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  1. We are forced to lived without our vehicle for 3 weeks while it is being repaired. This happened one other time, and we actually did more walking, which allowed us to see more unique shops and businesses in Chapala. Chapala is easy to be in without a car. Yesterday, we needed to load up on groceries so we walked to Soriana, got a cab for about 20 pesos, had help loading and unloading the items. Cabs are cheap, buses are cheap, and walking is good for your health. Many friends in Chapala live without a car, less to worry about.
  2. Tom's Consignment, full of great stuff, has a full size refrigerator right now. Lots of furniture, and household items. He is on Morelos in Chapala, same street at the American Legion.
  3. Thanks for your response-we are heading out tomorrow-get with us on your return and I will buy you a beer.

    Thanks again,


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