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  1. Yes, lost the Comedy Central channel around 5pm today. Still out as of 10pm. Several other channels too that I don't remember right now but noticed they were not working.
  2. I got called today on my house phone and my cell around 12:20pm. I was in the garden and did not pick up either. Numbers that called: 317-114-5380 and 332-497-9894. I do not know these numbers and expect it was something vaccine related.
  3. I was wondering if the Car Registration place now has all the paperwork/stickers etc.. when paying for 2021? I heard some reports earlier in Jan that you had to come back to get your paperwork.
  4. If you get the "Sin Respuesta" message, you just have to hit the return button and try again. I did this about 20 times until I was able to register. I did the same for my wife. It just takes a lot of patience and retries ... I was successful at around 10AM Friday morning.
  5. A sun outage, sun transit or sun fade is an interruption in or distortion of geostationary satellite signals caused by interference from solar radiation. The effect is due to the sun’s radiation overwhelming the satellite signal. In the northern hemisphere, sun outages occur before the March equinox (February, March) and after the September equinox (September and October), and in the southern hemisphere the outages occur after the March equinox and before the September equinox. At these times, the apparent path of the sun across the sky takes it directly behind the line of sight between an earth station and a satellite. The sun radiates strongly across the entire spectrum, including the microwave frequencies used to communicate with satellites (C-band, Ku band, and Ka band), so the sun swamps the signal from the satellite. The effects of a sun outage range from partial degradation (increase in the error rate) to total destruction of the signal. The effect sweeps from north to south from approximately 20 February to 20 April, and from south to north from approximately 20 August to 20 October, affecting any specific location for less than 12 minutes a day for a few consecutive days.
  6. Two times a year (March and October) the Sun is lined up directly behind the sateliite and us (the ground). This causes the satellite signals to go out for about 15 mins between 2pm and 3pm in the afternoon.
  7. The weather station that states all the ajijicweather.com data resides in Rancho Del Oro (West Ajijic). So the figures do apply to Lakeside. Rain storms here are usually "cloud specific" and "location specific" compared to other areas that might get sprinkles all day long. The equipment for the weather station is NOAA approved and is calibrated twice a year.
  8. So what ID or bill did you use to prove an address?
  9. So the last post says the Chapala Drivers License office will be open again as of Monday, 15 June. Anybody in the local Chapala area know if it really is? I live in Rancho Del Oro and don't feel live driving out there to check.
  10. Try using the following link which starts with "https://". https://theguadalajarareporter.net/ The http"s" uses the site's SSL Certificate. The webmaster should forward all "http://" requests for their site to the "https://" URL.
  11. Are there any checkpoints on the route to Costco (Lopez Mateo) that prevents one heading there from Lakeside?
  12. Tell me where "other office" is defined in this thread? Where is the other office to pay? Is it that difficult to say or is it a secret ...
  13. So you can't pay at the Driver's License office?
  14. I go out after dark, usually two hours after dark. Grab a flashlight and follow the trail back to their nest. Usually a hole in the wall or hole in the ground. Around the nest I spread “Patron Ultra” (no not the tequila). These are special pellets the ants love and the ants bring them into the nest and the ants die. This is the best method as spraying them just kills what you see and not the whole nest. I get Patron at the garden store next to 7/11 in Riberas.
  15. I did a search on "DAC" but nothing showed up. I am trying to determine what the KWH Limit is here in Ajijic before one goes into DAC. I know there is a difference between the beach and here. Also, is the limit a "daily" limit or "billing period" limit?
  16. Even plastic straws can be pushed into an eyeball. Ouch. I don't see what the issue is with metal straws. I think it's a great thing. I own one.
  17. I keep my original car registration papers in the glove box of my car. If my car is impounded I'm guessing I am unable to get it out of impound because I am not in possession of the original registration.
  18. It's true that around here the rain measurements are different from one neighborhood to the next. Many years I hear that I have recorded too little rain and other years I have recorded too much rain. I own and operate the equipment at the ajijicweather.com station. Twice a year I calibrate the rain gauge and other instruments on the NOAA approved weather station. I feel comfortable with what I publish.
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