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  1. Process is easy. No income proof needed as long as your temporal is in effect.
  2. Very happy with Netflix Mexico & Prime Mexico. Yes there are programs available in different countries that aren't available in Mexico and visa versa.
  3. Watched Prime video and Netflix last night with no problem only have basic Telmex . Watching the Mexico sites not with VPN for USA.
  4. You should have the top (or large) part of the FMM from when you exited Mexico. You would hand that to migracion along with you passport and Residente card when you enter Mexico. When you exit you need to fill out a new FMM and turn the bottom section (small) when you exit retaining the large for your next entry into Mexico. Write in bold letters RESIDENTE TEMPORAL on the top of both sections. If you have lost then fill out a new one on the plane. Separate the top from the bottom and hand the new one to Migracion. Also write RESIDENTE TEMPORAL in bold letters on the top of form. When you exit Mexico get a new FMM and fill out the top an bottom. You can leave the dates blank on the top section. Turn in the bottom section when you exit and save the top portion for when you return.
  5. Here is the webpage for airport parking https://www.aeropuertos.net/aeropuerto-internacional-de-guadalajara-aparcamiento/
  6. Jorge Luis Ramos Uriarte is a Notario. His father is a Notario in Guadalajara. He is fluent in English. He has had an office in Chapala for at least 12 years.
  7. 1 day full coverage on a $25,000 vehicle $26.89US 1 week $98.23US
  8. Sorry but something is odd. When you purchase from Mercadolibre the money is held by Mercadopago until the buyer receives the product. 2-4 days after receipt the money is given to the seller. If Mercadolibre does not receive notice of delivery the seller is not paid. All the buyer has to do is open a claim of non receipt. Money is usually refunded by Mercadopago within 24 hours. If seller is late in shipping like the example given , just cancel the purchase and money is refunded as well.
  9. Your are looking for a handyman or repair company. People need to be aware that there is no such thing as a contractor's license in Jalisco.
  10. A google search for Mexican auto tourist insurance list a number of agencies and even insurance companies. Profitable You bet. All done on-line no humans involved. I would imagine the percentage of claims is very small. Same is available for Mexicans entering the USA and needing insurance 1 day or more
  11. Car City in Riberas has the proper alignment rack. There are others in the area who do alignments, but their equipment is out of date or poorly maintained. My last alignment was very reasonable. After 8k tire wear is perfectly even.
  12. Install Whattsapp on your phones. Billions of users. Text, fotos, videos, and phone calls worldwide to anyone with the app. When you see a Mexican texting you can bet they are using Whatsapp. Free first year 99 cents a year after billed to your cell. Uses almost no bytes of internet time.
  13. Thank you for the current requirements. Looks almost the same as the one I did but now serial numbers. Before they said they would inspect but never did. Just installed the meter. Do they still want the info on a CD? Thanks again
  14. I did it 4 years ago myself. Just trying to save a trip to CFE engineering in Chapala for my neighbor.
  15. Not looking for installers. Thanks
  16. Does anyone have the current information on the requirements of CFE for a solar connection. Also the cost for the change of the meter? Thanks
  17. If you are a Telmex customer they sell a range extender.
  18. Google Wifi What is that? Is it a range extender or a ruter?
  19. No absolutely not. Both Amazon & Mercadolibre protect their buyers 100%
  20. Not just CitiBanamex Bancomer requested a temporal to have a permanente as well in August 2019. And I ask WHY beware Bancomer?? I have had accounts with them for over 15 years and never had a problem. I am sure I can find people in every country in the world who had a problem with an individual bank. They are in the far less than 1% of the customers of that bank.
  21. Both Amazon and Mercadolibre are easy to use. Prices seem to be a bit lower on Mercadolibre because they charge the sellers less.
  22. SRE 100% requires 2 color copies of every page of your passport, and to see the original with your application for nationalization by residence or marriage 5. Present original and two photocopies of all the pages of the foreign passport or, where appropriate, of the valid identity and travel document; 6. Present a letter, under protest of telling the truth, clearly stating the number of departures and entrances you have made to and from the country within two years prior to the submission of the application, for the computation of absences, referred to in article 21 of the Nationality Law, (accompany two photocopies); https://sre.gob.mx/carta-de-naturalizacion-por-residencia
  23. Sunday 1 Sept stopped in to try their new breakfast service. WOW First; Coffee & Juice and a small sweet roll. Then a small bowl of mixed fruit. Next main course My bacon and eggs with hash browns cooked just right. All for $100 a real bargain and great service. PS didn't have to wait for the food 20 minutes like many other restaurants
  24. You can go back and forth as many times as you want. The vehicle must exit the US before it is there for a year continuously. They don't add up the days each time you enter and exit. As to any state's rules. Each state has a rule on how long one of their "residents" can drive a vehicle not registered in that state. Same is true with a drivers licenses. If you move to Texas for example you must change your car registration to Texas and your drivers license within a certain period of time. Doesn't matter if your vehicle has plates from Jalisco or Arizona .If you do not meet the definition of resident ie renting an apartment for more than 30 days, buying a house etc than you can drive your vehicle in that state without problems. I have a jalisco car at a relative's house in Arkansas for over a year. They drove it to the border after 11 months and re-entered the same day. No problem. No government agency has ever contacted me. Car has been stopped for speeding and nothing happened. I have entered and exited with a different vehicle (while that car remains in Texas) with no questions asked.
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