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    ComputerGuy nailed it. Not looking for us "locals". It is fancy upscale Guadalajara "look" and prices restaurant. My wife and I went the other night. We loved it but we also go into Guadalajara just for the food scene. So for us it wasn't pricey. It was great!.
  2. Last week I took an Uber home from Central Guadalajara to West Ajijic. It was around 3pm in the afternoon and it cost 528p.
  3. mexbound


    On facebook they were scheduled to open on Sept 1. They opened on Aug 28th?
  4. My Telmex telephone line and internet have been out since Friday night around 8pm. I live in Rancho Del Oro. I was wondering if anyone else is out. To post this I'm currently using my iPhone Hotspot using Telcel 4G.
  5. I tried to open an account online with Schwab but got stuck at the end of the enrollment when they wanted a state Drivers License for the state I was using as my address. I don't have a state drivers license anymore, only a Jalisco drivers license. I live down here full time and rarely go back to the USA. I really liked what I saw with Schwab but alas ...
  6. Thanks much for the replies. I'll start first at the dollar store on the plaza. Didn't think about that place. Makes sense.
  7. I'm looking for a very basic 8X10 picture frame. Something very basic and simple. Went to Walmart and all they have are frames with art and writing around them. Looking for something basic. Ideas of other stores ?
  8. Almost had it right. It is (transport@zippmypackages.com) needed an extra P in zipp
  9. As Cstone says, check with Hugh Roberts. Easy, done deal. Worked with Hugh for three years now. You want it, you got it. Got to pay for it but ….
  10. I use it for Bus transportation, ferry service (Playa del Carmen to Cozumel) and museums. Never used it for prescriptions. Also for water parks like "Xel Ha" near Playa del Carmen.
  11. mexbound


    Was there for dinner Wednesday night. Everything was great. They even had a table for 14 people. Not going out of business (at least from what I saw).
  12. So for those individuals that signed up for the ATT internet, how do you handle your monthly payment? Go to the office? Online? Thanks for any info.
  13. So 350p a month. How do you pay this? Do you physically have to go to the office and pay or can you pay online?
  14. If I take the macrolibramiento from the Chapala/Airport road heading west, is there an offramp at Lopez Mateos that will get me headed to Colima instead of heading into Guadalajara? Or do I have to take the Guadalajara offramp and find a returno ?
  15. Just FYI. The Chapala office where you signup for Seguro Popular is closed this week May 28th through June 1st. I went Tuesday and the office window was closed with a note stating this information.
  16. Yes the phones are still out and many people are involved. I'm in Rancho Del Oro as well. There are two other threads about it here: http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/78946-telmex-out/ http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/78960-telmex-still-out/
  17. No phone for two days. Internet working. Rancho Del Oro.
  18. I don't understand. Are you saying I can stop by and see what wines you have in the garage? When and where?
  19. Yep. Call Jackie. I've had mine for 5 years installed by him.
  20. It's in San Juan Cosala. There is only one Pemex station in SJC on the main drag and there is an OXXO next to it. The Bar Jamon entrance is next to the OXXO. So you have to travel further than West Ajijic, even further than the fish restaurants, even further than the Racquet Club entrance.
  21. You nailed it. There is a store in Guadalajara called "Fresko". The one I go to is on Lopez Mateo near Costco. I think it is a store much like Whole Foods.
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