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  1. US customs enters it into their system and isues an export document. Their system verifys that it is not stolen. With that export document Aduana has proof that the vehicle being imported is not stolen. If you drive the nationalized vehicle into the USA you are now driving a Mexican vehicle. It is the same as a vehicle built in the USA and sent by the manufacturer to a new car dealer in Mexico as far as the US is concerned. If a policeman stops you they ask for your DL registration and insurance info. If you want to check the record you can go the national insurance bureau crime website and enter the vin for a free check
  2. The process requires that the vehicle was manufactured in USA or Canada or Mecico First step is vehicle is "exported" by US Customs. Then it is "sold" to the licensed importation company. Then it is inspected by a 3rd party (safety & emissions). Then driven into Mexico by the importation co. and inspect by Aduana. Fees are paid and the Aduana places an import sticker on the windshield. Then the importer "sells" you the vehicle and gives you a factura. You buy a trip permit and have 4 days to present it at the state where you will register it. At the state level the vehicle will inspected to verify it is the same as the factura then you pay tax & registration fees. They issue the license plates and registration. A broker you can talk to in Laredo is Quality Imports. Their phone is 956 727 7880. Website quality-imports.com Process can be done in 2 working days.
  3. There are houses here with slab foundations. I own one. So the OP needs to know what they have.
  4. Portatil means you can move it from car to car. It is not designed to be hand held. Place it with letters facing you. If you have a tag for the USA placed behind you mirror then put the transponder towards the drivers side at least 18 inches away and there is no interference The Portatil seems to be much stronger. . I have made 40+ booth crossings and it has been read 100% of the time with no backing up and re-entering necessary as happened more than once with the old foil style. Just best to leave space between your car and the car ahead. Wait until they exit to drive forward slowly.
  5. I take offence at your snipe.... and you are certainly not quoting me “This is how it was for me and I can’t understand why everyone does not have the same experience in the same way I did.” I never mentioned any experience I wrote about a test I would think that anyone failing the test does not have a "good command of the Spanish language" as was stated. My object in making the statement was to assure those who do have a "good command of the Spanish language" that they should have no problem with the Spanish test. Possibly I erred in my manner as I am obviously much less eloquent than you are. Maybe you are not familiar with the test? Hence you might not understand my not understanding why someone "with a good command of the Spanish language" could not pass. There was no time limit on the test. Again 5 multiple choice questions and you can refer back to the story as many times as you need to find the answers. Even someone with a poor command of the language could find the answers by re-reading the story for each question. (When I was in school we called it an open book test) As to the written Write 3 sentences about what you see in the picture. It was a Ballet Folklorico in a park on a stage. Pretty basic Spanish about 1st grade level passed the test. Hay personas en la foto. Ellos tienen ropa muy bonita. Esto es un evento especial. Again ANYONE with a "good command of the Spanish language" should be able to pass the Spanish test with no problem.
  6. I meant I could not understand why they couldn't pass the test. I found it very easy. Multiple choice answers for the reading test. Simple paragraph. Could re-read all you needed. The writing test was easy as well. I used 5 word sentences. Basically about 6th grade level. I don't understand how anyone with " a good command of Spanish" couldn't pass.
  7. Instead of asking people on this forum you should contact the Amazon seller and rely on what they say. They probably have done the same transaction many times and would be better informed than anyone on this web board.
  8. Crossing the border is easy. Thousands of Mexican plated vehicles enter daily. In years I have only been asked once it it was my car. (it wasn't and I said so.. they didn't ask for any proof I had permission) Remember Immigration and customs are federal agencies. They can not enforce state laws. It is possible they could call a state trooper, but they really don't care so why bother... You can use the vehicle in the USA for one year. Some Mexican insurance policies have US liability coverage. (Check your policy) If not you will need to buy liability coverage to be legal. You can not register the car in the USA unless it has the sticker of total US emission and safety requirements and you would need to post a bond because you don't have a title. Unless you plan to return to live in the USA it would be a great waste of time & money. I was stopped Texas last year for speeding. Officer saw my Jalisco drivers license and didn't ask for anything else. Said "please drive slower... have a nice day"
  9. Don't understand. The test was very easy. Read a story from a magazine and answer 5 questions. You can re read as many times as you want. Multiple choice answers. See a picture and write 3 simple sentences describing what is in the picture. Easy if you speak Spanish.
  10. Wizz is a new provider of triple-play , its advertising has begun to invade the entire state and is offered as an alternative to the dominant Megacable, as they have simple packages where you can combine the internet, telephony and cable television. Their offer is based on economic prices and "simplicity" , since up to now they only count on three packages: TV The first of them is TV Max that for 200 pesos a month offers 89 channels in SD quality, up to four extensions without additional charge and paying the same rent, and only 100 pesos of installation. Or, we can choose the HD Max package which for 250 pesos a month grows the offer up to 129 SD and 40 HD channels, but here of the four extensions only one offers the content in high definition, but we can contract additional extensions for an extra cost, as well as premium channels or a DVR decoder to record content, in the same way the installation is maintained at 100 pesos. Telephony + Internet This package offers for 230 pesos per month the telephone service with unlimited calls to all of Mexico, the United States and Canada, in addition to internet of up to 5 megabytes, where the telephone set and the WiFi modem are included at no additional cost. charges for installation. Telephony + Internet + TV Max And finally the most complete package, which for 250 pesos a monthoffers the three services with the same benefits under the basic television service, where they mention that later there will also be a package with the three services under HD.
  11. 29/06/2019 14:14:38 SABINAS 4 $265.00 29/06/2019 13:21:21 LINCOLN 2 $163.00 29/06/2019 13:11:59 PERIFERICO 2 $64.00 29/06/2019 12:11:10 CHORROS 2 $64.00 29/06/2019 08:10:02 LIB. PTE. S.L.P. 3 $53.00 29/06/2019 10:22:40 MATEHUALA 6 $27.00 29/06/2019 08:23:27 LIB. ARCO NT. SLP 3 $64.00 29/06/2019 07:18:01 LAGOS DE MORENO 5 $112.00 29/06/2019 05:57:04 TEPATITLAN 6 $212.00 29/06/2019 06:23:28 JALOSTOTITLAN 4 $175.00 29/06/2019 05:28:54 LIB. SUR DE GUAD. 4 $58.00
  12. Or you ca install a meter between your inverter and the Breaker box that records production, amps, watts and volts.
  13. https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-649277958-cartucho-de-tinta-hp-94-negro-100-original-_JM?quantity=1
  14. The maps are wrong on both the IAVE and PASE websites. Neither has the Libramiento Sur de GDL. I wrote a year ago and they both said it would be corrected soon.
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