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  1. Good Luck of course. Buy car insurance before you enter Mexico. It is cheaper on-line than at one of the vendors by the border. Stick to the Autopistas (cuotas) and have enough pesos for tolls, motels, and gas.. Save the toll receipts. If your vehicle is damaged by something on the road, or a pothole you are covered by insurance included in tolls. Don't drive after dark.
  2. When in doubt go to the source. According to Banjercito's online application If you are a foreign citizen, before starting the application process You should go to the following webpage http://www.inm.gob.mx/pae in order to apply for your Immigration Pre-Authorization. The vehicle permit will be issued for the same period as that stated on your Immigration Pre-Authorization. Furthermore, once you?ve entered Mexico You should approach an immigration officer in order to exchange your pre-authorization form for the proper immigration document.
  3. Aduana has nothing to do with a Mexican plated vehicle other than if it was made outside of Mexico it is registered by the importer. They do not check it when you enter Mexico.
  4. This webboard and Ojo Del Lago are owned by the same company
  5. Federal report only in CDMX rules regarding power of attornys working seem to change all the time. I was told no PA had to be in person. Bought my airline ticket 2 weeks in advance. When I was there I saw an agent getting 5 reports.
  6. Don't know why not. If the seller had the factura you would simply drive it to the state in Mexico where you want to register it. Aduana has never asked to see my car registration. You should buy insurance. Also check REPUVE to see if there are problems with the vehicle legally.
  7. The Mexican government does have an organic certification program. It is Agricultura Mexico. There will be a number like MX-BIO-132 . Also the new Organico Sagarpa Mexico. In fact Mexico is number 4 in the world in organic production. Locals here won't pay the cost. National brands like Mr Lucky produce have the certification.
  8. Ubers pick you up in the airport right next to the taxis. Most I ever waited is 8 minutes. You order them with the app. You get drivers plate mumbers and photo. They receive your photo. No cash is exchanged. Uber charges your cc after you arrive at dest. You can add tip to charge if you wish. Then you rate the driver
  9. Uber wanted more than taxi?? I'm guessing the op knows drivers don't quote prices. Uber from airport is reliable & quick. The your ride will arrive in a couple of minutes. Fare is about 30% less than taxi. Quote as I write this is $373.17 from Ajijic to airport. Does help of you speak Spanish.
  10. We put in a new sprinkler system and planted sod 2 weeks ago. It is doing just fine. Very green an growing.
  11. All the weather websites are using Guadalajara forecasts and assuming Chapala being so close is the same. Chapala has a micro climate with very different weather than GDL. Colder in winter, hotter in summer. Rain in the afternoon but in Chapala late night. GDL receives more rain than Chapala. So read those "Chapala" forecasts with a grain of salt
  12. on the fedex tracking website ask for notifications. They will email when it is out for delivery, and many other options.
  13. This article refers to importing into Canada. Very different than a vacation.
  14. Must be a regional problem. Many calls not received or dropped while in progress. Talked to a Telcel customer in GDL having problems. as well. At home I usually see 4 or 5 bars on the phone.as i write this it is bouncing between 1 bar and zero bars with an x meaning no connection.
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