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  1. Gringal.... Here is the 800 number for Social Security in the US – 800-772-1213.
  2. People that say Paninos instead of Panino which is it's name. Same with El Toritos (El Torito) and Sorianas (Sorinana) Etc.
  3. Panino has excellent appetizers. She a large book that you can order from.
  4. Or-- cut in half lengthwise, put cut-side down in a little water and microwave for 8-10 mins. It is then easy to scoop out and then add your butter and brown sugar.
  5. Agree on having Carlos Taylor. He is the best in my opinion.
  6. Dee's mother boards cats. We have used both of them and very satisfied.
  7. I second Dr. Valenzuela. The best, in my opinion.
  8. I got Giardia drinking out of Lake Huron in Canada and also had it in Mexico.
  9. Sailor


    Agree RV-same as we ate at Panino's and shopped at El Torito's.
  10. my mouth is watering. What to chose!
  11. Two friends that weren't that thrilled with the one behind the Ajijic Clinic have switched to a therapist that is with the Integrity clinic and are very pleased. He even comes to their house. Just another option.
  12. A few months ago, the charge for the complete cancer scan was 250 pesos. You may have to wait a week or so unless it is an emergency.
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