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  1. I always use my poorest Spanish Something like Tengo casa renta Chapala regreso en seis mes con todo. Todo usado. Works every time with an SUV stuffed to the brim at Laredo no. 2 bridge. I usually cross about 7AM
  2. Thank you for the information. What we are looking for is a backup system when the electric goes out as it frequently does in our neighborhood. 

  3. The OP was trying to re-new an existing coverage. Refusal to renew is a violation of more than one federal law. Filing a demand against any government employee who violates federal law would receive quick action based on my experience.
  4. Solar systems for grid tie are basically very simple. There are dozens of panel manufacturers and basically they are the same construction & quality. Deciding to use a string inverter or micro inverters will depend on your panel location and possible need for future expansion. What you really need is to find a competent company to do the installation, and that will be around if you might need any warranty assistance. Also one that doesn't mark up the equipment 200%-300%
  5. Tile is less porous. Much like a fiberglass pool it will require less chemicals, and is more resistant to algae formation. Because the labor here is so low it is common. Also plaster, Star Brite, etc. finish is affected more by the chemicals & time. In Florida many pools need to be re-done after 7 or 8 years.
  6. Also be sure that the mechanic who checks your possible purchase inspects under the carpets for evidence of flooding. There are many vehicles in Mexico that have been "under water" and a good detail will remove most evidence, but under the carpets you can see the evidence 99% of the time. There may be no problems with the car for a short time, but eventually there will be corrosion in the wiring & sensors that were under water.
  7. Traveling by car or plane? If by car what point of entry?
  8. Laredo bridge 2 crossing has a large number of inspection stations for your vehicle. More red lights and more scrutiny of vehicle contents. At 6AM I was inspected with a green light. a month later entering I got a red light at 7:30AM, but all the inspection stations were in use so I was waved on to exit.
  9. Or you could just buy a Roku for about $700 pesos, which almost anyone can install and use without a computer degree.
  10. A Mexican would put 33 10 00 00 00 A Canadian or American would put 331 000 0000
  11. Until recently Keurig had no distributor in Mexico for it's products. We were stuck with buying refillable filters for our Keurig machines. Now Costco is selling one model of machine and Kirkland breakfast blend cups on their website. Mercadolibre has many offer for kkups from Folgers to Starbucks.
  12. Interesting you say none of the antivirus programs work. What about PCMatic which only allows white listed sites and blocks spyware? Have you any experience with them?
  13. My Quantas policy includes liability in the USA. I am aware of other Mexican companies that offer that as well
  14. If he is offering a connection to copyrighted channels without charge, that website will soon go down as the raids of illegal servers in Europe continue. There is no legal free lunch or ... "one time fee" free daily lunch. BUT >>>>YOU WIN.... Buy it and at least when the illegal server is shut down you will still have a Firestick. P.S. If you use your computer try to access any of those "We offer worldwide all channels ABC,CBS etc" websites with a good anti-virus protection you will get a warning that proceeding is dangerous. Any guesses why??
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