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  1. Hello. Can anyone tell me if Oxireyes in Riberas is the best option for renting a portable oxygen tank? Or is there a better or less expensive option in Guadalajara? Thanks in advance for any response.
  2. Thank you. I haven't been to the Tuesday market in West Ajijic yet and will give it a try this week.
  3. At the Monday foods and craft market, now near Jonny's in San Antonio, kefir creme and liquid is sold by a guy. You have probably heard about the digestive health benefits of kefir. Easily searched on internet. Anyway, does anyone out there know if I can buy kefir grains on the Northside of Lake Chapala? Guadalajara area? I'm having no luck finding them on my own. Probiotics are great but I am not going to the States until April. The kefir products sold at the Monday market are also great, I just want to make my own. Maybe bite the shipping and mail with USA Amazon. Thanks in advance to anyone who knows.
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