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  1. This is not the first time he has been critical of EPN. It is becoming common for him. Unfortunately for EPN the comments are generally are pretty close to the mark.
  2. Actually it does. Popular speech does not need protection. Unpopular speech does. The first amendment supports all speech, at least for now.
  3. Sometimes, but I really am not interested in the differences. I have met many Mexicans whom have to returned to Mexico, mostly for jobs. Many during the 08' recession. Of course I do not believe anyone has truly accurate numbers on this subject. It is not like they get counted in either direction.
  4. A commentator on CNN the other day said that for every legal headed north, there is a Mexican heading home because of the improving economy here. One problem is the anti-immigrant crowd cannot tell a Mexican from a Guatemalan
  5. The if it bleeds it leads 24/7 news cycle blows everything up to greater than life size. I moved to Mexico from just outside of Detroit. People I meet still comment on how Detroit is was so bad how could anyone live there. Anyplace one lives you become familiar with the do's and don'ts of your location. Here in San Miguel people rarely talk about personal safety, They just observe common sense, and do not leave valuables laying around.
  6. Very good. I knew bits and pieces of it. Very well put together.
  7. I was in Playa the last week of January. I thought the water was pleasant. A little earlier than you are looking for, but close.
  8. They took my wife's peanut last week on Volaris. It was a 12 OZ jar that was 3/4 empty (no I do not know why she had peanut butter in her carry on). They enforce the liquid rules fiercely
  9. No I hate them when I need one too.
  10. That is not really accurate. I was in Japan in the 70's and they had very harsh penalties for drug use. But they still had users. Decriminalization is really the only way you will reduce the Narcos hold. The big corporations will take it over and that will end the turf violence and dealer killings.
  11. Never looked, never cared. I am pretty sure I eat Mexican beef, but as I buy it fresh cut it is not stamped on the bones.
  12. Play dumb Gringo. If the charge you you are not any worse off. Just make sure you have peso's and you will be fine. Of course that means a computer, not multiple
  13. I have WEA and I believe that the deductible is $5'000p for the two of us. Coverage in the US is good as long I I am not there too long. Annual check up is covered 100%
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