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  1. Actually it is free in most if not all states in the USA. If you have insurance they will bill the insurance company. If you have no insurance the government pays the cost.
  2. There is only one Salud Digna location in GDL that is offering PCR Tests. https://salud-digna.org/covid-19/estudio-covid-19/
  3. Are you looking for the Drivers license department Or auto registration department. There really isn't such a thing as a DMV in Jalisco. If it is drivers license here is the information. They are open at this time. You need an appointment. https://citas.jalisco.gob.mx/transporte/client/locationList If it is vehicle registration The state Recaudadora office in Chapala is located at Calle Degollado #217 in Chapala
  4. If the WHO is asking countries to pause so poorer countries can get the vaccines, where would a company get in line to buy privately? You can't just order them directly form Pfizer or Moderna so you would have to buy them from the Mexican government who at this time is only vaccinating medical personnel. Mexico won't receive any more shipments until February 15. Also for example with Moderna the smallest approved transport container is filled with 100 doses and any entity would have to buy 2 shipments about 3 weeks apart.
  5. All you need is the license plate number to renew.
  6. Mexico has approved 3 vaccines at this time; Pfizer, Moderna, and AstroZenca. Mexico has received as of Sunday the17th 545,975 doses of Pfizer and vaccinated 464,708 people. Those vaccinated so far are medical personnel & "servers of the nation" Today Tuesday 19th Mexico will receive 219,350 more doses of Pfizer vaccine. The next shipment is planned for February 15 as Pfizer will have a delay at their production plant in Belgium that will cause a few days . Also other shipments originally scheduled before Feb 15th for Mexico will be delayed as those allotments will go to
  7. January 18 Monday updates Chapala active: -1 awaiting results: -2 Deaths: unc. Jocotepec active:+3 awaiting results: -7 Deaths: unc. Ixtlahuacán active: +3 awaiting results: -1 Deaths: +1 If you have questions or comments please do so by PM
  8. in Jalisco call if showing symptoms you can get a free test.
  9. Not an expat myth. I have been driving Mexican hwys since the 60's although safer now then for animals less safer now for other reasons. All my relatives avoid night hwy driving and have for years
  10. There are no reports of "age police" in the streets checking to see "if your papers are in order" There are lots of people over 60 in the streets, in the stores, in their cars, at the ATMs, etc. Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Just be responsible (after all it's the key) and stay safe. if anyone asks me "tengo cincuenta y nueve años "
  11. It can be interpreted both ways... Should or Must Actually I would interpret is as should. My wife who was born in Mexico said I was right. Taken in context followed by the phrase personal responsibility is the key would indicate it is not must If it was MUST then you could not leave your house for a medical emergency for example, nor would the phrase personal responsibility is the key be needed.
  12. Actually nowhere in the rules does it say stores are not to admit people over 60. The rules as posted on the Jalisco govt say people over 60 should stay in their house and that personal responsibility is the key. If someone tries to deny me service I will show them the webpage on my phone and ask them in a polite manner ...where does it say you are supposed to enforce my personal responsibility?
  13. I went at 7:50 in the morning to buy groceries... not to "check on Walmart" I reported it to this thread titled Can over 60 get into Walmart today I wore my KN95 mask, I used gel, I checked my temperature, I social distanced, I avoided large crowds, and when I returned home I removed my mask properly then washed my hands. While you continue with DO AS I SAY!!!!! Did your get the hazmat suit yet? hahahahahaha
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