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  1. I have just the guy for you. His name is Victor, he speaks very good English, and he is knowledgeable in all things construction and engineering. I used him for many projects when I lived in Chapala, including, sealing my roof (because of leaks), removing mold (that turned out to ants), installing a drip system, painting the house, totally replacing the gas lines, etc. Here is his contact info: Victor Francisco Lopez Valencia phone (cell): +52 (333) 179-1210 phone (home): +52 (387) 763-1023 mail: victorvalencia1@live.com Give him a try. You'l
  2. Yes, I am a Mexican Citizen, as are many other expats I know.
  3. Can anyone explain if this affects us expats? Best wishes, N&H
  4. You can get a pvc tube at any hardware store. They are even better than the cardboard tubes. You can seal the ends with duct tape. Works great.
  5. Hi Guys, Well, I was hoping to write something amusing, to bring a chuckle or at least a smile into our lives. I guess that failed. Did you notice the "funny" tag? That probably didn't help. Anyway, in my mind, (yes I know, you don't have access to that), I was trying to (humorously) point out some of the absurdities of "the system" Namely: 1. How little Mexican banks trust their tellers. All of the information they needed to complete the transaction was available to them, but the guy behind the window couldn't access any of it. 2. This was a deposit, n'est pas? I would sympa
  6. <rant> I recently had an interesting experience at an undisclosed Mexican bank. You can read about it here. </rant>
  7. Here is the contact info I have for him: Francisco - Miramontes Transfer phone (home): +52 (376) 766-1142 phone (Francisco): +52 (333) 157-8060 phone (LuisCell): +52 (331) 307-8289 phone (Miguel): +52 (331) 095-2185 phone (home): +52 (376) 766-4917 phone (FranciscoJr): +52 (331) 303-4298 phone ((Chema)): +52 (331) 600-5175 address (home): Angel Flores No 22 Ajijic, Jalisco Mexico mail: miramontes-transfer@hotmail.com notes: Chema = Jose Miguel = cook a
  8. You might find this link helpful. Boric acid (ácido bórico) is available at most hardware stores. Best wishes, N&H
  9. It warms my heart to report that the other day I gave a double milky-way bar to the lady bagging my groceries. She thanked me sincerely, walked over to her manager, and exchanged it for cash. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  10. I hesitate to respond this given the kind and generous responses I've received in the past. In particular I would appreciate a non-response from: Mainecoon Fred Habacht Pappysmarket More Liana mtmama RVringo mudgirl Xena So I went to the meeting last night. I don't think they (the city representatives) wanted an open meeting. The reason I say this is because about a week earlier a policeman knocked on my door and asked if I was the president of our frac. I wasn't, but I signed for the invitation anyway and said I would deliver it to him. He was out of tow
  11. Dear fellow web board members, Let's review: I originally said: Here is a helpful hint: Sometimes I go in the store with just my credit card. In order to tip the bagger, I buy a Snickers or Milky Way and give it to them when the are done. I always get a nice smile in return. After which More Liana said: Pardon me, but when children and elderly people are working for tips, they need money. They can't pay their bills with a candy bar. You like the smile you get back, but you're interpreting it to your benefit. Not necessarily so. followed by: Of cours
  12. Okay guys. Wow. I'll be sure to think twice before trying to be helpful in the future. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  13. Dear Liana, Did you notice the line where I said: "Sometimes I go in the store with just my credit card."? When I carry cash, I give cash. When I don't, I give candy. You are pardoned. Best wishes, Henry Laxen
  14. Here is a helpful hint: Sometimes I go in the store with just my credit card. In order to tip the bagger, I buy a Snickers or Milky Way and give it to them when the are done. I always get a nice smile in return.
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