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    Music, dancing, (currently leaning Salsa) Volunteer at LCS.
    meeting new people.

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  1. I am sure the border couldn't care less what your plate says as long as you can prove that the vehicle is yours. ??
  2. I need to get to Denver and I wondered if you would take a passenger to Pueblo? I could share expenses.

    I am 65 yr old female. Thanks, Bridget

  3. Just wanted to say that I totally support you...I read a lot and post very little!!

    You seem like my kind of person....I will look forward to meeting with you when you get here. I am Irish born and like you have lived half way round the world!!

  4. I am interested.....I am a single woman and I have a Dodge Grand Caravan with a roof rack!! What items do you want to shop for?

  5. Greetings "Irish Gal" Your beautiful emblem compelled me to write to you! I post as "Bridie" and my name is Bridget Darby. Have we met? I am from County Meath (a long time ago!)

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