanged awaiting results: +2 Jocotepec active: unchanged awaiting results: +1 Ixtlahuacán active: +1 awaiting results: +1 If you have comments please do so by PM
  14. Some people type Temex but mean Telcel. Telcel has about 75 million subscribers and AT&T Mexico about 28 million and growing.
  15. Possibly here: https://centralmarket.com/2016/04/25/mexican-olive-oils-are-a-buttery-delight/
  16. There is little doubt that in most of Mexico especially outside of metro areas, and lakeside the actual coverage of Telcel is better with fewer blind areas. But since AT&T bought up a couple of companies they have been working to expand their network and to compete with Telcel. Both offer various options of pre-paid as well as monthly contract plans. Depending on an individuals needs one might be better than the other for pricing. When traveling in the US with a Telmex Canada/USA/ Mexico plan Telmex uses the T-Mobile network which is not always the best coverage in the USA outside of metro areas.
  17. Then they are the exception. I have received packages with international tracking from USA, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, China, Germany, and Great Britain. and Belgium all with international tracking
  18. I have had many DHL, and FedEx international packages opened for inspection in Aduana. It is a numbers game. If they see something odd on the it will be checked. Also packages are randomly chosen for inspection. Every country is more or less the same.
  19. If you are sending packages internationally you must pay for international tracking. If not when it is handed over to a different countries mail system the tracking ends.
  20. There has been no upsurge in cases here since Chapala was "opened up" a few weeks ago. As of Monday Chapala has 4 active cases with 5 awaiting test results. Jocotepec (where Raquet is located) has 3 active cases with 2 awaiting test results. For comparison on July 2nd Chapala had 2 active cases and Jocotepec 8 active cases
  21. Medicine and medical devices require an import permit. FedEx, DHL, or correos de Mexico are all the same. It does not matter what port of entry. There is no way of knowing which packages will be selected for opening & Inspection. If it is a prohibited item or an item requiring an import permit it either needs to return to sender or it will be destroyed.
  22. August 10 Monday updates Chapala active:unchanged awaiting results: unchanged Jocotepec active: unchanged awaiting results:unchanged Ixtlahuacán active: +1 awaiting results: -1 If you have comments please do so by PM
  23. Upper Chula Vista is a long ways from Cumbres and Chula Vista Norte and is not connected with either in any way. You would need to ask the homeowners Assoc about water in Upper Chula Vista.
  24. August 9 Sunday updates Chapala active: +2 awaiting results: -2 Jocotepec active: unchanged awaiting results: -1 Ixtlahuacán active: -1 awaiting results: +1 If you have comments please do so by PM
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