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  1. Gringal.... Here is the 800 number for Social Security in the US – 800-772-1213.
  2. People that say Paninos instead of Panino which is it's name. Same with El Toritos (El Torito) and Sorianas (Sorinana) Etc.
  3. Panino has excellent appetizers. She a large book that you can order from.
  4. I know a single mother who lives in San Nicolas, with a car, who is interested in the job. Please call or email me. Julie

    kjzobel@hotmail.com or 766-4653. We will be gone from 10-12 today. We also sponsor a boy at LIA. Thank you

  5. We booked our package with Bestday.com and are staying at the Ixchel Beach Resort. You can use Volaris or Magna. We choose Volaris because the times suited us better and was cheaper than Magna. If you need any more info, let me know. Julie

  6. We use Gabriel and highy recommend him. We had the complete check-up and he found things other doctors here did not. He put us on homeopathic medication and in three weeks, most tests were back to normal. He is also an MD which we like, so he will recommend traditional medicine if needed. He has trained in India, China and Germany and speaks perfect English. I think you should try him.
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