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  1. A good friend of mine had both hips replaced three years apart. Work was done by Dr. Jorge Gonzalez a top notch Orthopedic Surgeon. Maskaras Clinica Fri. and Sat.


    My friend is an avid tennis player and has been playing at a much higher level game than before the surgery. Dr. Gonzalez has helped many others lakeside and he will be the Dr. who will replace my wife's need when needed.

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  2. I question the statement " one million expats live in Mexico" San Miguel  12,000,  Lake Chapala 20,000 , PV, Cabo, Meridia, Cancun, Playa,  etc. if one were to add the other common areas in Mexico where most expats live you might be hard pressed  to find more than a dozen at most, and each area having  much,  lower expat populations than Lake Chapala and San Miguel. 

    I have heard it said the the Mexican Gov. has not kept accurate records of all tourists  and others, that return the US and Canada. It may be a marketing ploy on Mexico's part to say, "One million expats live in Mexico"  "Come on in the water's fine" as the Mexican Gov. freely acknowledges the benefits from expat $ to Mexico's economy.  This is of course just my opinion, but I do find it difficult to believe  "one million expats living in Mexico".

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  3. Having a preexisting condition does not always exclude you from health coverage in Mexico. Some health Insurance companies will exclude certain conditions for a time while still providing health coverage. Talk to Andre Bellon at Bellon Insurance, across from Superlake on the North side of the Carretera.

    Andre's cell #  333-662-6915

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  4. We did this tour two years ago and it was amazing! Charter Club has conducted this Christmas tour for the past twenty five years. Charter Club will provide local professional tour guides  with a deep history of the area, in addition to Carlos and Rosie. The daily transportation and knowledge they provide would be hard to do on your own. If we were to do this Christmas tour again, and we just might, we would fly to Mexico City ( it's cheap) and take a cab to the hotel to avoid the 7 hour bus ride that does not provide much in the way of scenery. I think the cab ride from the airport is about 30 minutes. You will have one free day to explore on your own and we choose to visit the Carlos Slim art museum and found it amazing, free to everyone 7 days/week. Four of us got a cab from the hotel, 200 Pesos, cab back to the hotel, 40 Pesos, go figure.

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  5.  Studies of Lake Chapala water compared to some of the Southern Calif. beaches  show Lake Chapala  water cleaner than many Southern Calif. beaches.  Would I swim in it, no, but drinking water here comes from wells and is very good. Poor water quality in Mexico often comes from old leaking water lines that degrade the water.

    The color of lake Chapala water relates to it's muddy bottom and shallow depth, nothing else. if the water color were aqua blue my lake view property would be worth 50K -75K more!

  6. When hiring a contractor to re-surface your courts make sure you understand what they will be doing and put all work and the guarantee in writing. Painters and some tennis court contractors here like to thin the paint and then lots of  color will come off on your ball and stain your white shorts from the first day of play, telling you " not a good job." Have the contractor explain how cracks will be filled and have them do an "industry standard water test"  Flood the court with water, wait one hour, then using a ten pesos coin, mark with chalk any puddle that is deeper than the thickness of the coin. All the low areas should then be filled to level when work begins. You should be on site to oversee this and all aspects of the work, including clean-up...if you expect quality work.

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