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  1. Or possibly Dr. Strong was repeating what he heard without actually knowing. Just look at a map. It's flat agricultural land. To make a lake you would need a massive engineering project to raise dikes all around and then pump water in.
  2. Change in Services Notice – U.S. Embassy Mexico City, Mexico (October 20, 2020) Location: Mexico Event: Change in Availability of American Citizen Services (October 20, 2020) Effective October 20, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City and Consulates General Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Matamoros, Merida, Monterrey, Nogales, Nuevo Laredo, and Tijuana will resume limited appointments for some routine passport, citizenship, and notarial services. Passport, citizenship, and notary appointment availability will be strictly limited due to physical distancing requirements in our office
  3. You have been told by people who have never traveled through the farmland to the east of lake Chapala all the way to Salamanca.
  4. It will begin November 9 and last for 12 days ending November 20
  5. The Rio Lerma is a very slow flowing river because it passes through very flat land. It is clogged with lirio and water lettuce for miles upstream. Normally the current isn't fast enough to push vegetation into the lake. Also there is a lot of vegetation packed on the shallow eastern shore which is basically a marsh. In the summer the lake level rises thus freeing the vegetation from the marsh. There is more water in the river hence more current pushing vegetation into the lake. The winds come from the east pushing all of this into the lake.
  6. https://www.lifewire.com/what-is-the-area-code-833-scam-4774826 How Do the 833 Area Code Scammers Find Victims? 833 area code phone numbers are frequently used by malware. If you get a warning message on your computer that asks you to call an 833 number for tech support, it’s likely that your device has become compromised. Do not call this 833 number. Area code 833 scammers who call their potential victims usually find their targets by collecting name and phone numbers from public online directories or social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Su
  7. October 18 Sunday updates Chapala active: +1 awaiting results: -1 Jocotepec active: unchanged awaiting results: unchanged Ixtlahuacán active: unchanged awaiting results: unchanged If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  8. So it was a wonderful post about yogurt??? NOT It had nothing to do with the OP's post. My suggestion still stands Maybe the second poster should start a mask wearing post on the Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara forum where they can express their thoughts on the mask subject.
  9. Name one other dam on the Rio Lerma There are none. Other than a small weir near La Piedad that opens to a canal there is nothing between Ibarra and Salamanaca Guanajuato
  10. OP posted information about a vendor in the Market selling yogurt. He expressed his opinion about how good it was. Seems like a relevant post in the LA COCINA forum of this web board. The second poster decided to lecture everyone about masks which had absolutely nothing to do with the original post which is about yogurt. Personally, at my age I don't need to be lectured to about where I should or should not do business. Maybe the second poster should start a mask wearing post on the Ajijic/Chapala/Guadalajara forum????
  11. Dams on the Rio Lerma??? There is a very small (about 4 meters high) dam near Ibarra. It holds back very little water. If they opened it up completely and drained all the water it wouldn't raise the lake even one millimeter. Other than that between Chapala and Salamanaca there are no dams. It is rain in the Lerma watershed that fills the lake.
  12. October 18 Sunday updates Chapala active: unchanged awaiting results: unchanged Jocotepec active: -2 awaiting results: -1 Ixtlahuacán active: +1 awaiting results: -3 If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  13. Booked with Volaris many times on their website. Easy for me... why use a third party? Plus... yes there are special savings codes only on their website. Just priced a Volaris ticket on Expedia $145.99 on Volaris website $134.76 Why pay Expedia??? and then after you buy they send you to the Volaris website to select seats or add bags.
  14. United Airlines says the risk of COVID-19 exposure onboard its aircraft is "virtually non-existent" after a new study finds that when masks are worn there is only a 0.003% chance particles from a passenger can enter the passenger's breathing space who is sitting beside them (that is 3 of every 100,000 passengers) if all passengers are wearing masks A new study conducted for the Department of Defense adds credence to the growing belief that airline passengers face minimal risk of contracting coronavirus when flying. The study found the risk of aerosol dispersion – transmission of the
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