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  1. I'm sure you will find that travel insurance bought in Canada can only cover you for a trip that originates in Canada.
  2. When we were down there, I just used Skype to call 1-800 numbers. No problems sorting out banking and other issues back home. Bob
  3. Another factor in Canada is that we were always envious of Americans who could deduct their mortgage payments from income tax. We couldn't, so there was a real incentive to pay your mortgage off-- although not everybody did. But people who bought houses 20 years ago for 150K, now find they are living in houses worth at least 500K and, in places like Vancouver, maybe close to a million. All they had to do was take out a homeowner line of credit for $200 a month at today's interest rates to buy a place in Arizona or wherever. Added Later: The big weakness in our market now is that houses have be
  4. Actually, with very few exceptions, Canadian property values have not suffered any significant recent declines at all. And, of course, some areas like Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and, above all, Vancouver, have been rising crazily for years. A lot of people in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario were buying up houses in Arizona and Florida at dirt cheap prices before US prices started to recover. So, they get the best of both worlds: Candian summers and American winters. And they get to keep their "free" healthcare. No real need for large numbers to go to Mexico any more. Bob
  5. You are reimbursed up to more or less the amount that they would have paid for the same thing in Canada--although I think Ontario, for instance, will only reimburse something like $50 a day for hospital. (But you have to pay up front and claim back so need to have a line of credit, or credit card with a good limit.) So, getting sick in Mexico is at least not the disaster it is to get sick or injured in the US because Mexico is not so expensive. The problem is that if you drive down, you can buy relatively cheap insurance for that leg in the US. BUT, all trips must originate in Canada, so in o
  6. For a non-resident, which it sounds like you are, only Canadian-sourced income is taxable and, for a resident of Mexico, that would be at the rate of 15%. Withholding that would be the responsibility of your employer. How, exactly, that would be remitted, is another question. Presumably, their accountant would be able to advise them. I'm sure it wouldn't be exactly the same as for a Canadian resident. How it is done if you are self-employed, I don't know. When I was working, we used to occasionally bring in Americans to speak to seminars and courses. We were not their "employer" per se but we
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