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  1. I need phone numbers for an agua pipa truck. Evidently Aldana in West Ajijic is no longer delivering water. We tried one out of Chapala and by the time he got here we only got about 7500 liters out of 9000 and were charged 700 and I just called another truck (not sure where it is from but a nice pretty white truck) and it was 800 for 10,000 liters. Has the price of water really increased that much? Thanks for any leads.
  2. Thanks all. Definitely not on a Wednesday!
  3. I keep reading about the ILOX office in Ajijic but can't seem to find where they are located. Can someone tell me where it is please?
  4. Thank you so much, I will call them. I remember several years ago when the lake was up that there was a problem, the reason for my question. They probably fixed the problem back then but wanted to double check.
  5. Has anyone been there lately? That was the question and whether the road in is open. I have a trip planned to go there with some local ladies and their children from San Juan who have never been. I would hate to make the drive and not be able to get in. If you have been lately I really would appreciate the info about Petatan. Thanks again.
  6. Don't forget, starting at 4pm every Wednesday they have live music with Paul Brier and Jonathan Guzman.
  7. Has anyone been there lately? How is the road in with the lake so high? Also, are there still a large number of pelicans there? Thanks for the info.
  8. I have worked remotely for 12 years. I file a form for Foreign Earned Income Tax Exclusion. I only pay my self employment tax. I have no state income tax and you don't pay Mexican tax. I don't know what the limit is this year but it is in the neighborhood of $100,000. I E-file and it walks me through it. For some reason I can't attach a link but Google it for more info.
  9. We have a trip planned on Friday to Barra de Navidad and the place we are staying said that a couple just arrived yesterday from Ajijic and that there was gas once they hit the toll roads. Apparently there are no gas problems at the beach.
  10. I was just at the BP station near La Canacinta. They were closed and I asked about the hours and they said they had no gas and also said that he had no information when they would be pumping again.
  11. ProMexico is sponsoring this event. La Asociación Femenina Pro México is an association that provides educational programs, training and workshops for women in vulnerable situations. They are very active in San Juan.
  12. What about Walmart. I think it is GNC located to the right as you walk in along the north wall.
  13. Thanks for the info Computer Guy. What a PITA!!!! I can sign on using my Vivaldi browser however I prefer Pale Moon.
  14. All I get is 406 Not Acceptable An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server. This error was generated by mod_security.
  15. I am able to access the board on my tablet but not from my laptop. It started when the board was down last week and I get an error message. Any suggestions?
  16. You should try the ladies who do massage in the orange Pro Mexico building on the south side of the plaza. Here is their Facebook page. https://m.facebook.com/Spa-cosala-218847181930833/
  17. I went to Pet Avenue in Chapala for the first time today. It was amazing and a lot like PetSmart. If you haven't been there yet you need to check it out. Heading into Chapala from Ajijic it is in the new shopping center just across the street from Guadalajara Farmacia and just past Monte Carlo Hotel. My puppies are so happy with their new toys!
  18. I have also noticed that temp from the site and it is always ridiculous. Does anyone know who it is and could contact them to recalibrate their equipment?
  19. If you have a sewing machine you can make one easily. I made one out of a sleeveless blouse. Just sew across the bottom and hang on the clothesline with a hanger. Here are some other ideas: https://thehappyhousewife.com/home-management/3-homemade-clothespin-bag-ideas/
  20. Does anyone know of an expat web board for the Manzanillo area? Any info would be helpful.
  21. Café La Canasta will be closed this week for Holy Week. Have a safe and happy holiday.
  22. The Best Tamales Lakeside!!!!! Starting tomorrow, Café La Canasta in San Juan Cosalá will be selling the best tamales at Lakeside. There will only be about 90 for sale at 13 pesos each. The cafe is open from 8:30 until noon so hurry on over to get yours before they are all gone. While you are there stay and have a great cup of coffee, a fresh homemade muffin or a breakfast taco. Café La Canasta is located on the south side of the plaza in the orange Pro México building. Turn toward the lake at the light.
  23. 7.5 in Pintotepa de Don Luis in Oaxaca
  24. Thanks for all the suggestions. Actually I am looking for wild bird seed. Do any of these places carry that? It is not for birds in captivity.
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