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  1. The gas company is Gas Tomza. ComputerGuy, I think one may need an RFC to claim deductions against capital gains when one sells his house-- but I'm no tax expert. So far, the only info I provided is name/address/telephone, which is readily available in the phone directory anyway. Oh, I did provide the nearest cross street.
  2. My gas delivery crew (been using them for years) asked me to fill out a form on their last visit. Anyone else had this experience? They said their company was requiring them (the crew) to get the information. It sounded like this may have something to do with the new requirements for facturas. And perhaps also to confirm that they (the crew) are selling the gas to the people they say they are selling to. The form asked for an "RFC" number, which I do not have. (They also asked me for a photocopy of my driver's license, which I declined to provide.) I am wondering if this is a common proced
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