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  1. Actually I don't really know how much I pay (with one exception: I do know that when my friend in California calls me on his ATT&T cell, it costs me 50 pesos per minute). I figured these costs, which I got off the billboard at the TelCel store in the plaza beside the casino in Ajijic, were new, because when I originally set up my phone, the rates where pretty much as you say.

    I'll have to check my balance, make a call, then check my balance again; sadly, even using text messaging to check the balance costs!

  2. I got some rates today for TelCel:

    - Telcel to Telcel calls: $4.16 pesos (other than your three registered Amigos and 9 "favorites")

    - Telcel to landline: $6.89

    - Telcel to other Mexican cellular services: $6.89

    - Telcel to USA/Canada: $14.91

    - Telcel to Central America: $17.70

    - Local texts: .88

    - National texts: $1.79

    - World texts: $18.49

  3. Thanks, BisbeeGal: I'll go see her... what does she actually do for a living, though, dispense cell phone advice?

    Intercase: thanks, and I'm happy to say I know that basic info. What I'm looking for is long-distance rates. I have a friend who calls on his U.S. phone, whether he's in California or down the street in Ajijic, and that sucks 50 pesos a minute off my balance... yet incoming calls are free on TelCel. Obviously, that doesn't apply all the time, and I'd like to know where TelCel posts this information, so we ALL can find out what it costs to call, say, Merida, or receive a call from Manzanillo. Calling from a 331 or 333 number here in Ajijic to, say, Guadalajara, or even next door is actually "long distance" as far as TelCel is concerned, and I'd like to know what the boundaries are.

    This is a company that is pretty much a monopoly, and while they have us in their grip, they don't seem too concerned if we understand those rates or not. Sure, they advertise all kinds of plans, but they're convoluted and many of them involve the use of credit cards, as opposed to payasyougo cards. Perhaps someone who uses TelCel and pays on credit actually gets a statement, and we can find out that way.

  4. I've searched the Web in vain for pricing of long-distance calls using prepaid cards for TelCel cellular. There's a ton of information at telcel.com, but my Spanish isn't good enough to discover what I'm looking for. Does anyone have this information, or know of a TelCel tienda where a staffer might speak English?

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