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  1. Please come help me debug my trivia program. Starts at 6pm. Details Here Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  2. Hey Vista Lake, Could you tell me the name of the product please? Thanks.
  3. Well, here is the end of the story. I ordered a 1 quart bottle from slipdoctors above. They sent it fedex, and when it arrived at customs in gdl, it was flagged because it was a liquid. Fedex was singularly unhelpful, just repeating that I needed to hire a customs broker in order to import it. I told fedex to tell customs that if they have any slippery spots in their offices they now had a way to prevent injuries. Thank goodness the brave customs agents are protecting the poor Mexican citizens from such dangerous products. Cost of lesson learned: approx $100 USD. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  4. Dear Friends and Neighbors, For details, see this page Thanks for looking. Best wishes, N&H
  5. Dear MtnMama and AjijicBound, First thanks for the suggestion. I stopped by the store today and ran my foot over the drilled tiles. It was somewhat effective for human feet, which are large and span several stipes, but I don't think it would work for our dobie. She needs traction everywhere, and her hind legs are very weak and any slippage makes it very difficult to get up. Tim J Wilson! Thanks for the pointer. I ordered a quart and with shipping it comes to $114 USD. Kinda pricey but if it works my Athena dog will be forever grateful. I'll post a review once I see how it goes. Best wishes, N&H
  6. I will do that too, if I don't get any sage advice from this forum. Futhermore, if I find an acceptable solution, I will post the result here in case anyone else needs it.
  7. Thank you for the link, but I don't really want to change the color of the tile. I'm looking for a clear non-slip coating for the inside of a house. I don't think deck paint is going to be the right product here. Plus adding sand to something would make your whole floor feel "gritty" which I doubt would be very comfortable, though I'm sure the dog wouldn't mind.
  8. Thanks Tiny, I actually bought that too. I have the one gallon jug from Amazon USA. The application procedure is a little involved, and as a last resort I will try to get my handyperson to apply it, but I'm hoping that some company in the area does this for a living. I thought with the number of old dogs, and people, in the area this would be a relatively common problem, especially given how easy it is to fall down in a damp bathroom or kitchen. I even remember reading an ad for this in the Ojo 9 years ago when we first moved here. Sadly that ad is no longer being published. Best wishes, N&H
  9. Thank you Liana, but we are hoping for something clear that won't take away the appearance of the tile. Hi Lily, we bought those from Amazon, as well as the "non slip socks." Both were a non starter for Athena.
  10. Dear Group, Our seven year old puppy, Athena is having a very hard time getting up on our slippery tile floors these days. Is anyone aware of a local (guadalajara) company that can come in and apply some type of non-skid coating to our floors? I have tried these guys but they said no because their product is a film that is only applied to small areas. Sr. Google has not been helpful. Any pointers would be apprciated. Best wishes, N&H
  11. Just filled up in Riberas pemex. No line. Magna only.
  12. Sound interesting? The cosmology club talks about these things and many others every quarter. To find out more, please contact Jerry at <dosmotos@yahoo.com>.
  13. Yes, here is the contact info: Eliberto Velazquez de Anda - Legal & Immigration Services phone (cellHim): +52 (331) 327-5506 phone (cellHer): +52 (331) 444-1214 phone (work): +52 (376) 766-4240 phone (work): +52 (376) 766-4249 phone (cellHim): +52 (331) 020-4848 address (work): Constitucion 13-B Ajijic, Jalisco 45920 Mexico mail: eli4162@yahoo.com.mx spouse: Susana Rodriguez His wife Susana is the one who does most of the leg work.
  14. Buenos días, paisano , deberíamos ponernos nuestras mejores togas y escuchar a Cesar en el Foro?
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