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  1. For a non-resident, which it sounds like you are, only Canadian-sourced income is taxable and, for a resident of Mexico, that would be at the rate of 15%. Withholding that would be the responsibility of your employer. How, exactly, that would be remitted, is another question. Presumably, their accountant would be able to advise them. I'm sure it wouldn't be exactly the same as for a Canadian resident. How it is done if you are self-employed, I don't know. When I was working, we used to occasionally bring in Americans to speak to seminars and courses. We were not their "employer" per se but we were still responsible for collecting and remitting the 15% on their fees. They would then be able to credit that money towards their US taxes paid under the terms of the tax treaty. If you wanted to be squeaky-clean, I would think the same would apply in Mexico--that is, you would have to report the income to Mexican authorities, but would get credit for the taxes paid in Canada. But Mexican tax law may be different. It certainly does sound like a situation where you need some professional advice or at least some information from the Canadian government. Maybe the consulate in Guadalajara can help.
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