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  1. As with all new enterprises I wish them the best of luck. They worked to find an out of the way place with no exposure to the public or drive by free advertising.
  2. From what I have read the problem is at night. People sleeping outside in open air without netting for example. If they land on you all you need to do is brush them off, which you won't do if you are asleep.
  3. J&J will be distributed to border entities for the population between 18 and 39 years old who live in the vicinity of the United States. With the vaccination of this population in 39 municipalities, it is hoped to advance in the reopening of the border with the United States. Here we have Astro Zenica in smaller towns and some Pfizer in greater Guadalajara in addition to Astro Zenica
  4. https://www.gob.mx/profeco Telcon agents provide free and useful services such as: Advice and Information : know your rights as a consumer and consumer. Scheduling appointments by phone (Procitel) : schedule your appointment by phone or online to go to the nearest Consumer Defense Office to access the services offered by Profeco. Commercial Bureau : knows the number of complaints, reasons for claim and procedures against suppliers and adhesion contracts registered with the institution. File your complaint or complaint : when a commercial establishment does not respec
  5. Yes they are lakeside.
  6. It may be true for you, but it certainly is not true for everyone. Not every state has the information of all vaccination recipients. Hippa laws are very strong, and each state has it's on law as well. My wife and I were vaccinated in a Walmart in Texas. For the state to get your information you must sign up on a Texas Health website which is voluntary. After you sign up you then send your records to the state. There is no record of our vaccinations at any state website. Walmart announced they will be partnering with a private company CLEAR so people can access their information
  7. June 19 Saturday updates Chapala active: unc. awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Jocotepec active: ZERO awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active: unc. awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  8. at 11am Saturday any reports & pictures Angus?
  9. June 18 Friday updates Chapala active: unc. awaiting results: -2 Deaths: unc. Jocotepec active: ZERO awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active:+1 awaiting results: unc. Deaths: unc. If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  10. For this contest the rules were In order to be deemed a real start, the rain has to fall three times in a week, be clearly generated by the easterlies the shift of which denoted the beginning of our season and have to add up to 3.8 cm (1.5 inches) in the first 7 day week. The date of the first rain in the qualifying trio is the winner. Later it was decided that https://www.ajijicweather.com/index.htm would be the measurement site. Hasn't happened yet as of today June 18
  11. When Ajijic is available it will be announced here https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/comunicados/vacunacion-en-jalisco
  12. Today June 18th it shows 40 or older this year can register on the website
  13. Telmex sells their own brand as well both extenders and mesh
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