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  1. There is a mexican website www.curricanes.com that is a mail order supplier of fishing equipment. Use them several times with great success. Almost always received my order within 24-48 hrs. Have it sent to Ishop or sol y luna for pickup. minimal charge.
  2. anyone know of a place at lakeside to get mexican food like el serape served. Kinda tex/mex that has great tacos?
  3. I had over 2 inches in Chula Vista Norte friday night/sat morning and as on right now just past the 2 inch mark for Sunday since midnight!
  4. Are they still open 7 days a week?
  5. Actually, they specialize in many types of waffles and crepes that are "dulce" or "salado". I personally like the crepes the best because you can get decent waffles at other eateries. Crepes on the other hand can be really good or really bad. These guys know how to make them the right way. They also have other items ranging from regular types of breakfast to salads and sandwiches. Basically, it's a breakfast and lunch venue. The menu is really extensive with many creative combinations of waffles and crepes. As I said earlier they've been in business in Guadalajara for a long time (since 1994) and clearly know how to run a restaurant.
  6. We went yesterday and it was fabulous. These people know how to run a restaurant. It helps when you have three other places in Guad. The food, decor, service and prices where all exceptional. Very extensive and unique menu. They are open from 8am-3pm and closed on Mondays. Can't wait to go back and try many of the other items which other people were eating since they all looked wonderful.
  7. rvanparys, just curious. Have you lost money by depositing it in a Mexican bank? I for one have been doing it for ten years without any issues. Are you possibly talking about the drop in the value of the peso or a safety issue about the banks?
  8. Does anyone know where I can get FMM forms for flying out of the country before I get to the airport? I am a RP and would like to fill these out for my wife and I before we arrive at GDL. Thanks
  9. Just purchased gas (magna) at the Pemex on the libramiento. The price was 16.53 per liter which is about a 15% increase! Rumor has it that the stations had plenty of gas yesterday but were hoarding it until today's price increase. Maybe?
  10. Go see Frankie at the Family Fitness Center. He's a 60 year old gringo from New York and has been training people in the states for years. You will also be surprised how little he charges. His home phone number is 766-3278. Tell him David recommended him.
  11. Does anyone know for sure if Best Buy sells laptops that are in English and have English keyboards?
  12. Dropped and cracked glass on my cellphone. I have the replacement glass and bezel. Does anyone know who can change the glass for me. I looked it up on the internet and the DIY instructions are quite complicated. Thanks.
  13. Every sandwich, which comes with a choice of sides at Panino's is under 100 pesos. Also many of her daily specials are under 100 pesos. This is IMO is the most consistent restaurant at Lakeside!
  14. When we signed up yesterday we didn't get a booklet. Should we go back to Chapala to get it or can we get in San Antonio which is the clinic we were assigned to?
  15. It's on Flavio Romero #406. Go down Carreterra into Chapala, turn left at light and go one block past Flavio Romero which is one way. Turn right on next block where the Bus Station is and go all the way down to the end. Turn right and then right again on Flavio Romero. It's about a block and a half on the left.
  16. I also went and got it done today for me and my wife. It was very simple. Took the forms needed, went to the clinic in Chapala at about 12:30. There were 2 people ahead of me and we were out of there and done by 1:00! Speaking a little Spanish helps but not necessary. P.S. Went to the clinic in SAT first but they no longer do the processing there.
  17. I know there has been numerous posts on applying for SP. My question is where can I get the application to complete BEFORE I bring in all the required documents. Do I have to go to the SP clinic or what. Also, I heard there is a place in San Antonio Tlay where we can sign up. Any info to shorten the process would be appreciated.
  18. Have had excellent success with Amazon US. Always received package in less than a week. And each time I have been credited back most or all of the duty/customs fees about a week after. The best way to use Amazon US is to set up your permanent shipping address in Mexico. You can use your home or one of the mailing sevices. Then when you look at items you are interested in purchasing it will immediately tell you if it ships to Mexico or not. Also, if you order over $65 the shipping is free. Prices in the US are also lower. You can easily track your item on DHL. It usually arrives in Guadalajara in a day or two.
  19. We paid 1000 pesos for the install. Our entire development was put on meters at the beginning of last year. Some were installed in early January, like ours, and some in Feb and March until they ran out of meters. The bottom line for us, and I can't speak for anyone else is our water bill for 2014 was less than half of what we paid in 2013!
  20. Does anyone know the current price per 20 liter bottle that Santorini charges for home delivery?
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