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  1. My license had expired by 3 months. I went down to the main office in Guadalajara to renew. No written test. No driving test. Out in 20 minutes. It's like the license being expired doesn't mean anything as it does in the US.
  2. I am looking to buy an outdoor HotTub/Jacuzzi from a merchant lakeside. If there aren't any merchants lakeside, does anyone have a recommendation in Guadalajara?
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    I believe they are closed on Wednesday.
  4. Lately Victor has been playing at Roberto's 4pm Sunday. We were there this past Sunday.
  5. What Gas Company do you use? We got gas yesterday from "Gas Los Altoss" and did not have to fill out any paperwork.
  6. In Rancho Del Oro, I try calling out on my Telmex land line and the dial tone just beeps on and off and no call goes through. If I try calling my land line from my cell it goes through.
  7. We recommend Escalera. They have been taking care of two cars for us for 6 years. Ask for Carlos, speaks good English.
  8. Anyone know what day (if any) they are closed? Also, hours?
  9. Will tickets be available at the door, or do you have to pre-purchase?
  10. I'm thinking they will pass it again. No one in the world "expects" them to do that again, so maybe give it a shot.
  11. Yes, same here. About two weeks ago my upload speed was cut in half. I don't get anywhere near what you get in the download world but I was always (by contract Infinitum Negocios Premium) near .66 in the upload world. I've called Telmex support for two hours in the last week and have been down to the Ajijic Telmex office twice in the last two weeks. Don't know what is going on.
  12. Laurent's and his Duck Confit, and a bottle of bubbly.
  13. I go to Brunos for the wood smoke and the waiting for my most delicious steak. Its part of the ambiance. Been going since 2005 and right now I'm thinking about going tonight.
  14. or another guy that does delivery from Laredo. Hugh Roberts. contact: Hugh Roberts <hello@zippmypackages.com>
  15. Also for H2O'le. Installed my reverse osmosis system and my soft water system. Replaces my UV bulb and filters ... Highly recommend !
  16. I'll just be roaming. My phone is an iPhone (GSM). I know it works and it is expensive to roam but I was just wondering about the format to call numbers up there when roaming and what number format do people up there contact me. I know ATT is GSM and I'll be in an ATT area.
  17. I will soon be traveling to the USA with a Telcel Phone. I understand about roaming and rates, but my question is what number format would people in the USA call my cell. I'm trying to let them know ahead of time how to contact me. So if my Telcel number here in Mexico is 333-xxx-zzzz and I'm traveling in the US, how would people contact me? 011-52-1-333-xxx-zzzz? or other? Also while I am there roaming and I want to call a person in the same area code I will be in (206), would I just dial 206-aaa-bbbb to contact them?
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    BTW, the name ARILEO is a combination of the owner's children names. ARI and LEO
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