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  1. I have SS direct deposit in the U.S. but in the government wisdom according to the website it was to be mailed here on May 1st. I did receive the letter telling me the check is in the mail but so far nada. I talked to our mail delivery guy, Daniel, and he told me he had delivered about 80 of those letters but so far he had only delivered 4 checks and when he delivers they have to be signed for.
  2. jhark

    Arileo now open

    I just talked to Saul at Arileo and they finally opened last week. They are now open Monday thru Saturday and closed on Sunday. They are still having their prime rib on Fridays.
  3. jhark

    Tomato paste

    El Torito usually has it but has been out for several weeks now. They had the canned cubed tomatoes from Costco last week. All of these are usually on the aisle across from the meat counter.
  4. I read information posted by a surgeon regarding masks that the virus molecule is so small an N95 mask doesn't even work and the masks and bandanas people are wearing are basically a breeding ground for all types of bacteria and virus because of the humid atmosphere of a mask. The whole idea of isolating the entire population in the first place I think was wrong. You isolate the vulnerable and let the rest go on about business. I guess it is too late for that now. It is/was inevitable that once restrictions were loosened that this would happen. So, take your own precautions as what you personally deem necessary.
  5. Does anyone know if the machine outside of Telmex is working to pay your bill?
  6. And now the WHO thinks Sweden had the right idea. IMO, the only rational country!
  7. The border is closed to car traffic right now and has been for over a week. It is open to foot traffic if you want to walk across. For border crossing info and wait times go to: bwt.cbp.gov
  8. Nothing is completed yet but it looks like they will have a couple of casitas to show pretty soon. They also have a couple of 4 story building structures topped out so it is moving along.
  9. La Pueblita is located on the west side just below Tres CaƱadas which is between La Canacinta and La Cristina. Here is the website: https://www.lapueblita.com/la-pueblita/social-life/
  10. Does anyone have their phone number? The only one I could find doesn't work. Thanks.
  11. You can send an email to Norm Pifer for the latest information about the fees on his U.S. Consulate Checklist pifernr@gmail.com
  12. Just did the passport renewal last week and they give you a choice whether to keep your passport or not. We kept ours until we go next month to pick up the new one. Also, we tried Santander, Bancomer and Banamex. Banamex was the only bank that would issue the check even though the information we were given gave a list of banks.
  13. jhark


    The last time I was there a couple of weeks ago they had 40% for seniors on Wednesdays. I think it is still going on so it makes for a great value. I usually get the enchiladas ranchero but last time I had the flautus with beef and the meat was tough. Next time I will have my usual enchiladas. I meet with a group there about once a month and everyone loves the burritos.
  14. Had their combination pizza the other night. It was a large for 170p. Not the best I have ever had but okay. Thin crust. The pizzas range from 110p to 175p. They also have Burgers, baked potatoes plan or stuffed with bisteck or chorizo, and salads. I don't know if they deliver but their phone number is 766-1235 and you could call and ask. Nice kids.
  15. Friday is prime rib at Arileo in west Ajijic.
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