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  1. Just spoke with engineer in Mexico. He said techs are working and expect it up very soon. Nothing about Friday. Perhaps people heard the normal within 72 hours and so are assuming Friday
  2. If you want phone only it is $289 per month with 100 local calls per month
  3. Maybe your Mexican insurance police doesn't cover you but mine does cover me. My Mexican policy includes liability insurance in the USA and has an 800 USA phone number in the event of an accident. Same limits as here. So they should read their own policy. I am not aware of any policy than can be bought in the USA for a foreign plated vehicle that covers Collision & Comprehensive
  4. All your questions are answered easily by the US consulate in GDL. See the information on passport services at this link https://mx.usembassy.gov/embassy-consulates/guadalajara/lake-chapalaajijic-services/
  5. Head towards GDL. Take the return after milagros de Dalilia buritos and head back toward Chapala. Enter the Macrolibramiento sur to HWY 15D north. Atfter Ixtlan del Rio the new cuota to Compostella. From there same as before. Plot on it on google maps in 1 minute. https://www.google.com/maps
  6. Handymail in San Antonio (carr Chapala-Jocotepec 159C) uses an address in Laredo. They have been in business for many years. Your letters, and magazines are forwarded here 2 or 3 times a week. You can also use your mailbox here as a mail address in Mexico.
  7. Normally when renting in Mexico the CFE, and Telephone accounts remain in the owners name. Did the owner of the condo give you permission to change it?
  8. RVGRINGO is correct. Mexico honors drivers licenses from Canada and the USA, just as they honor Mexican drivers licenses. If this wasn't the practice no one could rent a car when traveling to a different country.
  9. I do not know who you are or why do you find it necessary to state falsehoods. She is a licensed attorney who practices civil law. She has represented me in two civil cases. (We won both) Stop by her office and ask to see her diploma and license.... I have seen them. By making such a statement you are accusing her of illegally practicing law. You do know it is an offence to make derogatory statements about someone in a public forum in Mexico? If you are not a Mexican citizen it is possible to have to forfeit your visa for such an action if the offended party takes legal action ? I suggest you delete or edit your posts.
  10. Sorry but Andrea Cannon is a civil attorney. I have used her in more than one civil action. Also I am aware of arguing actions in Federal court. Yes she also works with Immigration, Nationalization, and US Green cards, which is basically a service and not something you need a licensed attorney for.
  11. Volaris would normally help. I owned a travel agency for 20+ years and never had a problem if there was proper documentation. Your friend needs to persue the request.
  12. When my grand kids came I bought 2 very cheap ones. One in Walmart, and one in Soriana. Used them 2 times. The 3rd year the kids were too big, so I donated them to one of the charity resale shops.
  13. Works fine in my LG using Telcel. Calling both names in my contact list or simply saying the numbers. You will need to check all your phone settings
  14. Hopefully you will see the error of your post. Most Shriners I know put in countless hours of work to help children in need.
  15. You can check with Andrea Cannon. Her office is in Riberas next to S&S Auto. andreacannon90@gmail.com
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