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  1. The worst thing about a big box store locating at the intersection of the Carretera and the Libramiento would be the added danger from the additional large semi tractor trailor delivery trucks coming down the Libramiento from Guad. to stock the store. Most would be overloaded (80,000 LBS +) and some would have brake failures at an intersection that would be even more congested than it is now.  The idea a of a big box store located at this location needs to be addressed with the Municipality of Chapala for what that is worth.

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  2. Zumba classes are held at Vista Alegre every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 10am.  Fee on Tuesday and Thursday is $30 pesos and Saturday's fee is $35 pesos.  Vista Alegre is located on the Libramiento across from TioSams. Just tell the guard you are going to the Zumba class in the clubhouse.

  3. We have auto ins. in Mexico with Qualitas Ins. the largest auto insurer in Mexico. We have "called in" an accident claim to them and the response very prompt. Agent on the scene in 25 minutes. Very pleased with the outcome. You can purchase Qualitas insurance through Bellon Ins. locally or through Lewis and Lewis

  4. Thanks for the reply Desertdave. We too are in a gated community, Vista Alegre. The possibility of saving $ is good but not the 50% increase in the meter installI. I understand Chula Vista Norte is now on water meters.

    My initial fear might have been confussing the water meters with the CFE smart meter problems I recall reading about.

  5. Went to Simapa today to to pay my water bill and they said I would need to have a meter installed and we would pay $1,500. Pesos for it! I am skeptical of this idea. I told them I didn't want a meter. They told me I could go to Simapa in Chapala to discuss this. Any comments would be appreciated.

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