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  1. I searched for this topic, but can not find anything. Perhaps I am wording my search incorrectly. Is there anyone Lakeside that can file US State and Federal taxes? Thank you!
  2. I did try the Whatsapp, but got no reply. I will try again. Thank you
  3. I have read the posts and have tried the *2222 number and the 33 520 9621 number and I am getting no response from either. I am moving today and need to have my service shut off. First message sent Sept. 22nd Does anyone know if I just unhook my router and take it to the Ajijic office will there be anyone there? Thanks
  4. Does anyone know what time they close? Thanks.
  5. I have chosen Sol Y Luna because of the closeness to my house and because of the price. This is the info I was given today, Aug 8th, 2020, when I registered for a box. Prices: 1 year $190 US 6 mo $ 140 US 1 mo $ 30 US Their new hours during Covid are M-F 10-4 and Sat 10-2 You can have packages sent as well as regular mail. Due to the border being closed, their mail can only be sent out once a week and bigger boxes will take longer. Anything you might need immediately (lost/stolen credit card etc) you should have sent FedEx or UPS. Hope this helps and thanks to everyon
  6. I am no longer able to rely on others to ship any important mail from the US. I have heard about Ishop and Handy Mail but know nothing about them and would appreciate any info you could give me as to how this works. I would have only occasional mail and no packages. Thank you in advance
  7. A friend of mine has purchased a new Lenovo laptop and needs help setting it up and changing the keyboard from Spanish to English. Any suggestions on a good computer person? Thank you
  8. Does anyone know of a Notario in Ajijic? Thanks in advance! UPDATE I found that the closest one is in San Antonio. Thank you!
  9. Thanks everyone. I guess I just need to be more patient. I have contacted the shipper so we will see what happens. If they reship the product I may end up with two! lol
  10. A package I ordered has been stuck in Customs since July 25th. Anything I can do about it?
  11. Thank you suegarn. I saw that link but all posts are out of date. I sent an PM and did not receive an answer, but I did not see the phone number so will try that.
  12. Does anyone know if there is a Seventh Day Adventist Church Lakeside? Thank you
  13. I can only tell you what I have been told from a friend that is taking someone to dialysis twice a week. There are 2 clinics in/near Ajijic that do dialysis. They are both full at all times and they are not taking on new patients. My friend has to take her patient to Guadalajara. Hope this helps.
  14. You have the right to eat or not eat at any establishment you want. If they don't allow dogs then don't bring yours. The owners have the right to decide if they want to allow pets or not. Mexican law seems to be interpreted by each establishment as they see fit. The dogs are innocent in this conversation. My question would be are you really that dependent on your dog that you have to drag it everywhere you go? If it is a service dog that is another matter, but most of these dogs are just pampered pouches. Some bark at the other dogs and some bark at customers and staff. T
  15. I live on a property with a very large tree that is over 100 years old. I am told that we had that same problem years ago, not sure if it was Egrets, but pieces of shiny aluminum were attached to a long pole and when the birds came someone would shake the pole. It didn't take long and the birds no longer came to the tree. Hope this helps
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