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  1. no. unfortunately is not kidding. even some people in some ambulances treat you good and take you fast to the Dr. if you have money with you. I had a nephew that was hit and one ambulance came and the people from the ambulance took her and the "nurse" said "I will take your earrings"...and yes, she took the silver earrings and they never were back again....
  2. New law in Mexico City: all dog owners must put microchip to their dogs ! https://mx.noticias.yahoo.com/en-el-df-ser%C3%A1-obligatorio-microchip-y-el-registro-de-mascotas-181511081.html Usually, when a new law is enforced in Mexico City, it will be enforced in the rest of the Country...within several months, but this happens sooner or later...
  3. what are the requisites for foreigners (USA or Canada) to buy a house in Ajijic or other Fracc. in Jalisco. TIA.
  4. ...well, besides prepotency, also, there is lack of education, that is why some foreigners don`t show courtesy at all.... :)
  5. Cómo llego al panteón de Sn Antonio Tlayacapan....creo q está por el Fracc. El Parque, pero no lo veo en el mapa....Grs.
  6. well,mexicans are not allowed to have guns, so a gunsmith is real hard to find. maybe people in the army can help you....
  7. We want one of those to get wheelchair up to the sidewalk... Thanks
  8. Gringa. I agree with Ginger and Gringa! Me, as mexican, am in the same situation, my family is upset with me, because they say that I am wasting the money I could use in medications or entertainment for them, in my dogs, but I love my furry friends and I have chosen to have them, instead of use the money to have parties or eat out in a restaurant. Yes, in those hard times, we have to do difficult choices. I got my dogs before 08, when financial matters were different. Now, I regret sometimes of having to use part of my few money in the welfare of my dogs, instead of using my money for entertainment, but, I love my pets! yes, we do not know their circumstances, I will pray for Pongo to have a loving home!
  9. well, you can buy it, then when it is not useful for you, you can donate it for the poor people at Tepehua....
  10. Senior gardener (65) is available! unfortunately I can not have him any longer....he knows how to deal with the garden, he does not need instructions, he is responsable and knows what to do and when, about the garden. Thanks. Available to work at any area between Riberas and Jocotepec...
  11. as far as I know, it may be because a Greenpeace protest against transgenic corn....
  12. The correct name of the store is: Fantasías MIGUEL, no Michael´s
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