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  1. Doesn't matter about names on the registration Whose name is on the import permit? If it is your wife's name, she is temporal, you as a permanante can drive under current rules. If it is in your name and you are permanente the vehicle is not legal and neither of you can drive it.
  2. Don't know the definition of rogue Uber driver. Either the driver is working on the Uber platform or he isn't an Uber driver. All rides ask the passenger for opinion of driver after the trip. If clients report bad driver, the driver will receive fewer trips from Uber. If an Uber driver asks for more money and you report him he will soon lose his ability to work with Uber.
  3. My most wonderful pet and constant companion is a cow. I love that cow. We have been together for years. She is gentle, well behaved, and doesn't moo in restaurants. Why can't I bring her and yet your dog is ok? Lets all stand up for the right to bring a cow to a restaurant.
  4. Depending on what you want the shop next the Ajijic Post Office can help.
  5. AAA sold you an insurance police on a Mexican plated vehicle? Were you an existing member of AAA Texas?
  6. It has been reported that Hacienda was dropping the cost of Magna by $1.50 not to $1.50
  7. You should file a non op certificate as soon as your car is in Mexico. Your annual registration if not paid will acrue penalties. If the car ever returns all past due fees plus huge penalties will need to be paid. I have seen cars with thousands of dollars due. Non op permit avoids the problem. For those not aware in Calif there is a required smog check for renewal of registration. The check is performed with a machine on line and the certificate is electronically sent to California Air Resources Board and is on file when DMV receives the renewal application.
  8. Members 160 575 posts Gender:Male Posted February 26 As of this date has anyone who has had their ILOX installed? If so what package did you choose and how is each service working? Not interested in speed tests, cost or any thing else but my original question Do you have it? what services? Are you happy so far?
  9. Getting an Uber back to GDL will be easier on a weekend, but will require some luck. There are always taxis or busses to return
  10. Fox news channel, not the fox entertainment you see on a local station
  11. Those are USA chanels. No Mexican cable company would pay for the rights for the limited interest. You will find Fox, MSNBC, and Bloombergn and CNN international. Why? For hotels.
  12. I pay by US credit card on the Mitelcel website. They will also send the bill by email and sms. No problem paying from US ip address
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