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  1. Boy are you mistaken! Have you ever been in a MAJOR earthquake? Not a little rumbling where the chandeliers sway, but one that throws your sewing maching across the roon, and empties out every cupboard in the kitchen? That turns your refrigerator over, and breaks every breakable object in your house? And, where you cannot reach your children because you keep getting thrown to the floor? No. Well, you are in for quite a treat I'm from CA and survived the Sylmar quake which actually put about 2 ft of water from our pool in the backyard, into our frontyard. That one quake, after going through countless little rumbles all my life, put a whole new perspective on earthquakes. Enjoy your life in a "no fault area" in Lakeside, because it could never happen to you. I sure hope you are right! My heart goes out to Haiti and every country that experiences this kind of devastation.
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