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  1. You can get your own router or wireless access point and disable the wireless in the telmex modem. Then you can do anything you want. They are not that expensive. I have two in my house to cover the whole area (upstairs and downstairs) and am very happy.
  2. Try Tim Whiting at 765-5061. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  3. I tried to send you an email through this system, but it bounced. It sent it to ajijic_event@yahoo.com but the message back from yahoo was: This user doesn't have a yahoo.com account (ajijic_event@yahoo.com)

    Could you send me your email address. Ours is nadine.and.henry@pobox.com Thanks.

  4. Did you ever get back to me about the speakers? I'ld like to buy them if they are still available. 765-3181. Thanks.

    Best wishes,

    Henry Laxen

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