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  1. Another vote for Dees place. We just left out dog there for 8 days and it worked out great. Before we decided on Dee's place, we looked at the one next to Lucky Dog and even though it was clean for Mexico, we didn't like the idea of it being connected next to the rescue. All the dogs barked all the time and who knows what the rescue dogs bring into the compound. Flees, ticks, etc.

    We didn't want our dog being exposed to 30 dogs barking 24 hours a day. Dees is in the country and very quite.

    Dee's is the best!!!

  2. We went to the La Graneria today and they have everything, cereals, nuts, herbs, bread flour, yeast, honey, spices, many things you don't just find around and they are reasonable. The only store I know that has walnuts.

    It is located just west of Gossips on the careterra lake side across from the Ajijic Hospital Clinic.

    Check it out.

    Superlake also has walnuts.

  3. Thanks. I think I'll check out Dermika. What should I expect in terms of fees? When you call to schedule appointments, are you able to be seen fairly quickly or is there a long waiting period, ie. if I called today, how long would it be before I could be seen, in general?

    A few months ago, the charge for the complete cancer scan was 250 pesos. You may have to wait a week or so unless it is an emergency.

  4. i would suggest Lulu at Blue Moon Salon in Laguna Mall (opposite Walmart next to the Casino). I have unruly blonde hair and she has been doing my highlights, trims and treatments regularly since July. She is excellent. I'm very fussy with the colours and I'm very happy with Lulu.

    I tried another mentioned in this thread and I was far from happy. The colour I ended up with was old-fashioned and made me look 10 years older.

    Lulu is Mexican but trained and worked in Canada for quite a few years before coming here and setting up her salon. She is up to date with the latest products and techniques. She also offers OPI manicures/pedicures, massage, waxing etc. You get a nice discount if you get 2 or more services.

    Also, if you're like me and never remember to make advance appointments, Lulu will always try her hardest, working extra early or late, to get you in within the week.

    Good luck!

    I did not have any luck with Lulu. I have short, blonde-silver hair and she told me I looked "washed-out" and needed low-lights. I wasn't too happy but told her to go ahead. I came out a very dirty blonde and looked terrible. Everyone hated it and loved my natural hair color. I have been blonde since birth, so brown was awful. Never went back and am now back to my real color.

  5. Can anyone recommend Dr. Vasquez, a homeopath, for basic medical care? His is in West Ajijic near Danza del Sol. Thanks!

    We use Gabriel and highy recommend him. We had the complete check-up and he found things other doctors here did not. He put us on homeopathic medication and in three weeks, most tests were back to normal. He is also an MD which we like, so he will recommend traditional medicine if needed. He has trained in India, China and Germany and speaks perfect English. I think you should try him.

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