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  1. Mike Rliey (aka Computer Guy on this forum). Phone 765-4156. Excellent work and reasonable prices.
  2. Does the drink have to be alcohol or can it be aqua fresca, tea, etc.?
  3. Jeanneb2000


    You have that right Mike. Merry Christmas.
  4. Jeanneb2000


    Why is it that almost every restaurant review is hijacked concerning the dog issue? Please keep to the OP's post and if you have an issue about dogs (either pro or con) start another thread.
  5. I always asked for the mild salsa and they would serve a salsa minus the jalapenos. Tasty.
  6. Mom's, but I think you need to order in advance. Very tasty and fresh.
  7. Moving to Mexico and complaining about the noise is like buying a house near an airport and then complaining the airplanes' noise.
  8. According to www.lakesideexpress.com, Costco has fresh Butterball turkeys. No price listed.
  9. Don't sedate at all. Most airlines take very good care of your pets.
  10. Checked out the site. Rather pricey IMO. $27.95 for HUEVOS RANCHERS?
  11. They didn't say I had a lump, I did. The mammogram was sent from the Guad lab to a doctor in Ajijic. The lump was the size of a marble and very obvious. Lab and doctor said nothing wrong. just saying, be careful.
  12. Please do not rely on results from the truck in front of the farmica in Ajijic. I had a mammogram there, knowing there was a large lump but they said they said there was nothing, Kept getting sicker and sicker to the point to where I had to return to California for insurance reasons. Results were Stage II breast cancer. I have said this before ladies, listen to your bodies. If YOU think something is wrong, persue it
  13. I have posted about this before. Ladies, you know your own body. If you have tests and they read negative but you think otherwise, by all means delve deeper. I had tests which came out negative but I knew something was wrong. I kept getting sicker and weaker until I finally had to come back to the US. I had stage II breast cancer!! Listen to your bodies!!
  14. In my opinion, El Sarape has the best rice in town.
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