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  1. Actually it is widely known all over the dark web, that Carlos Slim has hired North Korean hackers at a cost of a Billion Dollars to bring down ILOX and Wiz in the Chapala area for a couple of days.
  2. Mexico violated NAFTA regarding car imports for years by saying it did not apply to individuals. There were no repercussions. As of today the government website regarding vehicle nationalization as not changed. https://www.gob.mx/sat/articulos/que-no-te-enganen-131317?idiom=es Maybe Sonia or Spencer have more info.
  3. A tourist, Residente Temporal, Residente Permanente can all buy cars in Mexico. Is it practical? Only you can decide that. It would depend on why you want a car in Mexico.
  4. Pete Drinking the Kool Aid is a reference to Jim Jones and Jonestown where all his followers drank a grape flavored drink that contained cyanide and died. Since then the expression is that people who "drink the Kool Aid" are stupid followers who will believe what they are told by someone who is not necessarily honest. Or are blind followers of an idea.
  5. They steal a truck loaded with wines and spirits in Tlaquepaque. Tlaquepaque officers found a signal inhibitor inside the truck that the subject used so that the unit was not detected by the GPS. With an approximate value of half a million pesos,
  6. June 230 Tuesday updates Dirección General de Epidemiología Secretaría de Salud de México Chapala +1active +1 recuperated +1 suspect Jocotepec unchanged +4 suspects Ixtlahuacán unchanged -1 suspect
  7. But would the son will need to be in Mexico with the car as a tourist or Residente Temporal. Correct. So direct family members spouse, child, parent are included.
  8. Mostlylost

    Tomato paste

    Have you tried puré de tomate that is in the small boxes? Seems the same to me.
  9. A Residente Permanente's rights don't change based on their country of citizenship. The regulations of a TIP don't change based on the country the car is titled in. A Residente Permanente can not have a TIP in their name. A Residente Permante can only drive a foreign plated vehicle if it is owned by their spouse. Obviously the spouse would need to be Residente Temporal or Tourista with the TIP in their name.
  10. June 29 Monday updates Dirección General de Epidemiología Secretaría de Salud de México The Secretaría de Salud Jalisco reports there are 111 cases of dengue in Jocoteepec as of this week. Unlike Covid-19, this contagious disease is not transmitted from human to human, but with a mosquito bite causing the infection For any symptoms -such as fever, headache, body and joints, pain behind the eyes and / or the appearance of a rash-, it is recommended to go to the doctor so that the case is analyzed by the Ministry of Health. Chapala Unchanged Jocotepec +1 active Ixtlahuacán -1 active
  11. Mine is insured without any problem. No scam if they use a licensed importer. Only they can decide cost vs benefit
  12. If it is 8 years old then it's a 2011 or 2012. If built in NAFTA country they could nationalize it before they enter Mexico. Only they can judge if the cost is worth it.
  13. Or maybe you did and thought it was a 10???... Just joking
  14. All of Mexico is not under shelter in place orders. The Mexicans in the Chapala and Guadalajara area are very friendly to foreigners. Maybe it is different in Sayulita. Do you quarantine for 14 days in your home after visiting anyone or any place outside of your home mudgirl? You have been to Costco and Mega.... did you return home and quarantine for 14 days mudgirl? If no ....maybe you should take your own advice!
  15. This company under bid local competition by 40%. Arrived on time and moved heavy items upstairs as well. Great service. http://lakechapalamoving.com/
  16. But in Rancho del Oro the weather station shows more total rain than last June
  17. June 28 Sunday updates Dirección General de Epidemiología Secretaría de Salud de México Chapala -1 actives +1 recuperated Jocotepec +2 active Ixtlahuacán +1 active
  18. Just a question. Cars have not required "tune ups" for many years. What maintenance do you need other than the oil change?
  19. Yes it was here then. Only place to eat in Ajijic at that time. Also I have memories of dining there in '76 or '77 with the water splashing up against the windows. Driving to Joco was an adventure avoiding all the charales drying on the highway. Yes times change
  20. June 27 Saturday updates Dirección General de Epidemiología Secretaría de Salud de México Chapala Actives unchanged 2 more waiting results Jocotepec -2 active +2 recuperated Ixtlahuacán unchanged
  21. But well over $600US per month as far back as I can remember. I remember in the 70's when everyone had to make a trip to the border to renew their FMM every 6 months and you needed to ask for six months or they would give you only 2 or 3 weeks.
  22. In my experience in Chapala the lady is as nice as can be. The only problem is they run out of cards so you need to check before going.
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