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  1. Is construction on the lanes directly in front of the terminals still going on?
  2. I'm curious as to what they found as the electrical problem that would make your bill jump to that high amount. Was the problem in the solar electrical or your house electrical?
  3. Can you go and use this hospital if you are NOT signed up with Segura Popular?
  4. Also check your "regulator" connected to your main propane tank. If old, water can get in it and cause it to not function properly, like low pressure. Last week we called a repairman for our oven because we had low flames on the cooktop and the oven never came up to proper temperature. He looked at it and asked where our gas tank was located. Came in 5 minutes later with our old regulator and had installed a new regulator. The stovetop flames are now large and the oven works like new.
  5. Is the new chef Julien from #4, Arileos and now DeGustar? If so, cant wait to come in.
  6. Yep, you need to connect your iPhone thru a VPN and then the BOA app will work. That's what I do with BOA.
  7. From SHAW, Dear Customers, Thank you so much for patiently waiting for an update regarding the issue affecting one of our satellites. After investigation, it appears that the affected satellite performed emergency movements for reasons that are currently being investigated. We expect the situation to be returned to normal around 11:30 AM Eastern Time, October 3rd
  8. Approx how long does it take to get there from Ajijic?
  9. Be careful relying on the BCBS Preferred Provider list of hospitals in Guadalajara. They say Hospital Country is on the list, yet last month the hospital would not take BCBS.
  10. Do we get access to the router setup menus like the old router? I change DNS settings and NO-IP.com dyndns in my current telmex router.
  11. So JRM30655, Did you bring your old modem into the store with you? or just walked in and asked for a new modem?
  12. http://www.chapala.com/webboard/index.php?/topic/61983-km-33-speed-camera/#comment-489866
  13. I was wondering if anyone knew if Alex Peterson still brings goods back from the US. Is he still doing this? Any trips scheduled? I emailed him but haven't received a response.
  14. Giovanni's son, (yes, the Giovanni we all know) Gerard, is in the kitchen at this place.
  15. You can enter your plate with small letters followed by the number with no space, like this: jld9999, then enter the last four digits of your VIN number. When you click on "Consultar" and you have no tickets you will see a small window "No Existe Adeudo", if you have tickets you will see how much you owe.
  16. https://gobiernoenlinea1.jalisco.gob.mx/vehicular/index.jsp I use this web site to check for tickets. Just enter your license plate number, then the last 5 numbers of your VIN, then click in the box "No soy un robot".
  17. Thanks Dave0415. I didn't know it was VAT. Always thought 16% was duty.
  18. Thanks Ibarra for the duty info. I'm curious, do the UPS trucks look like they do in the US? Dark chocolate brown color?
  19. Thanks for the info. If you have it shipped direct to your door, how do you pay the 16% duties incurred? Do you pay the driver in cash?
  20. I was wondering if anyone locally here in Ajijic has used "UPS Worldwide Saver" shipping from USA to your door in Ajijic. Did the process go smooth? Any customs/duty issues? At time of shipping I have the option of using "DHL Express" shipping. Would DHL be a better option?
  21. I use UBER in Guadalajara (main city) all the time. You set up an UBER account with a credit card. Mine is set up with a USA American Express. With the APP, you just request a car, get in and at your destination, get out. No tipping, no cash exchange. I have never requested an UBER at the airport. Going to have to check that out.
  22. Note how I said: "St Remy Ajijic (managed by Pierrot) is no longer open." You ask them on Sat or Sun if they are still open in Ajijic.
  23. St Remy Ajijic (managed by Pierrot) is no longer open.
  24. Another vote for Dr Gustavo Ramirez. He rebuilt my left knee two years ago. New ACL and repaired meniscus.
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