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  1. Hello. Can anyone tell me if Oxireyes in Riberas is the best option for renting a portable oxygen tank? Or is there a better or less expensive option in Guadalajara? Thanks in advance for any response.
  2. I'm just getting started with Instagram. This schedule service gives a free 3 month trial. All the scheduling services cost. But, as important, this is the only service I have found which works on Chromebook to upload onto Instagram! Here is the website, in case this is helpful to anyone: http://weebgram.com/
  3. Crinopio, you are right! Good info for anyone wanting to vote in person for the primary, Monday at the Ajijic place and times stated in first post. Democrats Abroad on the official Facebook webpage got back to me: Your assigned democratsabroad.org number and your passport is all you need.
  4. As long as I can find my husband's oldvoter ID from over 6 years ago. I have mine. Thanks for your response.
  5. I registered online at democratsabroad.org They assigned me a number. I prefer to vote in the primary in person. And for Mexico, for our region, online they listed La Bodega on 16 de Septiembre, Ajijic, Monday, March 7th, from 12 noon until 4 pm. I can't yet find what I need to bring to be eligible to vote. I have the number Democrats Abroad assigned me when I registered. Anyone know what else is involved and/or what else I need to bring? I asked this question on their Facebook page but haven't received an answer yet. Thanks in advance to anyone in the know regarding the primary vote procedure at La Bodega through Democrats Abroad locally.
  6. Joyfull: Excuse me for hijacking Tony's post, but, Joyfull, did Alex make it back from Laredo or did he find a riding partner yet? Haven't heard by email and have merch at his Laredo mail.
  7. Thanks. I will look into it with Dr.Pinto's office.
  8. I've located one company that specializes in hyperbaric chamber in Guadalajara and there are a few hospitals that have them. Any stroke victims or people with acquired brain damage tried this? I have an email in for one, but they haven't got back yet. This is it: Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) Any experiences or tips? Thank you in advance
  9. I've googled but only came up with one, unknown how large it is. Does anyone know of shops with many wigs in Guadalajara? I would be taking the bus and taxi. Thanks for any knowledge!
  10. I am not a think tank, however most people want to stay in the vicinity of their grandchildren. Also, many want to stay in their original community of friends and family and just travel. Many people do not want to live in a retirement community atmosphere as is apparent here. Then there was the recession: say hello to your renters.Take away those catagories and you will still be left with cash carrying house buyers, because of the baby boomer numbers. Boom. But how much boom, I am not guessing.
  11. Thank you. I haven't been to the Tuesday market in West Ajijic yet and will give it a try this week.
  12. At the Monday foods and craft market, now near Jonny's in San Antonio, kefir creme and liquid is sold by a guy. You have probably heard about the digestive health benefits of kefir. Easily searched on internet. Anyway, does anyone out there know if I can buy kefir grains on the Northside of Lake Chapala? Guadalajara area? I'm having no luck finding them on my own. Probiotics are great but I am not going to the States until April. The kefir products sold at the Monday market are also great, I just want to make my own. Maybe bite the shipping and mail with USA Amazon. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.
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