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  1. Mostlylost

    Mexico Bank account

    I'd like to open a US bank account Which one is best in terms of of minimum balance, Online banking etc.. If you can answer that question then maybe someone here will be able to answer your question. Banks are like pizza places one person's heaven is another person's hell. I would suggest you visit the websites of banks that branches here to compare types of accounts and costs.
  2. Mostlylost

    Terminal 2 closed?

    There is only 1 public terminal in Guadalajara
  3. Mostlylost

    Gas Availability

    You will not harm the car by using regular instead of high octane. The dealer has no way to tell if you used regular, Thus your warranty will remain in tact. I have many years experience in auto repairs and maintenance. Never once did we see an engine damaged by a person using regular on and off on a car "requiring high octane." " GM engineer who works with fuel systems: from the fuel filler to the injector." There is no long term study that shows that using regular will cause damage to the engine.
  4. Mostlylost

    Driving from Nogales

    Matehuala is not on the highway from Nogales.
  5. Mostlylost

    Gas Availability

    That is totally false. Common misconception. The computer in the vehicle senses and adjusts as necessary. There is no way to tell what octane fuel you have been using without sending a sample to a lab. If the owners manual specifies high octane, you will not get the same mileage or horsepower the vehicle was rated for. That's the difference.
  6. Mostlylost


    0 to 19 years = $ 3,250 20 to 29 years = $ 3,850 30 to 39 years = $ 4,100 40 to 49 years = $ 5,700 50 to 59 years = $ 6,000 60 to 69 years = $ 8,700 70 to 79 years = $ 9,050 80 years and over = $ 9,100 https://www.mibolsillo.com/tips/cuanto-cuesta-seguro-salud-familia-imss-20181029-0011.html http://www.imss.gob.mx/
  7. Mostlylost

    Who pays for trash collection?

    Most of the fraccs have paid for garbage collection for years. (even though the predial is supposed to cover it) When the prior administration granted a long term concession to a new named company the rates changed. All the fraccs have been told the rates will increase by 100's of percent. The new administration is saddled with the prior administration's actions. Who owns the new garbage company? You should ask the prior administration that question. Hint: it's no surprise
  8. Mostlylost

    Clean potable water delivery

    Most pipas in Chapala are filled a Simapa well. Water from aljibes can be fine. My house has a 22,000 liter plastic aljibe that is topped off 2-3 times a week with clean water from a Simapa well. From the aljibe the water passes through 2 filters and an ultraviolet lamp. It is as clean as bottled water.
  9. Mostlylost

    Offering help!

    Do you have a work permit?
  10. Mostlylost

    MRI cost

    There are many private walk-in labs in GDL that do MRI's Price will vary from $4500 to $7500 depending on location. Usually 15-30 minute wait at most places. Your doctor should recommend one for you.
  11. Mostlylost

    odd or even

    It is my understanding that gas stations can set their own prices under the energy reforms enacted by the previous administration. There is a federal agency in Mexico that regulates "gouging" because of an unusual occurrence. Much like most states in the USA have anti gouging laws after a natural disaster.
  12. Also Cemex is now selling a new cement that is waterproof when it cures. The name is CEMEX Impercem
  13. The America Movil cell in Mexico is Telcel. I pay $199 for unlimited calls, most social media & 1gb of internet to Mexico, USA, and Canada no matter which country I am in. This is "one of highest in the world" ?? would like to know where it is less My Telmex is $389 a month for home phone with free long distance to Mexico, USA, and many other countries plus unlimited internet. This is "one of highest in the world" ?? would like to know where it is less. Carlos Slim might be a multi-billionaire, but before he ran the phone company it took months to years to get a new phone line, and you had to buy stock in the phone company. For long distance you had to go to a special booth, could not be done from home. Certainly not trying to defend Carlos Slim or his manor of living, or how he spends his money. . But the story seems to have some odd numbers.. Maybe I'm wrong. Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world but receives millions of dollars in government subsidies for his main enterprise.
  14. Mostlylost

    anyone know how to Phone 800 numbers in Canada

    Dial 001 for international long distance Replace 800 with 880. Replace 888 with 881. Replace 877 with 882. Replace 866 with 883. Replace 855 with 884.
  15. Mostlylost

    Receiving UPS

    I am guessing when you "exchanged" a phone you were in effect buying a new phone with a value of $XXX and paying with cash plus a used phone as far as customs was concerned. You would have been taxed on the actual value of the phone. I have made many over $50 purchases and never had a problem if the sender placed the invoice on the outside of the package inside the shipment envelope. The problem occurs when there is no valid invoice and Aduana decides the value of the product. The don't shop for the lowest price.