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  1. henrylaxen

    Ladron Vet place

    You can get a "real time" look at the office by going to: http://ladron.mx/ and seeing if there are people moving around in the waiting room. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  2. After reading all this, I'm wondering if there is someone in the area who could provide an "insurance approved" appraisal of items in the house? I would happily pay for such a service if it exists. Anybody know?
  3. Our frac has a very large master plan map of the development, maybe 36x48 inches (ARCH E). Does anyone know of a service in the area that can scan the document for us so we can put it online. We would like better resolution than taking a photo with a camera. All pointers will be appreciated. Thanks in advance. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  4. I'm considering buying a new Nissan Leaf electric car and installing some extra solar panels so that I can drive for free. I'm wondering if anyone else in the Ajijic/Chapala area owns a Leaf and what their experiences have been. Please leave your salient comments below. Thanks.
  5. henrylaxen

    Hot tub with solar panels?

    We have a "home grown" system that works pretty well. If you want to come over and check it out, just let us know and we'll send you a map.
  6. henrylaxen

    Raquet Club Pro

    Here is the number I have for him. +52 (33) 1486 7173 Besr wishes, Henry Laxen
  7. henrylaxen

    xoom or xe or transfer wise

    I just tried transferwise and it was very easy and their website is slick and fast. The only thing I didn't like is that they (transferwise) asks you for your banks username and password, which means in theory they could empty out your account if the wanted to. I will reset my password after this transaction, because I'm the paranoid type.
  8. henrylaxen

    xoom or xe or transfer wise

    If you want to transfer a large chunk, I can recommend ofx, formally forex. https://us.ofx.com/ What I like most about their service is the security. When you sign up you need to provide a (Mexican) notarized copy of your passport, as well as proof of your address and phone number. Then every time you make a transfer online, you will receive a call from them (usually within 10 minutes) confirming the request. These measures pretty much stop identity theft in its tracks. Also their exchange rate is good, and the transfers are fast. A good service for the paranoid among us. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  9. Dear Group, While I was out for my walk today I sadly encountered the body of a recently killed dog lying in the gutter on the side of the road. It is just across the street from the Centro Oftalmologo pictured below. Does anyone have any idea whom to call to pickup and dispose of the corpse? If so, please post the info here so the next time I search I will find it. Thanks in advance. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  10. henrylaxen

    Lakeside Tennis Forum

    Hi Amanda, I've added you to my tennis list which is available at: http://nadineloveshenry.com/chapala/tennis/players.html On that page is a link to a printable version as well, in case you are old school. Welcome to the neighborhood. Best wishes, Nadine and Henry
  11. henrylaxen

    ordering large item on costco online

    Yes, it does. It gets charged to your credit card, long before it arrives at your door, so you can see for yourself.
  12. henrylaxen

    ordering large item on costco online

    Yes, we ordered patio furniture and a 60" tv from costco online, and had no problems.
  13. henrylaxen


    I just listened to the Tom Mabe audio and it was so funny it brought tears to my eyes. To bad my Spanish isn't good enough to try that down here.
  14. henrylaxen

    Real time photos

    There is a sign in Hector's office. The camera is dangling on it. Here is what it looks like:
  15. henrylaxen

    Real time photos

    Hello friends and neighbors, I like to tinker in my spare time, and have come up with a fun little project that might be useful for some of the businesses around Lakeside. Using a low cost Raspberry Pi computer equipped with an inexpensive (but high resolution) camera, I can quickly upload a photo of your choosing to your website. The photo is taken every minute, so you can see the image in pretty much real time. Why would you want this? Well, if you offer a service that requires people to wait, it would be nice to know how long the waiting times are. Right now this is installed in Hector's vet office and Chrissy's hair salon. The URLs are below: http://ladron.mx http://christines.mx This might be handy for other places where people have to wait, like restaurants or doctor's offices. If you are interested in deploying something like this, please let me know. My email is nadine.and.henry@pobox.com Best wishes, Henry Laxen