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  1. I have a car that has Mexico City plates. Does anyone know if I can do the emission testing in Guadalajara?
  2. What I was told on a tour several months ago that there were two tiers, one at $4,000 and the other $10,000. The $4,000 was not refundable and included breakfast only on the plan. With the $10,000 plan you could sell it to someone else or upon death transferred to the family. It included a certain number of meals per week which was breakfast, lunch or dinner. Both included some other benefits (?) but I don't remember because I was definitely not interested.
  3. It looks like La Pueblita has been pretty much at a standstill for several months. The casitas appear to be pretty much finished but the apartments are a very long way from completion.
  4. There must be because I smell smoke and can't even see the south side of the lake.
  5. I went to Walmart yesterday afternoon and the big sign out front only says no one under 15 allowed and no mention of over 60. I was also turned down two days ago at the Oxxo in La Canacinta but went to the one in Ajijic close to Prisa Paint and no problems.
  6. It was my regular run to the same Oxxo out west since it opened a number of years ago and they know me. Sad state of affairs. My birthday is tomorrow and I will be 59! 😜
  7. I was just denied entry to an Oxxo!!! This is ridiculous. It's called discrimination. This won't stop anything!
  8. Thanks for the link. I have filled out the forms but now I am having trouble with the payment page. I want to pay for 3 years. I clicked on the Derecho de Residente Temporal (DRT) but it only allows me to pay for one year. All of the choices for choosing tramite cost appear to be the same. What do I do now to obtain the form to pay the correct amount?
  9. Can you give me the web address to the form I need to fill out for temporal. I went to Phoenix last year to obtain the first year and now I need to renew for the additional years.
  10. Thanks to all of you for your input. I tried Pablo's Garage first. I walked over and we talked to someone through the locked gate. He said they were busy so they don't answer the phone. We left our number and no one called back. While getting an overnight charge at LTH I noticed the shop that Happy Jillin recomended right next door. We talked to Moises and arranged to come back the next morning with the car with the charged battery. What an excellent recommendation by Happy Jillin!!! Sure enough it was a shredding alternator belt. Two replaced belts later and back on the road. What a really nice experience and will definitely use AutoFix and Moises in the future.
  11. I'll try the cell. We walked up there yesterday because the land line isn't answered. We were told that they were very busy. We told the worker (through a locked gate) what we needed and he said he would have Pablo call us. So far, no returned call. I guess he is too busy. Next step, take the battery out get it charged or replaced so we can drive it to another mechanic for the alternator problem. We will try the other suggestions for mechanics given on the other thread. Thanks all for you help.
  12. Does anyone have a current phone number. I need to call and make an appointment and can't just drive over there because my car won't make it. Thanks
  13. I think my alternator is going bad. Any suggestions as to who would be the best mechanic for this?
  14. Received my letter dated May 1st and I'm still waiting on the check in the mail!
  15. The Token Store in San Juan Cosalá would be happy to take your clothing. The people of San Juan can work on various projects or take classes to earn tokens to use to buy clothing, household items, and all sorts of things. www.magicaltokenstore.org - Giving A Hand Up Not A Handout. PM me for my email and phone if you are interested.
  16. I have SS direct deposit in the U.S. but in the government wisdom according to the website it was to be mailed here on May 1st. I did receive the letter telling me the check is in the mail but so far nada. I talked to our mail delivery guy, Daniel, and he told me he had delivered about 80 of those letters but so far he had only delivered 4 checks and when he delivers they have to be signed for.
  17. I just talked to Saul at Arileo and they finally opened last week. They are now open Monday thru Saturday and closed on Sunday. They are still having their prime rib on Fridays.
  18. jhark

    Tomato paste

    El Torito usually has it but has been out for several weeks now. They had the canned cubed tomatoes from Costco last week. All of these are usually on the aisle across from the meat counter.
  19. I read information posted by a surgeon regarding masks that the virus molecule is so small an N95 mask doesn't even work and the masks and bandanas people are wearing are basically a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and virus because of the humid atmosphere of a mask. The whole idea of isolating the entire population in the first place I think was wrong. You isolate the vulnerable and let the rest go on about business. I guess it is too late for that now. It is/was inevitable that once restrictions were loosened that this would happen. So, take your own precautions as what you personally deem necessary.
  20. Does anyone know if the machine outside of Telmex is working to pay your bill?
  21. And now the WHO thinks Sweden had the right idea. IMO, the only rational country!
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