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  1. The gas company is Gas Tomza. ComputerGuy, I think one may need an RFC to claim deductions against capital gains when one sells his house-- but I'm no tax expert. So far, the only info I provided is name/address/telephone, which is readily available in the phone directory anyway. Oh, I did provide the nearest cross street.
  2. My gas delivery crew (been using them for years) asked me to fill out a form on their last visit. Anyone else had this experience? They said their company was requiring them (the crew) to get the information. It sounded like this may have something to do with the new requirements for facturas. And perhaps also to confirm that they (the crew) are selling the gas to the people they say they are selling to. The form asked for an "RFC" number, which I do not have. (They also asked me for a photocopy of my driver's license, which I declined to provide.) I am wondering if this is a common procedure.
  3. We have a sand filter with an automatic valve that backwashes once per week. (You could set it for more frequency if you wished.) It is pretty much maintenance-free. Works fine for removing particulates. Our system also has a water softener and a UV light. I also add a chlorine tablet to our aljibe once a month. We still use garafones for our drinking water--probably don't need it, but we do it anyway. We live in San Juan Cosalá and are on the municipal water supply (deep well).
  4. We started getting monthly CFE billings when we had photovoltaic panels installed, along with a new bidirectional digital meter and CFE account. I understand that is the norm for people who are using solar generation. We too are in SJC.
  5. Although my Spanish is pretty weak, we believe Telmex has tried to deliver a new modem to us weeks ago when we were not home. I had a phone conversation with someone at Telmex about re-delivering it, but I don't think we resolved anything. Any suggestions as to how I could get the "upgraded" modem? (Or even if I should use the newer one-- the current one is a reconditioned Thomson TG585V7, getting 3.12 download and .32 upload at the moment in San Juan Cosalá.)
  6. According to the Rogers website, you can: "Can I use my Pay As You Go phone outside of Canada?Yes, you can use your Pay As You Go phone while you travel. Roaming service rates will apply for using your phone outside of Canada." Don't know the dialing protocol, though. Try doing what RVGRINGO said. If that doesn't work, try dialing just the Mexican area code and number (as if you were using a Mexican cell phone). [The latter is the way my US AT&T cell phone worked while roaming in Mexico. For making calls in Mexico, it acted like it was a Mexican cell phone. However, to receive a call, the caller in Mexico had to dial my U.S. number (001 for an international call from Mexico, plus the U.S. area code and number).]
  7. Strom White moved our stuff down from California in 2010, and we were quite happy with them. As ajijiccharlie said, the local companies seem very competent. They contract with professional movers NOB for the pick-up and packing. (If you want your stuff insured, you have to let them pack it.) The Lakeside moving companies will provide you with good info (regulations, laws, etc.) and moving advice.
  8. lumieretoo, I am no expert on this matter, but I do not believe it makes a difference as to the type of phone you are calling in the U.S. or Canada, cell phone or land line. It's not like Mexico.
  9. Several of the Mexican paint companies sell enamel (esmalte) that contain anti-corrosive and anti-rust (antióxido) agents. Perhaps they have a spray-can version? You might consider those as an alternative to RustOleum.
  10. Don't know about HP cartridges, but I buy new Canon cartridges at the printer place at Ocampo 32 in Ajijic (376-766-1788). In comparison shopping, I was pleased to find they charged me less than Office Depot in Guadalajara for the cartridges. I would imagine they could order your HP 60's for you.
  11. Looks like a good game for someone who has had a knee replacement (like me)! Of course, not at the level of play that I see in that video of the 2014 nationals. . . .
  12. I'm following this post with great interest-- I've been quite happy for 5 years with Win7 (on my Fujitsu 64-bit laptop, which does not have a touch-screen). I received Microsoft's offer for a free version of Windows 10 but I'm leery of installing it for fear of trading a stable workhorse for a buggy new system that may or may not be appropriate for my hardware. I appreciate your sharing your experiences.
  13. If the delivery and/or customs problems (and the resulting complaints and refunds) persist, I fear that Amazon will decide to stop shipping to Mexico.
  14. No question that bigger is not better when it comes to eldercare. And studies in the U.S. have shown that for-profit nursing home chains have a lower standard of care than non-profit ones (in terms of staffing levels, complaints, etc.), since the bottom line is dollars, not tender love and care. Unfortunately, the kind of national coverage provided by the PBS feature (which implies a growing demand for care facilities in Mexico) will encourage developers like the ones who proposed that five-tower monstrosity in west Chapala.
  15. has not set their status

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