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  1. Hi there it’s me again working towards getting my licence.

    I got some information back from them ...I’ve made an appointment ...but I’m not sure how the payment goes?.. do I have to go to a bank and create this payment or how does that work?  Thanks again for your help...in advance...also should I try to find a practice test?

    1. Mostlylost


      It is easiest to pay at the Recaudadora in Chapala on calle Degollado. The amount will depend on which license you want  and if you have an INAPAM card for a discount.  Written test is pretty basic.  You might ask on a post if anyone has the info on what is in it.  I took the written test many years ago.  If youo need to take a driving test (doubtful) remember when parallel parking turn on 4 way flashers

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