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  1. Cheaper in Mercadolibre https://articulo.mercadolibre.com.mx/MLM-752031492-compound-w-fast-acting-gel-_JM
  2. I remember selling new ones in 1973 for $2840 USD How times change But in Mexico the name was Safari.
  3. One thing is for sure. AMLO has again demonstrated his lack of thought process and his parties senators and deputies follow his lead. Last January it was the stupid gas shortage. This January is the stupid medical crisis. Who knows what next January will bring. It will be a long 6 years....
  4. Yes if you do not pay they can restrict the flow to about 20%. That supposedly is good for toilet flush and preparing food.
  5. You are allowed a one time exemption from taxes for importation of household goods as a legal resident. No IVA is paid. You will need a menaje de casa. If you are using a moving company they will work with the customs agent. You can find a lot of information on rollybrook.com
  6. Yes that was very clear. It just seems odd that they are raising rates while the competition has not raised theirs and has in fact given more services for the same price.
  7. Odd ..my Telmex hasn't changed in 11 years. All they do is add more free services from time to time and my internet speed has increased to over 10 times as fast.
  8. Simple. The old ones were easy to forge and small. They are no longer valid for government requirements. Takes 2 minutes to print a new original color barcoded CURP online. It is free. If you don't have a color printer stop at one of the many internet rooms and pay a few pesos to use their computer & printer then print a few to use if needed this year.
  9. My pool here costs much less than my pools did in Florida and California. I have a salt water system so only chemical is acid for ph. My catalyst cell gets cleaned every 3 months and is over 5 years old. I have panels to heat and use between March & November. I have solar electric so I am at minimum. Need to run the pump 3 hours Nov-April & 4 1/2 hours the rest of the year. Someone talked in an earlier post about changing the water...BUNK also the filter sand needing change BUNK. After 45+ years of pool ownership I have learned a lot The question is how much would you use the pool and is that cost worth it to you. Mine is
  10. I am guessing by your LOL that Spanish is your first language. I was writing in English. Gringo is also an english word as shown in Websters dictionary. It has a slightly different definition and as English does not have genders for words the phrase "gringo men" is correct. Just as the OP wrote Mexican women in English as opposed to Mexicanas en espaƱol. Gracias y tiene buen dia
  11. Yes ..Healthcare is a concern for many. There is a surgery center in Oklahoma that has all their prices on-line and financing available. Hopefully a new trend in the USA https://surgerycenterok.com/pricing/
  12. Has anyone noticed how many gringos, especially men, write using block letters. Odd they do not use cursive. Now can you understand my statement regarding the OP's post (Not Chillins) about generalizations using race, nationality, or gender HookEnHorns so you attack me doing exactly what you accuse me of?? But part of your response is correct..... I miss those days when a person could have an opinion without getting jumped on.
  13. I have Canadian friends who travel to the US and pay for healthcare when they are told to wait in Canada because their condition is not "urgent"
  14. Like most generalizations to assume a nationality, race, or gender has the same traits just is not correct. I know many middle and upper class Mexicans who have terrible handwriting. Daily you can see signs and the words are not spelled correctly. Based on that should we say most Mexicans can not spell?
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